Scattered to the Winds

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10/30/08 9:32 PM

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Hugs and love This Journal will always be remembered! I Thank You for all your sharing and talking straight from the hip and love you for that. Thank you for the times you stopped by and times you offered your help. You are a wonderful lady to get to know.

Not only this Host Shut its Doors But so is another Host of their Journals and Groups and the new Host is having problems taking in the second Host’s Groups so may lose them after all this moving! Talk about stress all at once. But you know about that, huh?

Love and always the best for your life.,

Yes, I scattered to the winds 😉


Okay this will be the last Blog? ;)


It is hard work putting them together, I am slowing down, on doing the profile information I notice, but the question is why do I keep making them? Is it because I am not painting as much any more? Or with the children grown, that ended all the fun crafts we use to do? I am not out gardening as much after seeing the clorine in the tap water, was turning my tomatoes solid white inside and veggys were no longer eatable for my table.

OhI think I did favor the AOL Journals the best, as they were my very first ones. I did deleted a couple when my son said lets quit AOL. ;) One was about… Poems , Stories and Art. The other was on Humor and even a couple of my Journals got Hall of Fame Awards, thanks to Joe and everyone!

But this should be it for myself. I make ones for others in promoting them, as they put their energy in their work.

I guess I need to sign these? Hummm need to find one of my little gifs:)

These Ocean photos are of my son’s personal collection. I have his permission to use them. Not sure if he wants them to travel any where else though. That is my thumb in this one, there that signed it!


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