Another class on, Manage What Money You Do Have!

Suze Orman addressing a Senate Committee.

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Good old PBS TV for us poor folks, for more education!

I was viewing another different PBS show about saving  only money that has already been taxed. So after growing savings it will be tax free when you draw it out.

Also do not leave your money to your wife in a Will ! She will lose it to taxes!  Leave money to a trust worthy daughter or son. As then it would be tax free.

Will and Trust Kits?

Get one!

Suzie says If you can get along without it, wait  a few years before drawing Social Security.

Also Suzies favorite is ,Invest in RothRIA,  taxed money before saving ,so it is tax free when  any amount is drawn out.

Traps of Student Loans, you have to pay them back,  you can not lose them with filing bankruptcy. After not getting the  job you want, do not go back to school again. Wash dishes to pay off the school loan you have now.

Save into a 529 plan for childs schooling.

There are others also and more books



PBS Presents | Suze Orman’s Money Class
349 min – Feb 10, 2011


PBS Specials | Suze Orman’s Money Class
5 min – Mar 3, 2011

One thought on “Another class on, Manage What Money You Do Have!

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