$12,000.00 and counting, Auto Accident

$16,000.00 and counting,

From my son,

Yes, I finally had my turn! Broken arm, ribs and tons of bruises. I meet A 16 year old driving a dark red car with no lights on at night, who heads right for me it seems! As Their passenger side of car hits my passenger side. An explosion Surprise!

Saw car finally at the im pound, when my son went over to see my car and get pictures, they were the only two cars there!

Yes. I had the white car with all lights that were always on, even still on after the crash! I had the bigger heavier car but still was pushed by a smaller car coming at high speeds! Wow! No one killed! Air bag and my seat belt saved my life!

Getting a ride back and forth from clinics and doctors, I freak out seeing cars heading toward us. I saw one at a stop sign and just knew they were going to try to cut across in front of us , a feeling I got and  said so out loud, sure enough they tried to. We got stopped, then they stopped and  finally gave us our right of way. I said, Oh great I have now become a back seat driver and read people before they even move!

image 2044171314-2

note update

Last night as my son was out shopping with his gf for all of us. A car with no lights on followed them into the parking lot at store, my son suddenly noticed as they entered lighted area. Well, my son got out and talked to the driver, a young blond girl. She said Oh I didn’t know! He told her, his mom was just hit by a driver with no lights on, so to always remember to turn hers on!

Do they have signs for sticking on dash board to remind people to turn on their lights?

Everyone at his work is now talking about all the night drivers on the streets and even the freeways that are driving with no lights on! They see them when they come up behind them.

There is a home made truck, that does not even have lights mounted on the back of it and drives with no head lights on! So police will not see him? He is following other cars at 65 miles an hour! One guy came up on him and then noticed no mounted lights at all!

My son had seen the same truck going through the streets of Springfield , early morning after work.   My son blinked his lights at the person that was ahead of him but  the truck went for blocks without turning on head lights. Are the head lights even connected to live wires? Gads!  Dangerous!


4 thoughts on “$12,000.00 and counting, Auto Accident

  1. Court today!

    And look at what the fun site says! …..

    November 17, 2010

    Libra (9/23-10/22)

    Don’t be surprised if you’re attracting an awful lot of admiring attention — for at least the next couple of days. You’re charming, you’re sociable, you’re magnetic and folks are loving your sensitivity and tenderness. Needless to say, your dance card may be overflowing, but it won’t be difficult for you to swing. In fact, one admirer in particular may let it be known that you’re exactly what they were wishing they’d found earlier.

  2. As my car was totaled with a bent frame. I had to then rely on someone else to drive me to appointments.

    My driver for taking me to doctors is my son, he is in terrible pain! Doctor says, for him not to bump himself in any way or lift anything heavy , as he could be crippled for life!? He thought it was just a passing thing from falling asleep on a soft couch and getting a crick in his neck!

    December 11, 2010

    Libra (9/23-10/22)

    The biggest conflicts you experience today are centered around getting from point A to point B. There’s a lot of negative energy around transportation right now, so be prepared for delays or detours. If you’re driving, give yourself some extra time to make any appointments. Being late could set you back in many important ways — so play it safe just in case. If you’re taking some sort of public transportation, the people around you could affect your energy. Keep to yourself.

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