I Have Been Denying That A Whole New Culture Has Developed:( In Pages

I first saw it in just a few people, where you might expect it at times? Not that it had to be there, it was just the role models around were not that great.


But mainly in some Religions then it seemed to be in all Religions. Now I think it may have  started in the work place? Not that World Leaders were setting  good role models to follow! Or Sports also becoming the same way:( “What is good for the goose is good for the gander?” “They do it so why can’t I?”


Then this last story in the News about school personnel? The fear of losing their jobs caused them to become liars, cheats and crooks! Then I listen to some one talking about their place of work is all like that from the top down. With bosses saying these old Quotes from another era and another Culture that has completely disappeared. “Don’t Rock the boat! “


When I start bring out all the wrongs around the World in the News. I notice certain people started throwing out the old culture quotes in how to be a nice person . “If you have nothing good to say , don’t say it at all!” Remember those days? “Never talk about Religion or Politics.” Now it is for criminal actions taking place! WOW! But as bad as it is getting it is amazing there is any News flowing. Is that why the Morning News Shows are all about party time entertainment these days? Sugar coating !!!!!! As everyone is doing it, doing it, so no finger pointing is needed any more to take the heat off ones self?



Now it is  a big one over the Soft Kill by the Elitist!!!!!!






















































Which is starting to Label “Everyone?” A Murder Of Children and Mother Earth!!!!!!





With their remarks of……

“Ah that’s not true!” “Ah I make that stuff myself at my job” or “I sell that stuff! ” “I feed that to my children!” “Do you want bugs crawling over everything or eating up your crops?”



































































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