Neon paint or lights under cars legal?

Is neon under glow illegal in Missouri?

Are cars that have glow in the dark paint street legal in Virginia?

I did not find anything regarding painting your car with glow in the dark paint being illegal, however, this is a good way to make yourself more noticeable to police and increase your chance of receiving a speeding ticket.

What neon colors are illegal on cars?

Unless things have changed, “Streetglow” is totally illegal, no matter the color.

To the best of our knowledge, it is perfectly legal to have a car with glowing paint unlike other sources of illumination in some areas.

If done properly, the glow paint should keep its glow in the dark properties for well over 10 years.

First idea that would come to mind is to paint the whole car in glow in the dark paint. While that could certainly make your car stand out in the dark, it becomes nothing but just a plain glowing car. Nothing creative here.

What could be done to improve on this would be to paint some designs, logos or use decals glow in the dark carthat glow in the dark. Modern Image is a company which does some great designs on car decals. Incorporating glow in the dark technology into it would mean adding Glow in the Dark Powder, into regular clear silk screen inks or paints.

Other ways to decorate your car would be to use Glow in the Dark Stickers. These are made from soft PVC, come with adhesive backing and can glow in the dark for hours. Glow Stickers can be cut into strips or shapes of any kind and pasted on most surfaces. It can be cut into strips and stuck as a border around the car. One good thing about using glow stickers is that if you are tired of it, just peel it off.


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