A Warm Home for Winter (just a dream?)

Ahhh yes, here it is again, winter weather.

It can be very beautiful! If you have a warm place to get out of the cold. That is even with having warm clothing and protection. You need that warm place to return to!

But what if you don’t?

Not having the money for furnace repairs.  Not having enough money to supply  the winters fuel? Rough you say? Yes, it is rough.

Do you feel so concerned about it that you give your extra $$$$ to some big Org. for the poor/rich. That makes everyone warm for the whole winter right? Those at the top are! That we know, as it was a warm building right:)

Yes, there are always those who rip off and take advantage. So you have to have someone in charge of all the paper work of incomes to keep and eye on everyone.

I admit I was so down to nothing/injuried /no job/ so no income/ sold everything that would sell! I had to ask for help. Did I get it ? No, did not even get to fill out papers. Its all gone they said can not help you. But took next person into office? They came from another place that gave them aid?????? You had to be some regular making the rounds person, so they knew you on sight?

So what do you do in that case? Put on every piece of clothing you can get on. Then wrap up in every blanket you have and rely on your breath to help heat your blanket tent. You of course are praying for a short winter and warm weather once again.

You try to remember  the last time you had a warm home in winter and you smile at the thought of it all.

As it was just a dream…..

Wait!!!  Maybe this is just a nightmare and none of  it is real at all!

You are lucky if you can…..




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