Buffalohair: Hope You Got Your Backpacks Ready

Hope You Got Your Backpacks Ready

With Ma Earth entering a much more virulent phase of Earth Changes all bets are off since scientists will soon discover they are not as smart as they once thought they were. Technology will soon become a pariah and a most vulnerable Achilles Tendon. I don’t worry about censorship as much as the loss of electricity since that is going to happen sooner than people realize. Gads, I’m going to miss spell-check though. Fly-By-Wire will be more likened to Die-By-Wire as critical electronics fail at the worse possible time. In visions I saw airplanes falling like rain out of the sky, creepy. Expensive electronic gizmos will become worthless and advanced weaponry will cease to function. The modern world as we know it will soon begin to falter as electricity becomes quite unreliable. Frankly, I look forward to the demise of technology and this so called civilized era. Civil society has come full circle and now we are back to living in a feudal society writhe with corporate greed, deception and death. And that’s the long and the short of it, lock stock and tomahawk.


Whether its UFO’s zapping our nuclear weapons, the destruction of major hydroelectric facilities and grids do to earthquakes, Electromagnetic Pulses or other unexplained phenomena, electricity as we know it, will cease to function. Eventually all the shielding in the world will be powerless to stem the tide of highly charged sub atomic particles from destroying our satellites as well. So much for Showtime and HBO eh. Oh well, but I doubt people will miss it anyway since they can’t afford it now. It’s a part of prophecy regardless of what all the naysayers and industrialists want you to believe. Unfortunately for them they will take the loss of electricity the hardest since they gambled absolutely everything on the future of modern technology. They also set aside their moral ethics in quest of material consequence in the process. It’s going to suck to be them but its not going to be a walk in the park for us either. All of humanity will get a big spank whence technology ceases to exist. Just the loss of electricity will be totally devastating when you think about it. Add the totality of the Earth Changes with the elements of the four directions and it will suck to be us as well.

For those of you that already have a handle on the realities of space dudes it should come as no surprise they will also suffer greatly during the time of change here on Earth. I call it poetic justice since these spaces guys chose the wrong group of people to ally themselves with over the centuries and they deserve a healthy smack on the antennae for their choice in Earth chums. Guess that is why I will not be impressed when governments of the world ‘revels’ the existence of aliens on Earth. I’ve had my share of encounters and realize there are many more space folks other than just the grays, reptilians or browns. But regardless of what they look like there is one overriding factor that prevails and that is if they are good or evil. Undoubtedly elitist ancestors failed ‘Alien Encounters 101’ and chose to hang out with amoral space bums to share so called secrets of the universe with. In all reality, why would anyone think for one minute the aliens who are hanging out with earthy elitists are cool anyway? Any alien who would share anything with these buttheads is either way beyond stupid or they are as greedy as their Earth bound hosts. These space travelers had many centuries to sort out these dukes, princes, kings and other elitist boneheads. They chose to hang out with greedy lying aristocratic cockroaches on purpose making them a party to centuries of genocide and religious killings.

It’s clear as the nose on your face that elitists from around the world are partying with celestial beings that are not the benevolent beings they will purport them to be during the ‘great revelation’ in the near future. Think I’ll watch Sponge Bob square Pants during that special. It will be a bit freaky to fathom for many people but get over it since ancient and indigenous people have dealt with good and bad space guys since time immemorial. Granted, this encounter with aliens has not been all inclusive in many cultures because elitists over the centuries horded this union from the average schmoe since the time of Charlemagne. This celestial union happens to be the core belief in many secret societies most people are not privy to by the way. Again, for those of you who’ve also had contact with our galactic chums you already know the score so this is only a recap for you. For the rest of you folks who don’t have a clue, it only gets weirder so you had better get a handle on it now or you will be putty in the hands of some unscrupulous space dudes and politicians. The same holds true with spirits since there is both good and bad spirits but they are on a completely different plain that stellar beings. Just check out your dogma for the details on how to cope with any being. It’s written in black and white.

In any event change is upon us as we speak and eventually the mainstream media will no longer be able to conceal the obvious provided they can still broadcast. Most likely we will read about it in print since mankind will have to resort to 19th century technology if they plan to survive. If a person only connected the dots they would discover unprecedented natural events that are devastating humanity around the globe. In Pakistan alone over 20 million people became homeless within a matter of weeks. Many are starving to death and disease is spreading like the plague because of the magnitude of this disaster. As we span the globe many millions more have joined the ranks of the homeless just this year and there is more to come. It is funny, in a dark sort of way, how China has been mum about their on going catastrophic events and the millions who are now homeless or dead. Small wonder China will face more epic disasters that will ultimately cripple its budding empire providing they actually help their people. The millions who are homeless in China today are now the walking dead of Asia and the numbers will soon grow in epic proportions. The corrupt Chinese Communist Party has only offered a mere pittance in aid for the suffering in order to keep their economy in the black. Eventually it will catch up with them when technology becomes worthless. But in a land where eating human fetuses is acceptable, cannibalism will be a healthy alternative. Don’t laugh, Hurricane Katrina only proved how vulnerable the US is and we have a growing army of homeless people also.

In any event, you had better have a plan and a backpack handy because disasters will eventually overwhelm even the richest of nations when it is all said and done. Even now in the good ole USA a person should have a weeks rations and a survival pack since logistically speaking help will be days in coming and that is on a good day. But if and when we are hit with a series of major disasters many people will die, there is no question. Just think of how devastating a power outage will be if it lasts months, let alone a series of earthquakes that level several major cities at a time. The Earth Changes will ultimately devastate all of civilization and people will have to forge their own path to survival because governments will be overwhelmed provided they still exist. With infrastructures destroyed around the globe, money will be worthless and an ounce of meat (human or beast) will be worth 10 times its weight in gold. For the boneheads who’ve spent millions in palatial underground shelters you will be buried alive and I doubt anyone will care either. Like they say, you can run but you can’t hide.

Hmm, now I have a craving for a trans and saturated fat laden hamburger on a bun made with GMO flour and irradiated for a shelf life of 20,000 years. Toss in some curly fires and a fructuous filled can of RC Cola and bon appétit. I can see it now, after the end of the next Ice Age, on a desolate snow capped mountain top where Canoga Park used to be, a hiker will come across my frozen body. Completely preserved, I will be clutching a half smoked bong. In my back pack, a collection of “The Fabulous Furry freak Brothers Comics”, two pairs of Hanes Boxers, an assortment of miss-matched socks and a gallon of Ripple Wine. Maybe I should toss in a picture of Ozzy Osborne and a copy of Rolling Stones. That will keep those archeologists wondering. As for giving future generations a warning about the next Ice Age. Naw, let them figure it out. No one pays attention to that stuff anyway. Wonder if future archeologist will think Ozzy was a G*D or something…..lol

Your Devil’s Advocate



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