Fall In Love With Bunnies

Fall In Love With Bunnies

Is there anything cuter than a baby bunny? If you haven’t already fallen in love with bunnies, get ready to be smitten.

Kayla is a major bunny-lover. Her four rabbits keep her laughing with their crazy hops and twitchy noses. Plus, they’re always ready for a cuddle.

Please remember that wild rabbits belong in the wild, house rabbits belong in loving homes, and NO rabbit belongs in a coat or in a lab being tortured for cosmetic testing. To find cosmetics and other products that aren’t tested on animals, look for the leaping bunny symbol.

Open your heart to bunny love and…who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself hopping down to your local shelter to adopt. There are plenty of rabbits that need homes! For today’s Daily Action, fall in love and get inspired by baby bunnies.

This is for you bunny lovers. First you will see a very tiny bunny that just wants to sleep, then a little older one that just wants to eat, and finally one brought in from the wild that wants to be clean. All the bases covered.

2 Weeks Old and Just Wants to Sleep

This little bunny is a handful. That’s right, small enough to fit in a hand. And at 2 weeks all he wants to do is sleep. A couple of times he gets wakened and he licks himself for a few moments, then eyes close and it’s off to dreamland.


Photo credit: Lovro67

Into the Vegetable Garden for Lunch

This baby is a little older, out of hand you might say. He goes into the back yard and discovers a wonderful new world. Actually it’s a delicious new world. Watch him sampling new delights.


Photo credit: Andrew Hill

Pit Bull Cleans Bunny

Sharkey the Pit Bull found this baby cottontail bunny in his back yard and brought it into the house. Maybe he wanted a new playmate; maybe he decided that the bunny was lost and had no one to care for it.

Sharkey is all into care. Watch how lovingly he licks the little fellow.


Photo credit: Rebekah Pavlovic


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