1 A 1 Enter Dr. Steven Gundry’s World of Gut Microbes ……….


 A over weight guy named Big Ed …. taught an over weight heart doctor all of this by losing weight on the health food store vitamin mix he put together.

Shocking but this Heart surgeon doctor, in poor health over weight ended up researching why foods reacted certain ways with our bodies…. learned some eye opening information!  On old info he even knew but had not paid attention to !!!!!!

high plant Polyphenols diet

extract mulberry



pine bark extract

8 different vitamin  B’s


white tea extract

exotic fruits berries

leafy  greens  3 handfuls every day

Good bacteria


get rid of lectins , plants protein

skinny bacteria


Good bugs

Bad bugs


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe – The Gundry Way – YouTube

3 days ago – Uploaded by Gundry MD

Mint chocolate chip ice cream that’s decadent, rich… and healthy? It’s possible to make mint chocolate chip .