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Posted By Paul G October 22nd, 2017 Blog is excited to announce our newest addition to the team, world-famous cartoonist Marty Two Bulls.

Most ecently Marty was the editorial cartoonist for Indian Country Today Media Network.  He will now be publishing his cartoons with every Monday!  Look for new cartoons each week!

Marty Two Bulls Biography

Marty Two Bulls Sr. is an Oglala Lakota originally from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. He spent his childhood in Rapid City, South Dakota and graduated from Rapid City’s Central High School in 1981. He attended college in Denver at the Colorado Institute of Art, which gave him the technical skills to land a job in his hometown with the local television station, a NBC affiliate, as an assistant to the art director. It was at his high school newspaper (the Pine Needle) that Marty Two Bulls first started drawing editorial cartoons. His editoons started out as a hobby but within a few years the hobby turned into a career.

Marty Two Bulls began as a journalist in weekly newspapers and then moved on to dailies. He accepted a position with his hometown paper the Rapid City Journal as graphics editor and he served on the editorial board for seven years. Two Bulls then moved on to the Argus Leader as graphics editor for six more years. He eventually left newspapers and returned to college to finish his BFA degree, freelance as a cartoonist, and pursue a fine art career. He has drawn editorial cartoons for the Indian Country Media Network since 2001.

His work focuses on issues of political interest to Native peoples, a vital niche market. Native Americans have been historically persecuted and marginalized by the dominant culture, which has reduced them to a minority in their own lands. Marty Two Bulls creates his cartoons for his people; if non-Natives are touched by his work, all the better. It is important to him that the message of the editorial is made known to all peoples.

In 2012 he was recognized with a Sigma Chi Delta Award from the Society of Professional Journalists. In 2013, he received a Clarion Award from the Association for Women in Communications for his editorial cartoons.

Marty Two Bulls currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Linda and they are the proud parents of three grown children. He enjoys teaching, painting, sculpting and designing jewelry. – Indian Country Today Media Network

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Foul:Excessive Use of Eagle Feathers – Weekly Native American Cartoon – Marty Two Bulls


Posted By Marty Two Bulls October 22nd, 2017 Blog


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