1 A 1 New Military Weapons are Tiny Robot Insects They are even spraying fiber tape worms to reprogram the living brain:(So you go out to buy their talking Spy to place in your home to think for you? …


Watch Aliens and Insects Full Episode – Ancient … – History Channel

Mar 7, 2014 – Watch the Aliens and Insects full episode from Season 7, Episode 7 of HISTORY’s series Ancient Aliens. Get more of your favorite full episodes …

New Military Weapons  are Tiny Insects  even spraying fiber tape worms to reprogram the living brain:(

By 2030 all brains as robots, on Cloud?

Aliens and Robots

What kind of Air and Water Experiments are they doing in your area? ..     a Back page at HOME.. http://buffalohair-jageannsjournalscollection2.weebly.com...

Judy Gilman Even us adults are not safe from these experiments:( Concealer can not even hide them:( Gets expensive trying to find a cure / detox that works best!

Buffalohair-Jage Ann’s Journals Collection 2

Making Homes of Garden Villages, Garden Forests providing free foods for everyone! Not being shoved or forced into finding a living in smoke filled concrete…



So, you think you’ve seen it all? You haven’t seen anything yet. By the year 2030, advancements will excel anything we’ve seen before concerning human intelligence. In fact, predictions offer glimpses of something truly amazing – the development of a human hybrid, a mind that thinks in artificial intelligence.

Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, spoke openly about this idea at the Exponential Finance Conference in New York. He predicts that humans will have hybrid brains able to connect to the cloud, just as with computers. In this cloud, there will be thousands of computers which will update human intelligence. The larger the cloud, the more complicated the thinking. This will all be connected using DNA strands called Nanobots. Sounds like a Sci-Fi movie, doesn’t it?


They must be in a trance to do this to themselves and their own families? Or do they think they are exempted from these experiments?

Smart Dust Infect Individuals to be Tracked via Satellite
In the Rain on a German Tomato plant shows these Fiber Nanobots  on it 😦


Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which Voice Controlled Speaker Is …


Apr 14, 2017 – We spent months living with the voice-controlled speakers Amazon Echo and Google Home, listening to music, asking foolish questions, …

Google Head Quarters in Mountain View, California for updating Search Engine of course. Plus wrong addresses to your sites,  so there are tons of 404’s !!!!! Wow! Huh! ? Too smart for that to be a mistake!!!!!! ; Plus the Chips, Drones,Nanobots for the new brains , etc. at DARPA 😦

Really Creepy !!! Morgellons inside a grasshopper !?!?

Yeah, they created a fiber  tape worm
Nanobots always on the move, to take over animals, insects and human life:( Gads:(
Make every thing a remote control robot before the living brain dies!

Isn’t SMART Technology Great? You’ll Never Have To Think Again!
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U.S. Government Sprayed Very Toxic Chemicals on Native Reservation; Now People Are Suffering

There are places near the Gila River where the cottonwoods—otherwise pervasive in Southwest riverbeds—do not grow. Some members of the San Carlos Apache…