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Do It Yourself Gifts is Full of FREE Creative and Unique Gift Ideas, Projects, and Instructions! ANY occasion…teacher, engagement, wedding, baby,


Forgiveness: A Gift to Yourself

We hear so much about forgiveness–in our churches, on Oprah, in new age magazines, but do we truly understand what the big deal about forgiveness is?
Two Weeks Without E-mail: Best Gift to Yourself Ever | BlogHer

Two Weeks Without E-mail: Best Gift to Yourself Ever. January 07, 2010 12:23 pm by Lisa Stone in Balance. Comments: 39

Give the Gift of Yourself: Where to Volunteer This Season

Nov 25, 2010 Morris County is full of opportunities to give back to the community .…/give-the-gift-of-yourself-where-to-volunteer-this-season-2Cached


Gift Yourself the Gift of Good Health



Give self permission and time to get back to eating that balanced meals, exercise, a walk, listen to music, walk the dog, or whatever is deemed enjoyable to do.


Giving the Gift of a Healthy Relationship

Find time to get together for lunch, dinner or a quiet talk with family and friends. Listen to them, talk on the phone to people you can’t be with, enjoy pleasant memories of family or friends who can be called.

For one who is involved in a murky relationship, a proper guidance and advice is needed from competent or a professional counselor. There’s no point in clinging to any relationship if has been stormy for a long while, or if it no longer works.


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