Buffalohair, Joe and the UFO, A Book Review

Joe and the UFO, A Book Review

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What would you do if by chance a UFO crash-landed in your back yard? In the case of Joe Lucky, an impoverished farmer on the brink of foreclosure, that is exactly what happened one shimmering night. Interestingly enough the back drop for Joe and the UFOSouthern Colorado region noted for exterrestrial and paranormal activity since time immemorial. Out of a quaint little science fiction story evolved an epic journey into the human experience as I read this wonderful piece written by Daniel Sanchez Leonetti.

Joe and the UFO truly was a journey for not only Joe Lucky but for the reader as well. I was thrust into the culture of Southern Colorado with colloquialisms, culture and history only found within this region. From humor and joy to the darkest of human emotions Joe and the UFO spanned the human persona. The characters came to life as they faced very real tribulations associated with an exterrestrial encounter. Heartwarming at times and ruthless as well, Joe and the UFO offers the reader an opportunity to introspectively examine their own emotions if poised with the situation that faced Joe Lucky and the other characters within this well written folktale.

You don’t have to be a UFO aficionado to appreciate this story for it’s a human tale and in some way a reflection of the era we live writhe with tumult and uncertainty. For the UFO aficionado this tale is a vindication of the realities that not only lay in the stellar beyond but within the souls of man. Joe and the UFO is bound to be a classic for within its pages is a lesson that all of mankind should heed.

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