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Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins These tribes did not all exist at the same period of time in history.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins The tribal states also were immigrants to northern America.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins There is no such thing as illegal immigration, only illegal infiltration by enemies of the state; human beings are free and totally legal until a government or civilization comes along that says otherwise and try’s to use the military to forcibly subjugate people or their societies to make them conform to a certain culture or law.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins To fight over the land displays a lack of wisdom and no respect for our humanity. Immigration must be a human inalienable right if we are to remain a free people.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins To deny the right of immigration to humanity, is to cause unecessary deaths through starvation or exposure to harsh weather; which is a crime against humanity.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins Greed over the land creates an injustice against humanity through a propagation of unecessary human conflicts over something that should be shared by all.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins Immigrants that abide by our laws and respect our culture should always be treated with respect, if we fail to respect others or fail to be a good host then we become unworthy as a people and begin to loose our humanity.
Unecessary conflicts then will erupt as people will naturally fight over the land in their own shameful stupidity.
The land must belong to everyone or no one will survive as the weather forces us into human migrations.
Monopolies over the land and injustice caused by corruption are another form of weather that can cause human migrations.
As we act out in hostilities against another it causes human migrations which brings shame upon our humanity.
Only by being the more mature people that understands our humanity is what matters, how we choose to treat others, can we hope to change the negative weather of the world that forces people to become immigrants.

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

rothschild rlalyn
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins North America was colonized by free people’s that became immigrants to a new world in order to create a better life far for government oppression.
Everyone on this land mass is either the decedent of an immigrant or became an immigrant for the chance at a better way of life.
Native tribes were also immigrants to America in the begining.
The tribes grew in size as new people joined with their tribes, the tribes became stronger and larger over time.
Modernized civilization went through the same process before exploring the world for new lands.
Everyone on this earth is an immigrant. Human migrations are an inalienable right.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins People that try to deny human migrations display a lack of compassion or humanity. People that try to force human migrations show a lack of compassion and bring shame upon their humanity.
They bring same upon their selves because they don’t understand that human beings all have the same right to live and eat.
Wars are caused by greedy people with no love in their hearts, no considerations for their humanity.
Human decency makes the difference between a bad person or a good person, a great society or a civilization that fails because of poor leadership.
Ignorance or greed only creates human shame and misery.
Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins Spain isn’t America.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins Spain went through its own troubles as a result of its brutality towards native tribes.

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing's photo.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins Those tribes that respected justice and cared for their humanity still remain strong and grow in America. Those tribes that lost their humanity and took up war became a ruin to history.
Thus is the lesson of wisdom in life and death, of human compassion or decency.

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing's photo.
Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing's photo.
Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing's photo.
Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing's photo.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins Two tribes that fight over the same lands both destroy their selves in their own stupidity, nations that fight with each other cause innocent people to die unecessarily. Humanity deserves better then the ignorance of injustice and the brutality of warfare over the land.

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing's photo.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins Religion trys to reason with and support the starving masses oppressed by monopolies over the land. Finances so often fail as society becomes too greedy and dictators are toppled by an angry mob. Militaries live and die in their own blunders fighting other nations they are not able to understand.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins Ownership over the land is an injustice towards our humanity. People that try to monopolize all the property bring shame upon their selves as they destroy or harm their humanity.
People that seek riches or wealth of land and property, die in their own stupidity and then are no more in this world, our true enemy is human greed which propagates in the hearts or minds of evil people.
One greedy person dies but another one is born, only a monopoly over the technologies they use to stay ahead of others can anyone ever hope to end the rotten source of greed, which is money and power; however in that pursuit we also become greedy and stupid and foolishly bring about our own demise.
I’ve worked for many decades to reason with humanity about the negative effects of human greed. How it can corrupt the human heart and poison the land.
But the people stupidly do not listen to reason as they are so easily enticed by their greedy desires over commodities or property.
It is greed that destroys nations, greed that destroys tribes, greed that brings about a person’s untimely demise.
It is greed and a lack of respect for the land and our humanity that destroys the earth.

Jag Ensing replied · 1 Reply Well you hit that nail on the head about greed! But then there is the murders for that land which makes them,  illegal immigration, illegal infiltration by murders!:(
Jag Ensing

Jag Ensing So you picked my site, to stand on your wooden soap box? You are afraid of going back to your families cultural home land, where your roots began?

Jag Ensing's photo.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins America is my homeland.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins

Charles Benjamin Hawkins Every public facebook page is my personal soap box.

Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins Don’t make any assumptions that I have fear over doing something. I have no fears only economic hindrance cause by the greedy stupidity of others.
Jag Ensing

Jag EnsingDon’t worry they plan on murdering off 99 % of man kind so you will not have to travel.

Jag Ensing's photo.

Ahhhhhhhhh ………….. All is quiet ?……………. No    there is more , about the murdered off peoples home land is his?

 Jag Ensing Proud of  all this , by whom in your family?

Murder off the peoples food supply also:(

All animals and plant life they used for food:(

Bison / Buffalo


Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins It’s easy to look back on the past with a tragic lense designed to cause hatred and more unecessary conflicts. It’s much harder to be the more mature person and live in the present. Realize that you are alive today because enough people cared about the survival of indigenous tribes.
We no longer live in those aweful times and you can’t blame people living today for the negative actions of someone else who lived in past.

Jag Ensing
Jag Ensing It never stopped, it is still happening ! Where do you live?
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins Seriously give it a rest.
Jag Ensing

Jag EnsingTaté Walker is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism. She is a Mniconjou Lakota and an enrolled citizen of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. She is a freelance journalist who lives in the Colorado Springs area. She blogs at Righting Red and can be reached on In response, my friend asked if it was time to “get over” these long-ago events and focus on what really matters.

Cue the crickets.

I know my friend means well. I think when people, like her, drop the “get over it” bomb, they are trying to prove how much they care about what’s occupying my headspace — even though it seems more like they’re trying to tell me what’s important.

But this phrase gets tossed around too frequently for people who have experienced trauma.

I want to talk about why these past wrongs still very much impact Native lives today, why telling us to “get over it” doesn’t help, and direct your attention to what can help.
1. Remember Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, and the Dakota 38

These three events were once considered great victories by the US government, and medals of honor and other accolades were awarded to some of the soldiers who participated.

This was partly because all three occurred during the government’s Indian removal period spurred by Manifest Destiny (the idea of a superior nation expanding its borders westward to promote Christianity and ridding the land of Indian savagery). Many saw these victories as a means to progress.

But these were massacres — acts of genocide that killed hundreds of men, women, and children in the dead of winter and demoralized generations of Native people. The government-sanctioned slaughter of innocents outside of wartime proved a winning strategy against tribal people.

Learning about these events can help explain why some Native people have difficultly reconciling these horrors with the festivities around us. I will provide the bare bone essentials of what happened below, but I implore you to visit the links for full histories.

Jonnie Taté Walker
Career portfolio of Jonnie Taté Walker: Writer, photographer, activist, administrative professional, and…
Jag Ensing

Jag EnsingDakota 38

After the short-lived US-Dakota War of 1862 — fought to control territory and resources – the government convicted and sentenced 300 Dakota warriors to death for their parts in the war. President Abraham Lincoln stepped in, taking issue with the spotty “evidence” against the convicted. In the end, 38 of the prisoners of war were hanged.

The hero worship of Lincoln is baffling when you consider the context. After the Civil War ended, not one Confederate leader or soldier was condemned to die under Lincoln. But on December 26, 1862, he ordered what reigns as the largest mass execution in US history for the Dakota 38 in Mankato, Minnesota.

Jag Ensing

Jag EnsingSand Creek

Heeding calls for friendly Indians to take refuge (or risk being exterminated as a perceived hostiles), about 1,000 Cheyenne and Arapaho allies — including women, children, and the elderly — made camp at Sand Creek in Colorado to talk peace with authorities.

As the sun rose on November 29, 1864, troops led by Colonel John Chivington attacked the camp, despite the US and white flags being flown above lodges and waived by those fleeing.

In the end, at least 150 Native people were slaughtered. Troops burned the village and paraded their victims’ body parts to showcase the victory in Denver.

Jag Ensing

Jag EnsingWounded Knee

The last of whatever resistance Native people carried bled out on December 29, 1890, when the US Army’s 7th Calvary surrounded a refuge-seeking, cold, and starving band of Lakota near Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota.

Most sources say a shot rang out, allegedly from the Native side, and the cavalry opened fire. It’s estimated anywhere from 150 to 300 Native people were massacred and many were laid in a mass grave; the military lost 25 men.

It’s important to note that each of the 560-plus tribes still around the US today have their own histories and traumas that are separate from those of the above mentioned Dakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Lakota peoples.

Those three histories in no way cover the depth of the atrocities Native people suffered and remember — including the Long Walk of the Navajo, the Cherokee Trail of Tears, the Pequot (or Mystic) Massacres, the Gnadenhutten Massacre, the Washita Massacre, and the Garrison Dam. The list is expansive.
2. Don’t Tell Me to Get Over It

It’s interesting: I talk about the events of mass hanging and massacres in my people’s history, and I’m told to “get over it.” But mention Pearl Harbor or 9/11, and the rallying cry is “Never forget!”

Why the double standard?

Jag Ensing
Jag EnsingThese laws were vast and varied. (Check out the Dawes Act of 1887, the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924, the Urban Relocation Program of the 1950s, or Indian termination policies of the 50s and 60s for a primer on WTF Indian policies).
Jag Ensing

Jag Ensingthere was no greater evil inflicted upon Native people than the forced removal of their children into government and church-run boarding schools.

I have relatives who are products of Indian boarding schools, and I’ve listened to and researched first-person accounts of the abuse and destruction children and babies endured. I am talking about the rape, physical and emotional torture, and starvation of our most innocent and vulnerable beings.

People think the Hunger Games is some far-off dystopian future, but the metaphor for real-life events is there. ……..Taté Walker is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism. She is a Mniconjou Lakota and an enrolled citizen of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. She is a freelance journalist who lives in the Colorado Springs area. She blogs at Righting Red and can be reached on

Jonnie Taté Walker
Career portfolio of Jonnie Taté Walker: Writer, photographer, activist, administrative professional, and…



Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin HawkinsYou are being totally immature and unreasonable. You were not there. Get over it.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins   What are your plans exactly? Make today’s generations of innocent people pay for the past they had nothing to do with?
Jag Ensing
Jag Ensing  Quit bitching about your family being greedy! You came crying over on a public site!
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins  It could have been much worse actually. All of these tribes could have been completely lost to history. You should be gratefully for the people that survived. Many tribes of the past went permanently extinct. Not because of the American military either.
American native tribes are well cared for and protected.
They have reservations and government subsidies.
Life is a do or die sinario, we must adapt to the times or perish with time.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins  Do you know that native American tribes often went to war and exterminated each other?
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins   Do you know that some primitive tribes kept slaves and forced women to endure abusive situations or were treated like sex slaves if captured and tied to a post and raped repeatedly?
What should a more civilized society that believes in justice do when it sees an atrocities or an injustice carried out in savagery?
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins  Your trying to fight against something that you will never have the power to change or truly fight against. Humanity evolves and changes with the times as new technologies and human understanding increases. If we as a society fail to share the world or participate in bettering humanity. If we chose to live in ignorance or with an unreasonable hatred over the past. Then we are all destined to go extinct as a species due to our own irrational stupidity.
Judy Gilman

Judy Gilman    Our Mistake!

Judy Gilman's photo.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins   Not a mistake. If it wasn’t for the pilgrims and America. Native tribes would have been worse off being enslaved by the Spanish or without modern medicines necessary to save tribes affected by diseases. Diseases which naturally arise with microbial evolutions.
The pilgrims needed the Natives just as much as the natives needed the pilgrims. Together they forged a stronger nation that eventually became the united states of America.
Charles Benjamin Hawkins
Charles Benjamin Hawkins   The aristocracy of the old world was cast off and a new government was created that kept the spirit of the American way of life.
But often as history shows newer generations fail to properly remember the past and ignorantly choose to hold on to hatred instead of peace.
Barbara Alexander
Barbara Alexander     so much has been lost from the first nation now it is time for them to be recognized for who they are































































queens mining  company , digging out fuel for heating the fake queen of England’s castles in the winter:(





































Russell Means: Americans Are The New Indian








American Indian Land Swindle.. – YouTube

Feb 5, 2014 – Uploaded by drherbman

The United States Government is offering you a piece of Land of your own… We have our … Did They Buy it …







American Indian Activist Russell Means Powerful Speech, 1989









Native American Shuts Down Immigration Protest

Published on Feb 10, 2013

“A Native American man criticized protesters at an Arizona rally against illegal immigration, calling them the real “illegals” for invading his country and killing Native Americans when Europeans first settled on US soil.

“You’re all f*cking illegal. You’re all illegal,” the Native American man yelled at the protesters, who had gathered in Tucson, Arizona to demonstrate their opposition to illegal immigration by Central and South Americans. “We didn’t invite none of you here. We’re the only native Americans here.”*

A Native American man protested an anti illegal immigrant protest in Arizona by pointing out the protestors hypocrisy. “Get on with your bogus arguments. We’re the only legal ones here,” he yelled. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss.

*Read more from Russia Today:…











( ((ANGRY!!!)) ) Native American Woman VS. anti-illegal immigration protesters












Native Hawaiian woman responds to ‪racist‬ caller. ‪‎APDTA‬ Kumu Haunani-Kay Trask



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