We Care

Thank you!

Dear _____, thank you for the pep talk…I need one about every other day. 🙂  It’s nice to know I’m not alone is this big scary world.  Hugz, _____

Original Message … Strange, I was just thinking the same thing about all causes. I get discouraged at times. We pep talk and encourage/ support everyone. Yet never get built up ourselves, so we have the strength to keep carrying on!

May your heart get refreshed so you can carry on no matter how sad it seems, _____!

It is a never ending fight and just hope something makes these people stop and think about all the harm they are doing on Mother Earth and to the family living on her, that have a right to be here, too. These people need all of us and that includes our wildlife. They do not even realize that fact.

Good job _____! Thank you for being there for these beloved animals and for all you do!
Hugs, _____

Original Message … This breaks my heart —- there is no excuse for the actions taken in Montana and Alaska concerning the shooting of these beautiful creatures!  I wish there was more we could do to stop this heartless killing of God’s creatures. I just had to share my frustrations, I hope you don’t mind—too much. Your _____friend…_______