Peeking Toms? Right In Your Home Or On Your Street?

Google’s hired eyes in the sky will soon be able to make out “manholes and mailboxes.” What…

Hummm Government already can read car plates from space…. etc. See your body heat in your home right through your roof. Wear aluminum hooded suits? 🙂

  •  I already saw their space picture of my car parked in my driveway a few years back, my son was showing me on his phone one day on my porch. A connect of location on a cell phone. That was after my car was wreaked and no longer here? But there it sat in my drive way:(

    Heck I just ran into a site for our registered sites Name of main Blog and it having my personal home address listed. Nothing is private on the Internet!

  • Watching you through light bulbs, coffee makers, cell phones, TV, ROKU box, computers, tablets! Gads Move right into your home with you with all this technology Creepy, worse then peeping toms at your windows. Like them making porn movies of your family ,children? Gads, World has gone down the toilet!


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