Media Sugar Coats Burma’s Bogus Government As Genocide Continues

Media Sugar Coats Burma’s Bogus Government As Genocide Continues

General Than Shwe should get an Oscar for the “Best Fiction Screenplay” in his latest international hit sensation; “Burma Has a New Government”. Supporting actors in this theatrical performance would be the International Monetary Fund, United Nations, World Trade Organization and a case of hundreds of international corporations who needed legitimacy for violating sanctions over the years in Burma. Of course Thein Sein should get an Oscar for his lead role in the sham elections of 2010; “I R President”. It is all a lie and a sham to allow international vultures to swoop into Burma and rob the rest of her natural resources while padding the pockets of the Burmese junta and their corporate thug accomplices. You remember; the guys who’ve received billions in cash under the table from Shwe’s fetid regime to avoid taxes within their respective countries with the help of SWIFT Financial Group of Belgium. Or did you forget that part?

In spite of what the corporate owned media has to say about Burma’s budding (Sham) democracy people continue to get kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered for simply spelling democracy. The people within Burma are still under siege and ethnic minorities as well as others are still being selectively killed. I was stunned to hear junta lackey and political puppet Their Sein say there was only about 3 to 600 political prisoners of conscience remaining in prisons when in actuality there is over 1,600 still behind bars. What did Than Shwe and Their Sein do with the remaining unaccounted prisoners? Sadly I do believe the junta is busy murdering the rest of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s alliance if they can’t be re-educated (brainwashed). Of course their untimely deaths would be due to disease, accidents at forced labor camps or they did not exist in the first place.

It should be noted the junta has murdered complete families to mask the murder of activists within prison walls. With no family members to account for a missing prisoner there are no witnesses hence the perfect crime. Torturing people to the point of madness is another tried and true Than Shwe trick to eliminating opposition but murder and the dissection of human corpses to feed the jungle is an all time favorite with this criminal regime and nothing has changed. People are arriving with fresh stories of rape and genocide within Burma as the media paints a completely different picture. Wake up and smell the shrimp paste.

I speak with refugees and political exiles from and in Burma daily and they tell a completely different story than the one that is being purported in the mainstream media. Sure there are some rumblings of change in Burma but for all intents and purposes Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the pro democracy movement are hostages. The Junta via Gen. Than Shwe are manipulating this whole event strictly to sugar coat corporations who’ve violated sanctions since their inception. Thein Sein is nothing more than an officer in the military following orders. Surely you remember when Than Shwe ordered his generals to ‘retire’ then form political parties for the sham election of 2010. That election was ushered in by a bogus ‘Constitutional Referendum’ in 2008 that paved the way for the sham elections in the first place. Many people were arrested and murdered so the junta could pull that one off. The junta will do it again, there is no question. Only this time they will say it was Muslim extremists or other groups the west is not in favor with to garner support. Its classic Than Shwe, don’t you pay attention? After all, Suu Kyi won a landslide election back in 1990 only to have her cabinet slaughtered and her placed in prison for simply winning the election. Remember Depayin, where was the world then?

With the mainstream media in the pockets of the very corporations that rapped Africa, South America and other nations of their natural resources it is clear Burma is another target of corporate greed and re-colonization under the mask of globalization. Bare in mind these corporations have lined the pockets of dictators for decades and murdered villagers and tribal leaders who opposed them. Democracy is a dirty world to these global corporatists. They also have private armies called ‘security’ that kill indiscriminately for the whims of corporatists. The WTO reads like a who’s who in corporate tyranny since their ranks are filled with nations lead by military dictators who violate human rights all day long. China and its ongoing crimes against humanity is a glowing example of WTO membership. ASEAN is proving not to be much better with their ranks writhe with human trafficking issues. Where is the media to expose these clowns eh? Than Shwe’s greatest deceptions is; “Burma Has a New Government” for there is no such thing as “Disciplined Democracy” and that’s the bottom line.

Burma and Thailand share borders but they also share the presents of sham politicians since Badluck Yingluck Shinawatra and General/President Thein Sein are both shills and puppets of criminals and fugitives from justice. Thaksin and Than will resort to any measure to move their own political/financial agendas forward at the expense of their own people. Guess that is why they are the darlings of the corporate world since they emulate everything that is wrong in the world today. In talking with exiles and refugees it is clear they knew it was all a sham, even the part where Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was free to make political waves. And they also believe it’s only a matter of time be another assassination attempt is made on Suu Kyi and other pro democracy pundits.

One Burmese Exile told me;

“We know it’s all a lie but we must take what we can. We live on hope because that is all we have”

Your Devil’s Advocate


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