Buffalohair-Jage Press News and Entertainment Magazine /at pages…….

Buffalohair-Jage Press News and Entertainment Magazine



Archive of all our old Front Page/ pages and info:)

At Buffalohair-Jage Press B/ http://littlerunningdeer.wordpress.com/

To keep the site active just add lots of New up to date Music videos and Entertainment News Feeds. Then Just Like Magic, Pow! You now have the new Buffalohair Entertainment page.


Just another up-beat page of our Magazine:)


Remember NativeVue where alot of the Story Telling Began to be in the publics eye? What happened to those Archives? I saved them for you:)

What has been happening behind the scenes? Yes, We Still are working with our Burma Friends! Are you following their latest News?

Face Book Buffalohair




Digital Smoke Signals was live.

32 mins ·

Oceti resistance prayer camp

Face To Face: Dennis Ward sits down with renowned activist, Winona LaDuke


Smithsonian Channel: It’s Brighter Here

Smithsonian Channel brings original programs exploring science, nature, and pop culture to your TV. Find favorites, learn where the newest programming is.







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6 thoughts on “The New UpDated 2017 Page of : Buffalohair – Jage Press / News and Entertainment Magazine”

    • You do realize I have now changed this link to the new Webbly ‘Buffalohair-Jage Ann’s Journals Collection2’ site? That is why you can comment there!

    • This is our band new site link at Webbly now! That is why you can comment.

      No, I get a run around with the old branch – Lunar Pages ! Older customers say they think someone new bought it, when all this type of trouble began there? I wish I had found all this News, before I had paid for a site there

  1. Thank You for your concern! I know it has messed up a lot of connections with a lot of folks adding our Blog Links! And I am very sorry this all happened, to all of us:(

  2. I re-posted a story about Pedophiles from Redwood Forest to the Lunar pages host site. Then I re-posted some News Items reported by Native Americans who were in Paris for the climate change meetings there. Suddenly every 2 minutes Face Book and Bill Gates / Micro Soft addresses hit my Blog http://lrd.buffalohair-jage.com/ , going through the main server at Lunar Pages, forcing them to shut our back door’s to our 2 blogs there! Those two companies joined in with FEMA hacking our sites, were about to crash the shared server at Lunar Pages! Wow! We had, had Burma and Russia crash our sites before but the touchy Paris News about Climate Change brought FEMA to our back door via hacking and the threat of crashing a shared server! New times are here on the Internet in reporting non main stream News these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2dJxiDkcjA

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