Life’s minor frustrations (and occasional dangers) for the color blind:

  • Bi-color and tri-color LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes): Is that glowing indicator light red, yellow, or green?

  • Traffic lights, and worst of all, Caution lights: Color blind people always know the position of the colors on the traffic light – in most states, Red on top, Yellow in the center, Green (or is that blue?) on the bottom. It isn’t good when we go to a city or state where they put traffic lights horizontal – it takes a couple of days to get used to that one! But caution lights present an entirely different problem. In this situation there is only one light; no top or bottom, no right or left, just one light that is either red or yellow – but which is it?

Color Normal                          Dichromat


  • Color observation by others: “Look at those lovely pink flowers on that shrub”. Reply, looking at a greenish shrub “What flowers?”

Color Normal                  Dichromat


The source of the last three pictures is by Paul Martin


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