Humor / Family Game Night

Humor and Games for the Family

Mondays News with Uncle Jay

A Libra’s Fun Day Here at my AWSOM News !! opps AWSOM disappeared!?? Yes, it is gone!

Aw let me have some fun here, these can be funny!

Or even sound pretty good. 😉 Fun \

BREAKING NEWS :: Due to the recession in 2009 the government will start deporting all the mentally challenged people to save money. I started crying when I thought of you. Run my little crazy friend, run! Well, what can I say ??? Someone sent it to me, and dammit, I’m NOT going alone !!?

Game Nite, have fun:)

Word Search Puzzles (Flash)

Where in the World is it? Map Game

World Atlas & Map Library Apple Season If this doesn’t drive you nuts, then you are already there!

This should keep you busy for a while…. CLICK HERE

Last Egg Standing Catch the falling eggs!

FW: How Much Do You Know About Golf??? I was 9 under par! Dean

How Much Do You Know About Golf??? This is multiple choice. If you select a wrong answer, the ball moves only so far down the fairway and stops and you are charged with one stroke. Keep selecting the answers that you think are correct and the ball moves down the fairway until you get the right answer and the ball goes in the hole. If you have the correct answer right away, the ball goes directly in the hole – a hole in one. To play click here!!!!!