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Redwood Forest , The Giants, Old Grandfathers on the Eel River.

Thoughts and News for the Day!

Watch for me in the Posts

Some of the common news stories that get old real fast. I think to myself lets see that’s 7 billion people, each with their own version, that will take how many more months before it is not news? Sorry! lol

  •  I guess my wake up call stories I collect and use unending are like that for others:) lol When is she going to quit posting about Clean Water, GMOs, Fluoride, Chemtrails, 1 % murders and their little ruling Empire:( I am doing this for my children and grandchildren so they know that I was not silent and was even heard around the World. Maybe it helped a hand full of people?

Wow, Carlos is right! LOL This is a job! I need a nap already! I was over at our Theater Group page of our magazine:) Not the Music Entertainment page:) I am going mad I know but I entertain myself as I do this work.

Theater E Is all cleaned up of Monkeys spilled Pop Corn!

LOL I had a lot of dead end links waiting for me! Wow!

Even if you know their main sites are still running links change or policy changes at their sites

Even with a film picture up, does not mean the film is still there! So watching every film

Wow, I need a nap before I go on another viewing test , at another of our Theaters!

I am now even hungry for pop corn! LOL ……Funny!

Thoughts about My Life

Flash back mind photos will continue …..

My Favorites:

gentle rain storms;

walking along the beach,

waves washing over my feet,

gulls flying over head,

a gentle breeze blowing my hair,

the smell of salt water;

Walking in a deep forest with tall older trees making it like a room,

sun light filtering down,

birds singing,

the ground at my feet like a carpet.

All of the photos on this page


Grandmother Cookie Break

Cookie Recipes:

Where else can you

— lie by an open fire and listen to the rain without getting wet? – In a tipi

— roast hot dogs over glowing embers while the wind blows and not get smoke in your eyes? – In a tepee

— on a hot summer day can you raise the wall of your shelter on the shady side and let a cool breeze flow through, or sit out a winter storm, secure and warm, while the elements rage on the outside? – in a teepee

— gaze up at the stars as you fall asleep and awake to a cloud burst and still stay dry? – in a tipi

Take Care


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Well, I am more comfortable with long guns rather then hand guns but have shot both. Loved my old favorite for target practice a 4/10 shot gun:) My hand gun got me the nick name of pistol packing mama when hunters were cutting down my fencing on my ranch:(  Heck I had beef cattle , milk cows, goats and horses to keep in! Thank you very much! And I had young children roaming the fields besides! Go shoot at your own families! Oh yes, I was mad! They all pointed their gun barrels at me! The nerve!  So I forced them off my land! Jage

shared Anything About Guns’s photo.


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