Why Do I Copy Whole News Stories?

When we first followed and were collecting facts or reports for News Stories, I just did links only. But soon found the information was soon deleted, especially if it was quotes by Government Political Leaders. Or rescue Services who claimed to be helping.

So now I save or try to save, all the Quotes and story connections. Mainly If we are doing our own story on it from many different Sources for a clearer look into or behind the scenes and have the place where we got the information so we can back it up. Plus it gives each one credit for their own reporting and does not suddenly/totally disappear.

So when asked to research a story by my boss:) I try to pull it all together for the gifted writer /word smith to do his magic. In his special style that makes us all stop and think about what is really happening and connects all the history and  News together in just one News Story at Buffalohair Jage Press

Now here at Redwood Forests I have been making some Public also, rather than in hidden saved files. Because I also find the story interesting.

I find others do not write their own stories in their own words, they just do copy. Heck I am able to do that myself, besides saving it for reference back up.