Friendships, personal and in business

I say or tell others , do not run down my friends to me! If they do not stop, I delete that person out of my personal life. On the web, I just delete them period.

Is that being too hard on that new person? Another thing I delete for, is for ones who are new, who keep trying to use me to get inside information on one of my friends. Heck, ask them yourself !

But the biggest deleting I do is of the Groups  we find , that are scamming the public with a real worthy cause and were riding on our shirt tail to get public attention around the World at our blogs. Oh I hate that one! Delete!!!!!!!! We usually do it with out a lot of fan fair, at the request of ones who are needing the real help, in the cause we are trying to help.  Being a voice for the voiceless can be hard work! Especially if it involves a cruel Country with unfair treatment of its people,  the families, women , and mainly the children. They really try to cut us off the Internet, so the public will not get this information.

What caused me to write this? A person in the music business , who was never my friend or ever spoke with each other, but knew I was connected to another who has radio shows/ pod casts. Tried to use me against my friend! Yes, pretending I was also their friend and talking behind my  real friends back? grrrrrrr That is bad business! Keep your personal Jealousy to yourself , don’t drag others into it. Gads even pulling total strangers into your personal problems. You need to stop and turn your thinking around. So it is back to do not hurt my friends or run them down to me! So yes, I deleted links of music shows off my sites, not because of the music artists but because of your poor conduct and being a host of those music shows. I do not want anyone being hurt through any of my links, if I know they are harmful they are gone!

Yes, I know we take risks and there are many risks linking to sites on the Internet!

Ann Little Running Deer


“Is friendship a view of human nature?”

“humans live in packs,like wolfs, that’s why people go insane when they are isolate from the outside and others. Therefore it is in our nature to have friendship aka communication with other that share the same interest. 

We need something to interact with, if you have seen Cast Away then you’ll see that someone will start becoming insane and prob start talking to a ball with a bloody hand print as face and fake straw hair.

It is in our nature.”

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