Tornado’s in Missouri again! Surprise!

Tornado’s in Missouri again! Surprise! Jan 8, ’08 4:59 PM
for everyone


Clean up time again! 30 Tornado’s did they say?

They just walked up the Hwy. right in front of me! They were like foot steps straddling the Hwy, setting down left and then right but you still had the effects even on the fringes. They had them numbered and each storm cell had their own collection of tornado’s and gifts of hail from golf size to base ball size. Oh I got both!

My roof is leaking more then before but I still have a roof but a lake inside! My torn off door from before stayed stuck in place with heavy planters pushed against it. Others lost their whole roofs.

More just completely lost everything with their homes and barns of animals. One man was feeding his animals, heard a noise, looked up and a funnel was over his head, it left him injuried but took his barn.

Others thought the Storm had passed them and boom! In the calm the next one hit them and flattened their homes, killing one woman there buried under her house! Yes, the stories go on! Nearly 100 storm warnings last night.