John taught his wife Nancy how to make Power Cells and lets her teach us how to make our own:) To help us get off the grid ourselves in doing it by ourselves with these Power Cells that once activated will continue to run on their own. Thank You, John!

Step by step instructions on how to build a crystal power cell, developed by John Hutchison. FREE ENERGY. Hutchison is in the process of open sourcing ALL his technologies. The METER readings are in VOLTS and MILLIAMPS. Now that you have the knowledge of how to become FREE:


Minerals can last about 1000 years, so will a battery using these minerals.

used in reverse the cells do this updates check out this video…



Natural Rochelle Salt

Rochelle salt, also known as POTASSIUM SODIUM TARTRATE, is a white powder. It is a NATURAL product made from the natural crystalline acid deposited on the walls of wine-cellar vats. The production process includes strict and thorough quality control supervised by our engineers in order to ensure the ultimate quality of the product. Because of its widely diversified applications, we offer the product in colorless crystals and also in white crystalline powder. Rochelle salt is included in the list of FOOD ADDITIVES under code E-337.



Interest in Rochelle salt is due to its piezoelectric properties.  Basically that means a crystal of the salt generates electricity when it is squeezed.   If that doesn’t seem fascinating to you then you might have come to the wrong place.

Rochelle Salt | forsaken technology – Extreme NXT

There are two ways to get Rochelle salt; buy it or make it. … Taking all that into account, here is my recipe for making Rochelle salt from scratch: 60g pure Cream of tartar; 27g Sodium bicarbonate or Baking Soda; 82g Distilled Water;


Watch  the video a few times to get it right:) Remember John has humor on this:) To make it more fun before Nancy takes over to prepare cell.


Mix in a mason jar:

Almost 1/4 cup  of Potassium Sodium Tartrate

 2/4 cups of Epsom Salt


 Add Doping Minerals dust with nail file on top of salts in the mason jar:  Watch Nancy closely in doing this.

Galena Natural Crystallized Lead  acts as a Radio receiver!  Wear gloves! Wash clean hands and  nail file after using.  / Back and forth 24 times lightly with file.

Fools Gold / Back and forth with file 24 times lightly with file

1 troy ounce .999 Silver Clad Ingot is what I got for now:(

She is using a 99.9  Silver medallion /  Back and forth 21 times lightly with file / be careful of too much silver or a big chunk going in, as it can short out crystal.

Calcium Sulfate Gypsum / 29 times back and forth lightly with file


Mix all together in mason jar of salts with a spoon: Will make about 30 cells.


Add one half tablespoon from mason jar into small Ladle.

Cook it in ladle on top of the stove till bubbley  but not turning back to white crystals.

Use short piece of  Galvanized wire held by the needle nose pliers to dip into mixture and place into a short piece of tubing a couple of times, that is already plugged at one end with a Q-tip cut off  end with the cotton , the  tube that has been readied inside, with sodium silicate as it acts like a glue and  forms crystal of the hot mixture. The wire will then stay in side tube when done.


Tools/ items needed:

Small Stainless Steel Deluxe Ladle

Galvanized wire

Copper tube

small Foam Block to hold  copper tube on end

Needle Nose Pliers

Ohmmeter Multimeter Volt AC DC Tester Meter /  Battery Included

Power source to give it a jolt start, like a maybe AC-DC ADAPTER 12 VOLTS DC




















the Crystal Power Cells are not batteries. Instead, Don says, “I think it’s drawing power from the background static electric field.”

Excerpts from a letter Nancy sent on the weekend:

“….Over the last 100 years mankind has been ‘accelerated’ along a path of very specific technological development. A path that clearly was engineered and designed for ‘some purpose’. We have been placed on this path without full knowledge of the effects of the technologies, enticed with toys we can play with. As we played with these toys, the Earth was ravaged; our source of life attacked.”

“…John Hutchison is releasing his knowledge and his technologies. We need to move quickly, and get the information into as many people’s hands and minds as possible….”

“If every person has a means of creating power from simple natural sources, then people would be able to ‘live off the land’, survive extremes in temperature (heating and cooling), travel unabated by fuel costs, pump water from a well for themselves and irrigation…we would be free…”

“Hopefully enough people will wake up and work together to survive this epic challenge now facing mankind…”

In closing the letter, Nancy Lazaryan repeated, “Time is short. If and when the grid goes down, we will lose the internet.”

In a press release about the video she reminds people that they have to make some effort to get the free energy. “…You will need to put some time into building the cells.”



 Tesla s radiant energy device works great! woo hoo











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