Miscommunication – Hurt Feelings?

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Is it a Thank You for a gift,  that is not  received the right way?

Someone spends tons of money to give a beautiful gift and it does not work? But that does not take away from the thoughtfulness and love in the giving. Maybe the thought of all the money spent and it was a flop in the givers eyes. But the one who  received the gift sees it as something wonderful and that the thought and love behind the gift is something to hold close to their heart.

A giver wants to show their love and maybe appreciation to that person? Like a grown child to a parent .  Maybe in knowing the parent will not be around much longer it seems even more important to show the parent that they care.They may want praise and acceptance also, to know they are loved in return.

But does the Thank You get back across to the giver in the way they wanted it? Do you see a sadness in their eyes or a hurt look. You think what did I not say? Or what did I say the wrong way? Ahhhh you want to grab and hug them but they are gone in an instant.  What happened? Communication is funny at times!

They even joke about it!

Miscommunication Cartoons

Miscommunication cartoons from the CartoonStock directory – the world’s largest on-line collection of cartoons.
www.cartoonstock.com/directory/m/miscommunication.asp – 61k


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