Color Away Winter Blues

To uplift your spirits think about decorating your home in colors reflecting the sun; the warm colors of red, orange, and yellow. These colors evoke the images of fire and heat, enhancing feelings of warmth and happiness.

The colors of red overcome depression, encourages activity and escalates body metabolism? Is brought into question!

There is some feed back about the color Red. The rage a bull feels in seeing a red cape! Some people say they feel the same way when seeing the color red, anger! There was even a newer one, of Food stores using red in their deco, so as to have people buy more food, as the color red makes people hungry?

Pastel colors were for calming people. Pinks used even in prisions to calm down anger.

Oranges brings joy and heals grief?

The yellows stimulates your mind, clears your head from headaches, and reduces depression? What helps you?

There is no need to paint your home. Just add decorative accessories with these colors like candles, tablecloths, pillows, sofa covers, etc? Add other accessories to bring happiness into your home by using curtains, instead of blinds to filter in light and brighten up a room. Place flowers and plants around your home to bring in the fresh smells of spring and summer. By decorating your home, you change the mood of depression towards a positive serenity. Check out decorating for the winter articles

(Chinese Red) , From China the red we think about is poison in the paint of children’s toys sent to our stores in USA, Poison in dry wall  sold for peoples homes in our country, USA. Maybe the Bulls know about red after all!

(The Uses of Yellow)

Foods to Cure the Winter Blues – The Early Show – CBS News

Feb 19, 2010 The Early Show: Foods to Cure the Winter Blues – Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Certain Foods Can Help Lift Your Spirits!…/main6223437.shtml

Catch some Zzzz’s
People naturally want to sleep a little bit more during the winter. But with all we have going on, sometimes sleep is the first thing to go. With a little time management, and some self-discipline, you can meet your shut-eye needs. Aim for 7-8 hours each night, and try to keep your bedtime and waking time consistent. That way, your sleeping patterns can normalize and you’ll have more energy. Try not to oversleep—those 12-hour snoozes on the weekend can actually make you MORE tired. Don’t forget naps! A short (10-30 minute) afternoon nap may be all you need to re-energize midday.


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