Getting to Know You. Getting to Know All About You..

Photo Story 2008 😉

Water Color Painting by Little Running Deer


So much lost in a house fire, what do I have?

Hummmmm forget date on this one the children were little I was in my 30’s thinking ooooooo here comes 40!

Now this next one was taken in 2005. Great memory there!

I was playing around with a cam and a mirror, so it is a picture of me in a mirror. LOL I was trying to look serious! Trying to hold the cam straight. Was trying to look at the screen to see if my head was even in the picture! lol

Then in the early Spring of 2006 my son just had to go with me as I revisited the Pacific Ocean. Believe me it is still cold! This was the first time he had seen an Ocean He went Ocean picture crazy with his camera!

Now Leslie saw this picture and thought I had lost one of my legs! No, I am walking in this shot!

I got caught by the tide coming in!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journey West 758.jpg

I was bent over just about to take my shoes off, to test the water and it had missed me so much it came running to greet me!

Another 2006, early Spring shot on the Pacific Ocean. Wow, look at all that redwood drift wood will you!

Journey West 483.jpg

Yes, I came sailing out of the air on black ice in a freak accident and did a crash landing head first on concrete that knocked me out cold and which sort of broke up my spine and knees etc.  as my legs and arms were all scrunched up under me:( My body swelled so much 
know one recognized me at first , I got shocked looks:)

Was told I would never walk again. First I was a bed patient. Then finally I could stand the pain enough, after doing lots of bed exercises and I went to a wheel chair.

But I keep fighting

Hey, I made it to crutches! Wooooo Hoooooo ! Swelling has almost disappeared. 🙂

But what really changed in how I look now is plane spraying face cancer? Using Coconut oil mixed with baking soda and one by one they are healing and go away. Yes first , A tiny black mole appeared and from the sun? it turned black and very hard to the touch but is still a black dot!  Was Very painful as well at the time. But I was having ear aches before I noticed it. Which were not from ear aches but a tumor!

Wow! “Getting to know you , getting to know all about you!” LOL























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