Be strong till your last breathe! Happy Journeys!!!!!!!










Ahhh an adventure as I now feel weaker !!!!!!! Stomach cramps now starting!

hem·or·rhage (hem’ŏr-ăj)
1. An escape of blood through ruptured or unruptured vessel walls.
2. To bleed substantially.
Synonym(s): haemorrhage.
[G. haimorrhagia, fr. haima, blood, + rhēgnymi, to burst forth]….
4 Electric heaters running but still ice cold in here:( Wow!
Well?????? is a deep subject! This might be the last goodbye? Been fun ? Interesting at least, with the last bit of history taking place with the Tribes/Nations! I wish you all the best folks! Be strong till your last breathe! Happy Journeys!!!!!!!

No, I no longer trust doctors! I am an old grandmother now and traveled a long ways. Adventures you would not believe! That even led to finding part of a secret Horse family tribe in hiding, when I was only eight years old!!!!!! The old grand father Adopped me as his extra grand child, after he had saved my life 🙂 As we were about to part and say our goodbyes for a little while 😦 Well, I might get to go home now?

Little Running Deer









All My Love !!!!!!!

Journey West 398