About Sugar? Doctors Orders After A Bad Case Of Yellow Jaundice !

Eat a Candy Bar After Eating to help your liver digest your food!


The Harmful Effects of Sugar ?





Water Well Next To A Leaking Sewer Is Bad News For A Motel With Store / Gas Station 😦

Each of us became so deathly ill,  in a chain reaction, even our pet dog ! Then  there we were all ill together! Only Thing that stayed down and helped with the fever was cold milk and vanilla ice cream! Thank goodness they had a store!  Ugly thing to happen to a family stranded on the road, with an unknown / lemon car, we just  bought  to replace the one that  hit the dust  😦  From motor problems to a transmission hidden grief waiting to surprise us. And we had to cripple into this Motel  off the highway. That was a hidden death trap, if you drank the water!



Dec 1, 2008 – The first stage of jaundice involves the increase in the yellow … The infection is highly contagious, in this stage, in case of poor … It is seen after two weeks of the first stage. … Due to a liver malfunction bilirubin doesn’t get excreted out of the … Do your best to cut down on processed food as these are not …


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