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Left Hand Turns

In some countries, if you want to make a left hand turn across traffic on a two lane highway, you are expected to pull off onto the right-hand side of the road, put your left-hand turn signal on, then wait for traffic to clear before making the turn. Watch to see how other people are making left hand turns, and be aware of cars on the side of the road with the left turn signal on.

16. Left-Hand Turns
You’re pulling out of a business driveway and want to make a left turn onto a busy street. The road has a special center lane designed for making turns.

To ensure center-lane safety:

After the traffic clears in the lanes nearest you, enter the center lane — and wait for traffic to clear in the far lane. Once you are in the center lane, turn on your right — hand turn signal.

Do not drive in the “shared left-turn lane.” It is neither legal nor safe.

Highway Hint
As you merge, watch out for vehicles entering the special turning lane in front of you as well as behind you.

My Driving Pet Peeves

Item 8: Do you have to slow down in a left hand lane before you pull into a left-hand turn lane???

Chances are, people are travelling at a good rate of speed behind you in that left lane – PULL INTO THE TURN LANE and then slow down, before someone winds-up in your trunk. http://www.reallans.com/petpeeves.shtml

Tips On Driving

LeftHand Turns You’re pulling out of a business driveway and want to make a left turn onto a busy street. The road has a special center lane designed for …

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tutorial: How to Make a Left Turn While Driving

1. Drive straight, approaching your desired lane at a 90 degree angle. 

2. Slow down until your left side view mirror is aligned with the entrance to the desired lane.

3. When a break in oncoming traffic allows, cut your steering wheel to the left and gently accelerate.

4. Two thirds of the way through your turn, when the nose of your vehicle is nearly aligned with the path of your lane, release your grip on the steering wheel while continuing to accelerate, allowing the tires of your car to steer themselves back into a straight forward position.

5. As your vehicle gently aligns itself with the path of your lane, return your standard grip to the steering wheel and accelerate as necessary to achieve the prescribed cruising speed for your lane.

Note: DO NOT start your turn before arriving at the entrance to your desired lane, thereby approaching at a 45 degree angle and cutting across the oncoming lane adjacent to your desired lane, as you risk a collision with vehicles in that lane!!! I mean, for crying out loud, what is wrong with people in this town?? Twice in as many minutes… come on.

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Driver Education: Another way that older drivers can help maintain or even improve their driving skills is through driver re-education programs. Several organizations—such as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and American Automobile Association (AAA)—offer such programs to help older drivers adjust to the challenges of driving in old age. In addition, taking such programs can lower insurance rates. AAA offers RoadWise Review, a CD-based software program that older drivers can use to assess functional abilities for driving. It can be obtained through local AAA chapters.

Older drivers may also benefit from programs designed to ensure that their “fits” them properly. For example, they should have the proper distance from their steering wheel and proper seat height. Adjusting mirrors can help drivers compensate for blind spots. See, for example, AAA’s CarFit, which is offered at many sites across the country.

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