Buffalohair: A Special Thanks To All My Readers Around The World

Nothing like a disaster to get the ole juices flowing again and this week was no exception. I was hit along with others at WordPress and it literally wiped me out forcing me to open up another site and what a royal pain in the ass that was eh. I am still building the site but it’s open for the most part. All my old stories are still readily available at the Buffalohair Gazette Address, http://buffalohair.wordpress.com/ so there is nothing lost as far as my old works are concerned. I even posted a comprehensive list in the sidebar at the Gazette as per reader’s requests. But what really blew my mind was all the people who bothered to write me and in some cases call me to offer support. I did not realize my stories were being reposted on hundreds of sites around the world. I truly was not aware of this grass roots fan base and I am very humbled by this revelation so I want to thank each and every one of you for the kind words.

Thanks bunches from this crusty old native dude, Hu Ho!

With all that said, I am building this site with all of you in mind and will incorporate more fun and interactive goodies since this new site totally rocks and yes, I am still on WordPress. The WordPress crew at tops in my book and I am a loyal fan of their as well. It was not their fault they were hit and there is no question other sites are struggling with these new technological diseases and it’s bound to get worse. I will continue to do my thing but please be patient with the new site since it is still in the development stage for the most part. There are many features I have yet to master to make this a most pleasurable and informative place to be. Our other entertainment page “Buffalohair Entertainment”, located at: http://littlerunningdeer.wordpress.com/ runs flawlessly and we will continue to shamelessly promote artists from around the world.

Fortunately Ann Little Running Deer’s sites were spared and that is a good thing since I am already delirious from working 24/7 trying to build this new site. In any event, cheers everyone.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Buffalohair Universe



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