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Bohemia Grove: are our leaders really worshipping a giant stone owl in California?


by Pat Franklin

We would never have believed it.  World leaders secretly gathering for two weeks in July every year in the redwood forest of northern California? Presidents and business leaders worshipping a giant stone owl and the sacrifice of what looks like a human body on an altar in front of the owl?

This has got to be a stupid horror movie, right?  Wrong.  I am afraid it is true.   The 2,000 acre site is called Bohemia Grove.  We saw a documentary in England showing the owl ceremony filmed by intrepid journalist Alex Jones, who infiltrated the Grove.  We didn’t believe it then; it was just all too weird.

A few years later we happened to be on a trip to California and walked through the Muir Woods redwood grove outside San Francisco.  There we were surprised to see a plaque saying that the Bohemian Grove club had its first meeting there and erected a huge statue of _ on that spot, and the club had moved to a larger site.   So we knew it existed and that Alex Jones’ film was genuine……


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