A Ball A Blue 9?

Oh its about to become real.. Lets see if the average person can find something nasa just may have missed.. Lolol right right


Backyard Worlds: Join Search for Planet Nine, Nearby Brown Dwarfs | Astronomy | Sci-News.com

A NASA-funded website called Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 lets everyone participate in the search for the hypothetical Planet Nine and ‘failed’ stars in…


Jan 23, 2016 – Uploaded by Yassine Aoubid

RT News : Planet 9 (Nibiru- Planet X) in outer …



Real weird out there! Jag.

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Autumn Ferguson

17 hrs ·

I love how the stars and planets look out of focus- I don’t understand it really but I do really like looking at them like this.. So this is out of focus Venus ..