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Prophecy in the Age of Stupid



From a prophetic point of view, everything is moving along like clockwork. Global Elitists, their unwitting minions mesmerized by rhythmic beats of a ‘False G*D’ tapping on their empty skulls, rush with glee to their own demise, blinded by the glimmer of gold. Sitting on a hillside surveying mankind’s stupidity, one native looks to another and says; “Told you that stuff makes them crazy!” more »

Visions From The Missions, An Orphans Tale

a1Recently I took my 88 year old mother, Romana, on a ‘Bucket List Journey’ after she recovered from kidney failure. Prior to her remarkable recovery she resigned herself to the fact she would never be able to travel ever again. The Scotsman (her husband) died while she was infirmed adding to her torment since they used to travel the world together. She wanted to see Texas one last time. So we packed our bags and headed to the Long Star State, Yee Haw.

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Hitchhiking on the Spirit-World Super Highway

evilcharThe spirit world is likened to a super highway with cars and trucks headed in every direction within the Great Mystery. Some drivers are good and some drivers are not so good. Those who’ve traversed the spirit-world already know there are many side roads and plenty of Bozo’s ready to miss-direct you on your journey. Should you take your Global Positioning System to the grave? more »

Eugenics, by Another Word

aaasraweGive Ebola a welcome round of applause boys and girls for she has made her dazzling debut in America. But Ebola has some very stiff competition to face both nationally and internationally. Monsanto is killing people every day in every continent on Planet Stupid with their toxic crops of death. Even corporations are killing thousands of people a year for their land and natural resources. more »

Outside Agitators Not Buddhists or Muslims Behind Mandalay Attacks

This is a "found" artwork. It's basically old toilet block covered in graffiti.According to sources within Mandalay the violence against Muslims and Buddhists are being committed by one source. Locals believe the agitators are government stooges trying to start another false flag disturbance like they did in Rakhine State with the Rohingya and Buddhist communities. One source said, “Where did these people come from since they are not from Mandalay?”

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Dialysis, Senior Citizens and ‘The Devil’s Lettuce’ (Marijuana)

Alice B Toklas

Alice B. Toklas

Kidney failure is becoming more common as we imbibe in the growing number of genetically modified foods, fluoridated water and toxic drugs the Food and Drug Administration is ‘fast tracking’ into our daily diets. We are simply getting contaminated causing otherwise healthy folks to loose the function of their kidneys and for a senior citizen who is already suffering sarcopenia this can be a death sentence because of the complexities associated with Renal Failure.

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Humanities Renaissance at the ‘Grave that Glows’ (Joe Arridy)

Native American Entertainer, John Romero performs grave side flute song

Native American Entertainer, John Romero performs grave side flute song

On a cloudy gray morning at a hilltop of an old prison cemetery in Canyon City, Colorado a group of people gathered to remember the life of a 23 year old mentally challenged man, Joe Arridy, who was wrongfully convicted and executed for the rape and murder of a teenage girl on January 6, 1939. Though this was a solemn occasion it was also a time to rejoice for these people successfully garnered a posthumous pardon for a human being with the mentality of a mere child on January 7, 2010.

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Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats, It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 3)

The real refugees of Burma, Kachin IDP's

The real victims of genocide and racial hatred in Burma.

There is no question under-qualified ad-hock interpreters have caused great harm to refugees either by accident or intentional with deviating results. Miscarriages of justice along with incorrect and deadly medical instructions caused by ineptitude and lack of knowledge are only the tip of the iceberg. Other cases reveal prejudice and tribal hatred as the root cause of miss-information and bold faced lies that are told to trusting refugees.  more »

Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats, It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 2)

NYFreiheitsstatue2Though the ruling Military Junta of Burma is guilty of egregious crimes against humanity, these incidents do not involved ALL the tribes and states in Burma, not by a long shot. And for the record not every single Burmese soldier is a drug crazed rapist and murderer. The secret alliance to Aung San’s Panglong Agreement still lives in the hearts of many soldiers and officers, but that’s another story.

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Burmese Refugees: Save Your Kyats, It Might Not Be Worth It (Part 1)

kachin-idpFor the most part, migrating to the US has been a welcome blessing for a multitude of Burmese refugees. Discovering the key to success they assimilated, found a career and pursued the American Dream while giving their children opportunities never afforded them in their homeland. Unfortunately not all refugees share the euphoric bliss of liberation migrating has brought. For them, America has been a living hell from the moment of their arrival. All they dream of; is returning to their beloved Burma. In disrepair; others chose suicide as the only other option. Some refugees simply disappeared even before arriving in USA.

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Taos New Mexico: Snow Skiing On The Cheap

ataos20For international snow-skiing aficionados Taos Ski Valley has always been regarded with provenance as a world class destination with fabulous snow, slopes and accommodations. On the flip side Taos Ski is also a most affordable recreational venue but a story about Taos Ski Valley would be complete without noting the culturally rich community of Taos. With this in mind, let me be your Sherpa and take you on a frugal skiing adventure in the Land of Enchantment at a cool place called Taos, New Mexico. more »

Growing Old 101: Where Does ‘Buzzard Skin’ Come From?

120px-SanwitDon’t you just hate growing old? Does not happen over night but there is that one moment in your life you discover; “I’m and old buzzard, Shiza!!”. Was it the mirrors reflection of an old geezer running around in a tattered ‘AIM’ tee shirt, rolling a doobie with ‘Going Up the Country’ (Canned Heat) playing in the back ground? Is my spotted pony, that 53′ ‘Jockey Shift’ Harley Davidson, in the driveway actually just a glorified mobility scooter? And whats the deal with all this ‘extra skin’ under my arms? Oh, Oh yeah……….buzzard skin. more »

As Prophecy Comes To Pass, Plastic People Party

frank zappa

Government is the Entertainment Division of the               Military-Industrial Complex”                                        –Frank Zappa

‘Ambivalence and Ignorance’ is bliss and nothing proves this more than watching people pray and cheer at the all mighty stock market. Ironically, as they watch with joy while markets climb to new heights they are still loosing their jobs and homes. If you did not notice, the ever achieving stock markets has only benefited an absolute minority of the population while tossing crumbs to the desperate masses by comparison. ‘The Nick of Time’ will never come to those who need it the most no matter how high the market travels. The bitter irony is that profiteering from foreclosures was partially responsible for the market uptick. In essence people are celebrating profits made from their own demise in many cases and not only in real estate. Life on Planet Pavlov…

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Trinidad Colorado Bedazzles Tinseltown Royalty, Tourists & Artisans

a1An international film festival, TrindieFest, located in the picturesque City of Trinidad, Colorado and brain child of Kirk & Julie Loudon, celebrated it’s second year. Contestants and celebs poured in from around the world to partake in this screenwriter/filmmakers right of passage. But somehow this tale morphed to include the zany antics of a community and their street party. Trinidad is somewhat reminiscent of Portland Oregon and Austin Texas and what do these cities have in common? They are weird but weird with distinction and pride. After watching the ArtCade Parade and experiencing the street party on Main St. it was resoundingly clear; Trinidad is weird, in an eclectically fun and entertaining way.

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Caring For The Elderly: An Inside Story, pt 2.


Norman with his wife Ramona in the background, their last photo together

I was well aware of my step-dad’s issues such as his diaper deal and pissing in bed but I was more concerned with his bi-polar disorder or what ever the politically correct term is these days. The last 2 years were writhe with incidents where the ole boy would call the ambulance ‘for a ride’ or complain because he thought his bowel movement was not sufficient. The list of antics was beyond limits and harmless for the most part but 911 authorities were less than amused.  If being a senior citizen with a loaded diaper in public were a crime, I guess he would have been a wanton criminal but to us he was just Stormy Normy or Bam-Pa to the grand kids. more »

Caring For The Elderly: An Inside Story, pt 1.

Prescription_drugsRecently my 86 year old mom fell ill from conflicting toxic medications she was prescribed by whistle dick doctors. This medical journey resembled a silent movie made by the Keystone Cops rather than experienced professionals, more a medical version of ‘Dumb and Dumber’. If it were not for the fact these medical imbeciles where tinkering with MY mother’s life this would have been a slapstick comedy of errors. In any event I am not laughing since my mom is still struggling for her life as of this writing. And have I got a story to tell you boys and girls. more »

GMO or No GMO Chased with a Cesium Spritzer – Life in the Contamination Nation

me-and-murray 1So now everyone has their diapers in a bunch over GMO glow in the dark foods and the funny lumps they leave. But what about the biggest problem I have with GMO creatures, its flavor? Surely Dr. Johnny Protractor could have tossed in a few zesty & flavorful genetic mutations into that giant, but bitter, peach they engineered. GMO fruits and veggies just taste lousy. Like my 86 year old mother says, “It almost tastes like real food”, but like they say, ‘almost only counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades’. Then there is our alternative, Organic/Natural, but at $3.10 an orange you better be prepared to eat the skins, seeds and the organic grocery bag it came in. more »

End of Times for Some, Renaissance for Others

molech_01Though we are living in the Contemporary Dark Ages it is heartening to note that the human spirit is persevering in spite of the ever darkening shadow of global greed and colonization. In fact the proverbial Dark Ages has become a rallying point where all cultures of the world can stand in solidarity in the face of global corporate tyranny. Inadvertently elitist stooges have drawn a line in the sand separating themselves from the rest of the global population for it is clearly us against them.

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Earth Changes & Other Stuff You Might Already Know That Sucks

Fannie-FEMA-zazContrary to popular belief, Prophecies and the ‘Time of change’ are moving along as cautioned by the ancients and mankind has predictably chosen to ignore all the warnings. Ironically, as globalists and their paranormal butt crack pals try to alter the course of destiny, they are actually speeding things along and following prophecy like a script, quite nicely I might add. We’ve already begun the final decent into darkness and the fun has only just begun so you had better have your spiritual flashlight handy boys & girls. more »

Idle No More – A Poem – Fostered Hope

idle no more






Fostered Hope

In times of old when we were free, and travelled with a subtle breeze.

This land of birth had no disease, and all we felt was life at ease.

Bison roamed a million fold, and in our way, that was our gold.

He served us well, both young and old, his all of wealth, from stories told.

Our wine of choice was of a spring, we shared our life with everything.

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Idle No More – A Poem – Simple Choice

idle no more






Simple Choice

The time of change is oh so grand

Fore it will spread throughout this land

From trees to seas, and all that stand

Even that of common man

Will hark and beat of not what’s wrong

But drum our Earth’s most happy song

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Idle No More Protest & Burma’s Kachin War, The Dark Parallel

kachin-2The ‘Idle No More’ phenomena has reached epic proportions in recent weeks as indigenous people from throughout the America’s have risen to support Chief Spence and her hunger strike against Canadian tyranny. Prime Minister Steve Harper inadvertently opened up a can of worms as he deliberately showed callous disregard for the People of the First Nation and it’s all about natural resources, tribal land and the corporate bottom line. The very same thing is happening to the Kachin (Jinghpaw) People of Kachin State Burma and if you connect the dots they are directly related to one another. more »

Burma Celebrates New Years by Launching Air Strikes on Kachin Civilians in Laiza

jinghpaw1In Time Square, they dropped the ball for New Years. In Burma, they dropped bombs for New Years. Call it Than Shwe’s gift to the ethnic Kachin People (Jinghpaw) on this New Years Day as he stepped up military operations with renewed air strikes by attack helicopters and jet fighters. Civilians in the Laiza area were forced to dig bomb shelters as *Burmese Government forces destroyed infrastructure, civilian & military targets in clear violation of International Law as well as mandates issued by the UN. Guess those international laws only apply when convenient and profitable. And where is the western media, asleep at the wheel again but its not the first time they deliberately ignored the Kachin People. more »

Warning to Global Oligarchists and Their False G*D

Devil2When the wave of conscience flows throughout the universe the people will know the truth of what you are, what you’ve done and the crimes you’ve committed against humanity to achieve your goals. They will also know with whom you have been privy to over the centuries. You will be exposed for the vermin you truly are and the depths you’ve gone to secure your empire throughout history for this is your destiny. more »

More Crimes Against Humanity in Burma – Where is the UN or the Western Media??

Where is the United Nations and the Western Media as the Burmese junta wages war against innocent civilians to steal their land for foreign corporate interests? Probably looking the other way like they have done with the continued genocide in Kachin State where over 100,000 IDPs are dying from exposure while torture rape and murder continue. And yes, Kachin State is chock full of gold, uranium, rare earth minerals, oil & gas and other natural resources. Or is that just another coincidence?

Funny how the west ignores issues that involve mining and natural resources verses the people. Is it really all about the money at the expense of humanity? It would appear globalist mining corporations are a cancer and are infecting the globe on a grand scale for Burma is only the tip of the ice berg. Loathsome and corrupt corporations who allow people to be displaced and murdered for the corporate bottom line are on every continent on the planet.

China is only the the fall guy since there are US and Canadian mining & oil firms who are equally guilty and have their fetid hands tainted with Burmese blood as well. Their profits are blood money and will soon curse their investors and the nations they betray. Funny part is the fact its only a hand full of people in all reality.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Global Elitists Kissing Ass with Alien Entities

In the grand scheme if things elitists believe they are privy to the secrets of the universe and know the true G*D. I call him ‘Mork’ but elitists know who I am talking about. That is why they are atheists, live above morality and have little concern for so-called commoners. Does not matter which exclusive elitists secret society they belong to, it all boils down to the fact they truly believe this entity is G*D and they believed this for many centuries. The reality is, their entity is a bogus butt crack and that is the bottom line. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve already walked with this goon of a G*D so I know the score.

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Dec. 21st: End of Times on Planet Stupid

As people scurry around trying to prepare for the end of the world and even killing themselves one must query, “Are people really that lame?” Apparently they are and frankly I don’t have one ounce of empathy for them. If folks are so hell bent on the notion the end is near then maybe it is, for them. If these dolts actually followed the axioms of their respective dogmas they would not be in such a panic. There is nothing wrong with preparedness but there is something inherently stupid about suicide. more »

Kathina Festival, Sadimon Jeyawdi Buddhist Temple, Amarillo Texas 11-25-12

The Buddhist Burmese Community of Amarillo Texas is a cultural bastion that adheres to ancient customs and traditions brought from Burma by political exiles and refugees who fled tyranny, torture and death by the hand of the Military Dictatorship. The community thrives within their culture and religion in spite of the fact their beloved homeland is thousands of miles away. And this story is about a thriving community that conquered the issues of assimilation and has excelled in ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’. more »

Sitt Nyein Aye Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Amarillo Texas with Sitt Nyein Aye was as rewarding as it was tumultuous. He was up to his high jinks since his return from the ISCP New York Art festival. After painting a beautiful Buddhist mural inside the home of U Kyaing & wife Daw Khin earlier this month he decided to transform the front of their home into yet another Sitt Nyein Aye creation. As usual, he was ultra energized as he described his latest project. Not meaning to be a stick in the mud my only concerns focused on building codes, but what do I know, I’m just a crusty journalist and turkey chef. more »

Western Media Blows It Again, Ignores Kachin Genocide & Other Global Issues

After a riveting speech from United States President Barack Obama where he addressed the continued violence in Kachin State and the need for humanitarian aid the western media remains silent. Shamefully most of the media only reported the crisis in Rakhine State and completely ignore the epic humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold in Kachin State. It would appear President Obama’s recognition of the continued violence in Kachin State was not newsworthy enough for the schmendriks of the mainstream media who claim to be journalists. more »

President Barack Obama Shows His Mettle & Stands Tall for American Values in Burma

In a dynamic speech President Barack Hussein Obama broke the media’s code of silence, acknowledged Burma’s Secret War in Kachin State and urged Burma to stop the violence, allow freedom of religion and begin humanitarian aid. He also addressed the need for all ethnic groups to live in harmony that was reflective of the Panglong agreement. Truly this was a monumental speech and I am happy to say that I was truly smitten. more »

Will Obama Ignore The Slaughter of Jinghpaw People In Resource Rich Kachin State??

The people the western media ignores, victums of Burma’s Secret War in Kachin State

Men, women and children have continued to be slaughtered by the Burmese government over the past 1 ½ years with barely a peep from the western media. Thousands of people have been displaced and killed in relative secrecy as government troops murdered, raped and pillaged this region of Burma with no end in sight. The primary reason is the fact Kachin State is a resource rich cornucopia of oil, gas, gold, uranium, gem stones of every kind and the exalted rare earth minerals. Is this trip all about the money Mr. President? Or are you going to make REAL history and make a concerted effort to stop the blood shed in ALL ethnic regions, including Kachin State? more »

Burma: Will US President Barack Obama be a Liberator or Colonizer?

With news President Barack Obama is headed to Burma the Burmese ask, “Will Barack Obama be a liberator or continue to ignore the genocide being committed in Kachin State?” The crisis in Rakhine State has gotten all the media attention with a tumultuous global response while Burma’s secret war in Kachin State has received little attention at all. Thein Sein’s government continues to grab land from citizens and farmers to accommodate western development interests. Will Obama address this atrocity as well? Don’t forget the over 600 political prisoners Than Shwe continues to torture in secret in an effort to break their spirits and their will. more »

Burma’s Heroes in Amarillo Texas, With Loving Kindness..

Sitt Nyein Aye, Ko Ju Ju, Daw Khin, U Kyaing

Sitt gave me a private showing of his fantastic art work and as usual, I was captivated by his artistic prowess and his rich blend of ancient Indian and contemporary styles he is noted for. After all, he was a pioneer and a trail blazer in the art scene of South Asia and his works grace private collections and galleries around the world. He is also a champion of Burma’s struggle for democracy in his own right and has donated literally millions of dollars in art to Burmese pro democracy organizations around the world. If you know Sitt then you already know that a visit with this iconic figure is always an adventure, on many levels I might add. more »

Hurry Up Ma Earth, Flush This Toilet!

With governments around the world owned by elitist corporations it is plain to see mankind is completely out of control and headed towards the path of self destruction. What really tops it all off is that these elitist pinheads pray to some dork who claims to be the real G*D. Secret societies & lodges call him ‘Mork’ (not the real name). Others call him the ‘Anti-Christ’ but I call him the dim bulb of deception for I know this lucifreak and his beelzebutthead chums because I was once in his clutches. Been there, done that. I know his tactics & history and so do a multitude of traditional and indigenous people from around the world and the universe. This includes the ‘The Top 6 Religions of the World, well before Mork and his bedazzled earthly scribes altered sacred texts and dogmatic histories for fun and profit. more »

Sexually Deviant Burmese Officers Humiliate Ethnic Kachin Civilians

Burma’s President Their Sein and Parliamentarian Daw Aung San Suu Kyi traveled across America receiving accolades, awards and standing ovations for the strides Burma appears to have taken to foster democracy. Out of sight and out of the mainstream media’s eye Burmese troop have continued their onslaught against ethnic Kachin’s, raping and murdering as they advance towards Kachinland’s jade fields. With the war quietly out of sight the Burmese Army has also resorted to sexual depravity as a source of entertainment as well as population control. Who’s going to stop them and who is going to care? more »

Suu Kyi’s Ambivalence Rebuked: OPEN LETTER TO DAW AUNG SAN SUU KYI

I’m forwarding another letter from the Kachin People to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Unfortunately it appears she has betrayed many of her staunchest supporters including the over 600 political prisoners who sacrificed their freedom for her. The Kachin people were excited about her arrival in the US so she could shed light in the genocide being committed in Kachin State by government troops in ‘Burma’s Secret War’. 10’s of thousands of Internally Displaced People also looked with hope to Suu Kyi, now they are screwed, and screwed big time. What happened Aunty Suu? What would your father say? more »

Kachin IDP’s of Burma: Waiting to Die

Kachin IDP’s Waiting For Help That Will Never Arrive

With all the sugar coated news out of Burma you’d think all is well within this budding democracy but in all actuality nothing could be further from the truth. Pretty speeches, gala events and golden placards can not erase the fact Burma is in the midst of an epic human tragedy. Forgotten by the western media and politicians alike the people of Kachin State are left to fend for themselves as winter approaches. more »

An Appeal to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi from the Kachin Alliance, For the Sake of Humanity

I am forwarding an open letter from the Kachin Alliance to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in an effort to stop the wholesale killing in Kachin State, Burma’s Secret War. This is the English version so the world can learn the reality of the horrific human rights violations being perpetrated against innocent people as the world lifts sanctions.


Sept 16, 2012

Dear Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,

The Kachin Alliance, representatives of the Kachin community in the US, wishes to extend a warm welcome to you on your momentous visit to this country, and offer heartfelt congratulations on the great honor of receiving the Congressional Gold Medal. more »

Burma: Western Shame, Than Shwe Glee as War Wages in Kachinland

There is no question Than Shwe continues to rule Burma with an iron fist. Only difference is he is hidden in Nay Pi Daw, out of sight, out of mind. Though President Their Sein ordered a stop to hostilities in Kachin State his request was ignored. The Tatmadaw does not take orders from civilians regardless if they were retired generals such as the case of President Their Sein. Burma’s duel government is a sham but a blessing to corporations who’ve skirted sanctions for decades. more »

Ramblings of an Aboriginal Doomsday Prepper

Window at El Rito Historical Site

What do natives say about the time of change at a social? Umm, well actually we don’t say much since we already know the story and how it will end. We do share encounters & visions and laugh at the stupidity of intelligent people who completely ignore all the ‘in your face’ signs though. But we are saddened by fellow natives who threw away their traditions to walk the dark road with other mislead people for ego and material wealth. What are they thinking? You must admit it is quite laughable for Christians, Jews and other dogmatic people to completely ignore prophecies from their very own sacred books, scrolls and etchings forged in stone. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion; you know it’s going to crash but are powerless to stop it. more »

Who Was The Last Real American President?

Politicians have become nothing more than front men for elitists, corporations and a hand full of investors. The fiduciary responsibilities of a nation were either ignored or auctioned off to the private sector such as the penal system, healthcare and the financial system. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about the corrupt military industrial complex. John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he dared to stand for America. Then Lyndon Johnson took over and it went down hill from there, we are screwed. more »

Refugee NGOs in the US Need Oversight, Part 2

Non Governmental Organizations provide a critical lifeline for refugees being resettled in America. They provide a myriad of services including interpretation assistance until the refugee can grasp the English language. From filling simple forms to getting advisement on legal & medical issues, the interpreter is crucial in the refugee’s assimilation process. Unfortunately this aspect of the refugee experience also provides unscrupulous NGOs, interpreters and opportunistic refugees a golden opportunity to fleece the American system and we the taxpayer are footing the bill. more »

Zorro’s Buffet in Fort Worth Texas, Aye Carumba!

Knowing how I enjoy ‘sampling’ cuisine throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth area friends of mine invited me to a place called Zorro’s Buffet located at 4421 South Freeway, Fort Worth Texas. Since I’ve become a mere shadow of my former self the call for victuals was a welcomed proposition. Have fork, (or chop stick) will travel and I was ready for a foodie adventure and a culinary adventure I received.

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Refugee NGOs in the US Need Oversight, Part 1

I visit Burmese refugee communities regularly and I’ve come to the conclusion refugee aid organizations are in dire need of an oversight committee or a healthy ass kicking. With American tax dollars filling the coffers of these groups it is clear some NGOs either need to shape up or simply be disbanded and in some cases, face criminal charges. From paying exorbitant rents for trashy dumps to the mishandling of legal & medical issues by incompetent or tribally prejudiced interpreters, some refugees are being thrown under the bus for fun and profit.

more »

Celebrating Eid With Burmese Refugees- عيد الفطر

Sunday marked the end of Ramadan for Muslims around the world and fortunately for me I was invited to celebrate with some Burmese Karen Muslims. It was a rich Islamic cultural experience but it was also an eye opening educational journey through the eyes of Muslims living in the USA. Though I was headed to a refugee enclave I was afforded an opportunity to interview a celebrant from Pakistan. And no, he was not a terrorist, Al Qaeda or any other Al, just G*D loving person.

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Burma: Where Western Aid for Kachin IDP’s is NOT Going, A Pictorial Journey

America Christian Organizations are sending millions of dollars in aid to the beleaguered Kachin Internally Displaced People. You’d think all is looking up but unfortunately this is not the case according to my Jinghpaw brother La Seng Labya who just returned from Kachinland. Apparently these well meaning organizations are sending aid that is simply not getting to the people in dire need. Rather than speculate where the money is actually going I’ve compiled a few pictures to show you where the aid is NOT going.

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Killing In The Name Of G*D, And Other Stupid Earth Guy Tricks

Someone pleased show me in Buddhism, Christianity, Islam or any other dogma, well other than Kali, where its OK to kill for the sake of religion. I doubt you will find such a stupid idea since it does not exist from what I’ve read. That’s a man based ideology to kill in the name of G*D or faith, plain and simple. But here on Planet Stupid this axiom has prevailed throughout history with devastating results. Good thing this axiom of moronic principle will soon be over.

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Burma: Remembering the Heroes of 8-8-88

Numinous Encounters 101

It does not matter from which culture, dogma or ideological principle one resides in the grand scheme of things. The world of the paranormal is a universal place filled with many different kinds of beings. From your garden variety spirits to star people, these entities are very real and the numbers of people encountering them are on the rise exponentially and getting harder to ignore. Though many folks would rather pretend life is only ‘here and now’ the reality is life exists on many plains of existence. And it’s only a matter of time before you come into contact with on the inhabitance or maybe you already have.

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The UN’s ‘Lifting Sanctions Scam’ in Burma

Don’t get too excited about the lifting of sanctions in Burma. Western and Asian corporations have been in Burma for decades with the blessings of the United Nations and Countries of the free world. As criminal puke Ban k-moon plays up the lifting of sanctions he failed to mention all the existing corporations who continued to violate sanctions for decades. Now this bogus Than Shwe and the IMF developed is inviting investors to Burma. The reality is, they are sugarcoating corporations who are already there. Some have been there for decades. I am providing you a very short list of these criminal corporations. Thein Sein is only a front man for Than Shwe, so get over it stupid!

more »

Visions & Encounters of the Third Kind and the Turd Kind

From what I’ve discovered over the years spirits of many designs actually need the living to pull off their capers. Star guys are only spirits with spiffy stuff to zip around the universe with and a bazillion toys that can do just about anything I suppose. Other spirits float through walls and perform parlor tricks to intimidate and ultimately control people. But if these dudes were so bad then why do they need earth guys in the first place? Clearly, beings that claim to be ‘all that’ surely are not G*D’s. They express ego and talk smack about how cool they are but on the contrary they are codependent and need us more then they let on. Screw’em!

more »

Having Visions & Surviving Them

By now many people who’ve been plagued with ‘fitful dreams or visions’ are well aware these premonitions are coming to pass. In speaking with readers from a multitude of countries it is clear no single culture can claim exclusivity with regard to spirituality & visions. For people who’ve come to terms with life’s paranormal realities, it is not a matter of ‘If’ visions are real but how to survive them as prophetic events strike at the core of their lives and sensibilities, myself included.

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Burma: Angels Assist Kachin Soldiers in Battlefield Miracles

In the heat of battle, Kachin troops found themselves under attack from several flanks. When all seemed lost a Kachin officer appeared out of nowhere, standing in plain view of both Burmese and Kachin troops. Instantly he began directing gunfire and the Kachin dutifully followed orders redirected their fire sucessfuly forcing the aggressors to retreat. The officer began pointing out other hot-spots; again the Kachin routed more entrenched invaders. When the battle was over the Kachin officer simply vanished into thin air.


Michael the Archangel

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Walking and Diabetes

I am a believer in early morning power walks and I’m living proof a person can beat diabetes, lower blood pressure and actually have something nice to say when confronted by humans. I used to run but now I try to knock off 4 miles in 50 minutes or so. I know there are people who can run circles around me and I don’t care. Sometimes I’ll mix a few half mile jaunts into my routine but walking is mostly what me and my PF Flyers like to do.

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America Fails ‘Asia 101’, Ignores Kachin War in Burma

I know what it must have felt like to watch helplessly as the Indian Wars unfolded in America. Corporate interests and their presses published lies and excuses to justify the wholesale slaughter of the natives in the name of Manifest Destiny. Now in complete helplessness I am watching the systematic annihilation of another tribe of people, ‘The Kachin’. The Burmese government is killing them simply for the natural resources Kachinland possesses. The media remains mum to atrocities while promoting the lifting of sanctions. How far beyond stupid is that?

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Kachin Pastor Makes Plea for His People, Victims of Burma’s Secret War

I am forwarding a letter my Kachin Brother La Seng sent me. If you don’t have any idea what Kachinland is I would advice you to read this message. La Seng is an elder in the Kachin community and works within his homeland for a host of philanthropic reasons. He is an eye witness to the atrocities being committed. In fact there are many people I know who are witnesses to the continued savagery being committed by the Burmese government against the Kachin people.

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Why is America Forsaking D-Day?

Is it because the founding father of the Bilderberg Group was a retired Nazi, most notably Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who was an SS Officer and Dutch Knights Templar? Or is it because American elitist families were Nazi sympathizer progressives in competition with Adolf Hitler to evolve the American Race as opposed to Germany’s Master Race? Only after the attack on Pearl Harbor did they cool their fascist and eugenic ambitions publically.

Today is June 6th and no one seems to care.

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D-Day: “A nation that forgets its heroes will itself be forgotten”

A special thanks to all the soldiers who fought and lost their lives on D-Day June 6, 1944 fighting for freedom against fascist tyranny.

I honor your sacrifice.

In Loving Memory of an uncle I would never meet…..


Your Devil’s Advocate




An Epitaph to a Once Proud Nation?

‘We The People’ have been replaced with ‘We the corporate shills of the Bilderberg Cartel’. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned America about the impending threat of the military/industrial complex but nobody listened. Now both the Democratic and Republican Parties no longer represent the voice of Americans but the vested interests of a hand full of global oligarchists. Democracy has officially died and nobody cares.

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From Myanmar: With Loving Kindness, ‘The Shwezigon Pagoda’

Deep in the heart of Texas, where Bob Wills is still the king, nestled in the lush rolling green hills on the outskirts of Austin Texas at the Sitagu Buddhist Vihara, a pagoda is coming to life. On loan from Myanmar and the US, trained in the ancient art of Pagoda building, a hand full of craftsmen is building a replica of the original Shwezigon Pagoda in Bagan. And it’s a labor of love.

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Thingyan, Texas Style

This last month took me to several Buddhist monasteries. One in particular was the *Lien Hoa Buddhist Temple and Monastery in Irving Texas who hosted ‘Thingyan’ for the Burmese community. The event was lead by the Venerable Silar Nanda who presided over the activities, known as the water festival or New Years Celebration. And it was quite an event indeed.

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Things to Do While Waiting for the ‘End of the World’

Sometimes it gets to be a real drag donning a bio suite at the sight of every chem-trail. There has to be more to life other than waiting perilously for humanity to be destroyed. Yeah we are about to head into the next Ice Age and technology is about to take a dump. Politics, forget about it, we are all screwed. But there is no reason to freak out now, so we might as well make the most of it.

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Burma’s Sitt Nyein Aye at Sitagu Buddhist Vihara, Artist Extraordinaire

While visiting Sitagu Buddhist Vihara I had the opportunity to meet renowned Burmese artist Sitt Nyein Aye. He, in spite of insurmountable odds introduced modern art to Burma to the chagrin of the socialist regime. His ardor is expressed in every brush stroke on all of his works. The blinding incandescence within Sitt’s soul is also reflective of his duality for he loves Burma and her people in parity and intensity with his art. So I find myself in a quandary; is Sitt a revolutionary artist or is he an artist who is a revolutionary?

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To Angie, Abe & Sarah

Earth Change Round-up

From all corners of the planet change is upon us. Prophecies are coming to pass on such a grand scale it is no longer a question of IF change will come but where these changes will fester next. From the physical plane to the spiritual one, all of humanity is under siege and like a prophetic ancient writing cautioned; “Those days will come like a thief in the night”. Hmm, do you hear someone rummaging through your underwear drawer?

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On Some Misunderstood Foods

I like the Durian,’The King of Fruit’ (Durio zibethinus), a South Asian fruit that resembles a dinosaur scrotum and possesses a pungently feculent aromaticity western nostrils find morbidly undesirable. Hmm, or was that Triassic ployaromatic genitalia? Granted, I was not a great fan of this revered Asian delicacy and never thought I would be, my how times change. Fortunately this is no longer the case and the mere mention of this fruit stirs my olfactory and taste buds in anticipation of this delicious treat with a pudding like velvety smooth texture.

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Senator Jim Webb in Retrospect

After living and working within the Burmese community, visiting temples and celebrating Thingyan I found myself in an interesting position. The issue of Senator Jim Webb’s visit to Burma came into focus and though I disagreed with the lifting of sanctions I also found myself defending the senator from angry some expatriates from Burma. What will this do to my image? They were more saddened and felt betrayed after learning about his latest trip and listening to his speech about rewarding the regime and frankly my boxers were in a knot as well.

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Pho 95 Vietnamese Cuisine, Par Excellence in the DFW Area

Pho 95 HomepageIt is always a pleasure to report a quality eatery and in keeping with tradition I am happy to give you the run down on a restaurant named Pho 95 in the Haltom City area of Fort Worth Texas. Lovingly called Pho which is a pauper’s or comfort food back in Vietnam and 95 for the year the doors first opened. Though humbly titled nothing could be further from the truth because their meals are fit for a king and it is well worth your patronage..

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A Personal Accounting of the Dallas/Fort Worth Tornado of April 3rd 2012

Residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has many rewards. From culinary to cultural this region of Texas is chock full of fun and exciting places to see, a night life to die for and a rich blend of arts and entertainment. But nothing could have prepared me for the extravaganza that transpired on Tuesday afternoon, April 3rd 2012. Like they say; “Everything is big inTexas, including tornados”

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BUFFETS: Behind Asian Smiles, A River of Tears Part 3

With Chinese corporations permeating the Asian restaurant scene within the United States I’ve been doing an on going investigation. Previous stories exposed some very disturbing facts about some mainland Chinese food corporations who use Taiwan as a store front. FOXCONN is a classic example of a Chinese shill corporation that abuses employees for fun and profit. From Human Trafficking to the sale of rancid food, I’ve uncovered some distasteful facts from many employees who work or worked in Chinese owned  kitchens. Now I have another update that will peel the varnish off your chopsticks.

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Pink Slime Scare and Other Stupid Pet Tricks

The pink slime scare is probably the most ridiculous news story to come across the wire thus far. The real story should be about how the general population can be lead around by the nose to believe anything without facts. Apparently few people have butchered and prepared meat and have no clue what pink slime really is. How far beyond stupid is that?

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Miwok Wikileaks Reveal Corruption All The Way To Congress

Clearly the Everone/Ludwig Files that were released to public access during the attempted take over of the California Valley Miwok Tribe have opened up a Pandora’s Box. Writhe with names, dates and personal transmissions from some of the most affluent politicians in the United States of America spells absolute corruption. The Everone/Ludwig Files clearly identify conspiracy and corruption from billionaire politicians and developers alike whom chose to break both state and federal laws while under the guise legality.

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CA. Miwok Tribe Wins Tribal Sovereignty Case, Exposing Absolute Corruption

The California Valley Miwok Tribe made history and legal precedent preserving the rights of every federally recognized tribe in the United States of America. They faced insurmountable odds against powerfully connected well funded developer’s and corrupt state and federal officials. They wanted to highjack the Miwok tribe for the sole purpose of building a gambling casino. The plot thickens because elected officials were also involved in this travesty.

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Preparedness, a Word to the Wise

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is in full swing developing and exercising live disaster drills across the country in an effort to prepare people for possible catastrophic events. Whether or not you believe we are living in a time of change, end of the world or simply ma earth having a bad hair day something is up and it’s time to be more responsible for the loved ones in your charge. You got to have a game plan for survival or they will die as well as you.

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Than Shwe Will Resort to Old Tricks

As the call for democracy continues to gain momentum throughout Burma, it is clear Than Shwe’s scheme to legitimize Burma is back firing for he is loosing control. The people of Burma are becoming empowered like never before and Than Shwe’s efforts to break Burma’s spirit failed. The spirit of democracy did not disappear like he thought; it was buried beyond his reach in the hearts of the people. Soon he and his thugs will resume the campaign of divide and conquer.

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Time of Change, Technology and Other Stuff

Contrary to popular belief Technology as we know it will eventually be sporadic if not totally out of service as we enter the new cycle. Empires built on foundations of sand will topple as mankind scrambles to rediscover older technologies just to sustain the basics of infrastructure. In the meantime pandemonium will replace civil society as fortunes are lost and there is nothing in the universe that will alter this destiny. I don’t think it will be forever but it will be long enough to completely alter mankind’s fetid journey. In essence we will reap what we have sown and it’s not going to be pretty.

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Earth Change-O-Rama

Needless to say prophecy is moving right along as scheduled while man marches forward in quest of material wealth and world domination, at the expense of others. Does not matter which dogma one pursues, the signs are everywhere. Also dictated within ancient sacred texts is the fact many people will choose to ignore the obvious and follow the Pied Pipers of Deception to their inevitable doom. My question to them is; “Did you bump your head?”

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Are Extraterrestrials Edible?

So it’s February 6th 2013 and I just dug my way out of a makeshift dwelling I built after my home and community was destroyed in December. Water is not an issue because it snowed, big time. Good thing my pair of Louis Vittons survived the cataclysms because everywhere the eye can see is in white-out conditions. To top it all off, I’m on my last Tanka Bar, haven’t seen a Snickers in weeks and I’m out of Pepsi so it’s time to forage for victuals. Besides, I had to go outside to pee.

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Burmese Refugees Coping with Language and Abuse in the USA

Working within the Burmese communities in the Great State of Texas I’ve become keenly aware of the need for educated and certified translators/interpreters. Currently some communities use ad hoc interpreters that usually consist of fellow countrymen who’ve migrated earlier and have a basic knowledge of the English language. These interpreters give their fellow countrymen a sense of security and safety as they try to navigate in this new and complex country. Unfortunately, I’ve also uncovered some horror stories from refugees who normally keep quiet out fear of reporting anyone in a position of authority.

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Burma: Alleged Suu Kyi Assassin Brokering Peace with Kachin State

As the west pines away at all the progress Burma has achieved in forging a path to democracy the Kachin people and their continued conflict goes under reported or ignored completely. The war is very real and innocent civilians are being murdered by Burmese junta thugs yet the west pretends the war does not exist. Presently in Ruili, China peace negotiations have begun between Burma and the Kachin Independence Organization for a war the west shamefully ignores.

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Hey Suu Kyi, Senator Webb, Don’t Forget the War in Kachin State!

As we listen to feel good speeches and news about dignitaries from every planet in the universe clamoring to eat ngapi with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, civil war continues to rage in Kachin State. People are dying and cities are being shelled by Burmese heavy artillery. Citizens of all ages are being shot at random and refugee centers are filling to capacity but oddly the humanitarian crisis is being ignored, completely. Then Senator Jim Webb praises the *“Historical Steps” the junta has taken. Surely he meant hysterical.

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Crucify Soldiers for Peeing While Bankers Walk For Destroying Economies

If I stand alone on this issue, so be it. But I find it reprehensible that real criminals of the world are allowed to walk scot free with absolutely no accountability for destroying millions of lives. The numbers of the dead from suicide, starvation and murder from the epic losses sustained from Banker criminality places them in the ranks of mass murderers, military dictators and street thugs. That’s OK; we can ignore that since we are invested in the corporations they steal for. Its better we screw Americans, especially the pawns of corporate greed, our soldiers.

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Marine’s Urinating on the Dead Are Victims Too

I must admit I was shocked but not surprised to see Marines pissing on dead enemy conscripts. Especially since I just did a story on how stupid it was to hate all Muslims. But when you realize they face death every day with their buddies being blown to smithereens from land mines and suicide bombers it is clear they are already suffering from emotional fatigue. They don’t need an Article 15 or summary court-martial, they need some therapy to help them deal with the stresses the mainstream media will undoubtedly ignore while painting our heroes in a negative light.

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“Let’s Hate Muslims” and Other Stupid Ideas

As a parent of a commando with other relatives in the military I find it absolutely appalling and down right stupid for religious leaders and Politicians to promote the hatred of Muslims. What the hell are these mindless boneheads thinking in the first place? Do these dolts realize our allies are Muslims and our kid’s lives depend on this alliance to stay alive??? Dare I mention all the Christians in Muslim Countries that are feeling the wrath of mindless loud mouth Muslim haters in America? How far beyond stupid is that?

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Dec. 21, 2012 Can’t Get Here Soon Enough

Meanwhile back on planet stupid we find elitists struggling to gather as much cash, gold and oil they can get their hands on, at the expense of others of course. Slavery is at an all time high as stock markets ratchet out more corporate profits from cheap and indentured labor from China and other corrupt nations. Corporate Fascists pillage nation after nation with the blessings of investors and corrupt politicians. Humanity and compassion are in the scrap bin and the last vestiges of civil society died along with democracy and nobody cares.

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Media Sugar Coats Burma’s Bogus Government As Genocide Continues

General Than Shwe should get an Oscar for the “Best Fiction Screenplay” in his latest international hit sensation; “Burma Has a New Government”. Supporting actors in this theatrical performance would be the International Monetary Fund, United Nations, World Trade Organization and a case of hundreds of international corporations who needed legitimacy for violating sanctions over the years in Burma. Of course Thein Sein should get an Oscar for his lead role in the sham elections of 2010; “I R President”. It is all a lie and a sham to allow international vultures to swoop into Burma and rob the rest of her natural resources while padding the pockets of the Burmese junta and their corporate thug accomplices. You remember; the guys who’ve received billions in cash under the table from Shwe’s fetid regime to avoid taxes within their respective countries with the help of SWIFT Financial Group of Belgium. Or did you forget that part?

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Global Oligarchy is Here To Stay,….for a while

“Oligarchy: is a form of power structure in which power effectively rests with an elite class distinguished by royalty, wealth, family ties, commercial, and/or military legitimacy”

Hmm, sounds all to familiar but the reality is, Oligarchy is the wave of the future though it’s marketed as “Globalization or the New World Order” There is no need to point fingers since both sides of the political isle in the US and the so called free world are saturated with investor/politicians who’ve floated corporate interests before the needs of the people they are supposed to serve. Insider trading and stock manipulation are their tools of the trade. But that’s OK since it’s all about the money these days.

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Funny How Russia, China and The Media Hates Rick Perry.

Don’t know if you noticed but everyone who is not on America’s side hates Rick Perry. The Russians and the Chinese have stepped up their anti Perry rhetoric in tandem with the US media. Both the left and right within America’s political chicanery have launched a major anti Perry campaign of silence and ridicule like they did with Ron Paul. After all, Perry did threaten to pull Texas out of the US in the face of Obama-nonsense. Also, Ricks stewardship helped Texas weather this ongoing economic disaster far better than many other states in the union. What have we learned from the last election? Talk is cheap and charisma does not replace experience and a resume’ of successes. Newt and Mitt are both losers with loser track records and would only assure an Obama or even a Joe the Plumber win for that matter….lol

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Coping with Paranormality

Hopefully you’ve managed to hook back up with your respective dogma or ideological principal and are squared away for the approaching new cycle. If you paid attention to your sacred text you’d be well aware of the supernatural aspect of our persona and the world around us. Like it or not boys and girls, we are spirits to. Granted we are at the bottom of the proverbial food chain as far as intelligent life forms are concerned. Sadly we are more like a box full of newborn kittens in the grand scheme of things.

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Raising Cain: Portrait of a Presidential Hopeful

Cookbook for the ‘End of Times’

Let’s pretend you survived the End of the World. For some reason you was spared a trip to the hereafter in the latest disaster. You did your homework and built some kind of shelter with all the cool scrap materials lying around, of course the outhouse would be the first structure built. After all, a guy/gal needs a place to think and what better place than the crapper to plot a course for your future existence. Granted the conveniences we once took for granted would be gone with little hope of returning in the immediate future. You have a makeshift pad or abode, water sources and a fine outhouse so what could possibly be missing, other than the Internet? Food….

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A Fond Farewell to Andy Rooney

The journalistic world just lost an icon with the passing of Andy Aitken Rooney on November 4th 2011 at the age of 92. There will be many news stories about Andy revealing the mark he made on journalism over the years. There is no question he was Mr. 60 Minutes and no episode was ever complete without his witticisms filled with sardonic flare. Yet he delivered a poignant message filled with insights that exposed a true journalist who possessed a love of his country. Andy was a true American, an almost extinct species in this day and age, and he will be sorely lost.

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Another Corporate Election, Another Pack of Lies, Err Rhetoric

It was nice of the mainstream media to select the next batch of corporate funded candidates. Even the polls have made it a point to steer the public towards one of the hand selected candidates on both sides of the political isle. After all, their parent companies have everything to gain by this selection of corporate lackeys. Corruption at its best and the general public continues to march to the drum of the Pied Pipers of deception. Talk is cheap and that was the lesson we should have learned from the last election snow job we got. How far beyond stupid is that?

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The Earth Counts Coup While the Greedy Counts Their Gold

It was said that a drowning man would reach for the hand of the Devil himself in desperation. It was also said a rich man would die in his sleep from starvation while using a sack of pinto beans as a pillow. These phrases are metaphorical and ‘signs’ verifying the time of change. Living with many visions it is clear as the schnozzola on my face we have entered a more virulent phase of earth changes. Prophecies from a myriad of dogmas and ideological principles are coming to pass and getting harder to pass off as coincidences but all we care about is the stock market and the corporate bottom line. How far beyond stupid is that?

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Is China Preparing to Assist Burma in the Slaughter of the Kachin People?

As the mainstream media, nations and industry pretend there is actual change in Burma, the Kachin people are being attacked and killed. To compound the issue China has amassed over *2,000 combat troops along the Burma/China border adjacent to Kachin war zones under attack by Burmese troops. 20,000 Kachin people have already been displace during the latest assault by Burma’s army causing a humanitarian disaster of epic proportions.

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Incalculable Loss, Elouise Pepion Cobell Continues Her Journey at 65

There is a great void in the hearts within the Native America communities across America because Elouise Cobell has taken her journey Sunday evening Oct 16th 2011. She lost her battle with cancer and she will be sorely missed for her shoes will be all but impossible to fill. Truly a warrior woman who stood her ground against the US Government for all of us within the Native America world. I am still with few words from this heartbreaking turn of events.

In the landmark case, *Cobell v Salazar, she won back $3.4 Billion, a portion of the money that was squandered by the US Government officials and greedy corporations who stripped native land of natural resources for over a 100 years. Like David and Goliath she faced off the federal machine with fervor and determination in what was considered a lost cause, the Indian Trust Fund. It was estimated the US government and corrupt corporations owned this fund hundreds of billions of dollars with no desire to pay back a penny even though they made trillions and trillions of dollars over the years. What was taken from the Native American communities was the wealth that built empires and corporations today.

There was no excuse for Native communities to live in abject poverty over the years other than pure greed and total disregard of human life. It was just another broken treaty, just another pack of lies with years of human suffering and abject poverty for the indigenous people across America. Though the award actually did not even cover the interest on what was actually owed the tribes of America it was better than nothing and we (Native American’s) owe a debt of gratitude to this Blackfeet woman for her efforts to regain some dignity in light of this colossal miscarriage of justice that was perpetrated over the years by the US Government.

Some folks call it Indian welfare when nothing could be further from the truth since this was a deal struck long ago by the government on behalf of corporate thugs. Ironically they are the ancestors of the thugs who are profiteering on misery today. The Indian Trust Fund was a legitimate contract or treaty where corporate interests would award tribes monies for the use of our tribal land and for the gleaning of natural resources. Like any business deal this money was not welfare but payment plain and simple. If the government kept its deal or word with Native America we would not be suffering and living in third world conditions today. The resources that were taken from tribes included but not limited to gold, oil/gas, uranium, coal, silver, copper, water, land and a host of other natural resources that garnered hundreds of trillions of dollars to corporations and built America into the superpower it is today. Elouise Cobell is truly a champion beyond words and will be sorely missed by us all for her efforts and she will be remembered in our oral history.

Hu Ho


Elouise Cobell and the Indian Trust Fund Case

Elouise P. Cobell bio;


Your Devil’s Advocate

The World Protests Corporate and Governmental Corruption

It should be more than apparent that the people of the world are fed up with corporate and governmental collusion and greed. Though the mainstream media has failed to connect the dots, the Occupy Wall Street movement is actually non partisan and poised people against the cancer that has infected governments. Now anti Wall Street/Corruption protests are spreading around the world and the media is scrambling to find fault while politicians try to use it to their advantage. If only they knew the public is sickened by all politicians’, democrats and republicans alike. Many people I’ve interviewed say:

“It’s about time”

There are others who’ve invested heavily in the Wall Street Ponzi Scheme and granted, they are not pleased but for the most part the Wall Street protests have the hearts of the American people. The bi-polar response to the Mid-East’s cry for democracy only highlights exactly how dysfunctional Washington and the corporate world really are. Learning that corporations and governments of the free world were secretly funding the now fallen dictators in the Mid-East including Muammar Gaddafi should have been a very red flag reflecting how corrupt our planet has become. The mainstream media has glossed over the true nature of the growing international Wall Street revolt that is at our doorstep. Occupy Wall Street has taken on a life of its own. After all, Wall Street and its corporate thugs bankrupted nations around the world for fun and profit, just because they can. more »

Gen. Than Shwe’s Scheme to Legitimize Sham Gov. Fails, AGAIN!!

Well its back to the drawing board as Than Shwe’s feeble attempt to show reforms in Burma failed dismally, again. The sham government of ‘retired’ generals has not fooled anyone in spite of the assistance of the western press. Just remember the western press is owned part and parcel by corporations who continue to violate UN imposed sanctions. By not releasing all the political prisoners he only validated the fact nothing has changed in Burma. Sadly, it’s the people of Burma who must bare the brunt of Than Shwe’s failed carefully calculated fraud. Hope has returned to despair as more opposition leaders are targeted to refill the emptied prisons, if they are not tortured and murdered first.

Thein Sein is as much the president of Burma as I am for he is truly powerless and only the latest scapegoat in Than Shwe’s plot to legitimize this fetid criminal regime. Thein Sein is only a puppet like the rest of the generals who retired at the same time and coincidentally formed bogus political parties for the sham 2010 election. With crimes against humanity running rampant across the country it should be as plain as the nose on your face that the people of Burma are still under siege. But in a world that only cares for the corporate bottom line; humanity has no place in the grand scheme of things therefore the world has blood on their hands as well as the junta.

In reality the world has become a cesspool of governmental and corporate corruption and frankly man is powerless to stop this putrid trend. Fortunately nature and other elements within our true existence have other plans and soon we all will reap what we have sown. Profits gleaned from slave labor are cursed and the people who’ve profiteered on the bones of others, either on purpose or by investments, will bare the brunt as catastrophes unfold. That is prophecy whether you want to hear it or not. Than Shwe and his thugs will learn the hard way much like the rest of the world who capitalized on China’s Gulag System. Africa was targeted by greedy corporations as trillions of dollars in natural resources left the continent, much like Burma. The list goes on and on as greedy globalists who profiteer in Burma spread their cancer around the world.

Than Shwe was eager to legitimize his criminal regime so more corporations could come in and rape this once proud nation. China wants to keep this criminal in power for he literally takes pennies on the dollar for him and his generals while leaving his nation to fend for themselves. The dam and pipeline projects were both environmental and humanitarian disasters with no benefit to the people they would displace. His war on education was another fiasco since he and his thugs replaced education with his burgeoning drug industry for Burma’s youth. Extorting humanitarian aid agencies within Burma has gleaned the junta millions in aid monies that never made its way to the people. Cyclone Nargis was a classic example of how billions of dollars made its way into junta pockets while whole communities were turned into ghost towns. Stricken areas continue to be haunted by lost souls and people tell me they can hear the moans of the dead in this haunted land. Than Shwe’s coupe de grace surely is his policy of Burmanization; the wholesale raping ethnic civilian women to spread the Burman seed while diluting the ethnic blood line. And it’s in full swing in ethnic regions as of this writing.

Now, international corporations are eager to take advantage of Than Shwe’s short sighted greed and offer him trinkets so they can steal resources and use the citizens as slaves of cheap labor. If only Than Shwe could have pulled off this ‘legitimization’ scam then Foxconn could build a plant in Rangoon for the cheap labor Than Shwe can offer them. Suicides would earmark their arrival much like they do in China as people jump to their deaths because of horrific working conditions. Sadly many US computer firms, including Apple, use Foxconn for their component needs further cursing the general public who’ve invested in them. And you wonder why you are about to loose everything in the stock market for they are destined to fall and fall big time.

Pretend all you want but the duly elected Burmese Government is still in bondage and criminals continue to hold this nation hostage. I stand with the people of Burma who continue to fight for democracy and I refuse to sugar coat the lies that are being vomited from the mouths of this sham regime or their constituents. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and soon the military junta will feel the wrath of retribution. So will others who’ve capitalized in tyranny and slave labor for this is also a part of prophecy.

I offer Prayers to my brothers and sister who continue to be raped, tortures and murdered in prisons across Burma while the world sits complacent and oblivious to their suffering.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Burma: Same Old Crap, Same Old Lies

What few political prisoners that will be released on yet another sham prisoner release will be well received and like Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said, “The freedom of each individual is invaluable, but I wish that all political prisoners would be released”. With fresh news of a mass exodus in Kachin State as people flee from Burma’s rapist murdering army it is all to clear that nothing has changed in Burma, nothing. Thein Sein has proven to be just another flunky mouth piece for crime boss Than Shwe. And it would also appear this bogus gesture was only a photo-op moment and a white wash for a criminal regime that should face the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Screw the junta!

Eventually the Myitsone Dam Project will be back on track when the world is not paying attention, as usual. All the feel good bull crap that was hurled about the possible release of all political prisoners will subside back into the dark malaise that enshrouds life in Burma. In the meantime; Burmanization marches forward with greater zeal than ever since the world does not pay attention or chooses to ignore it. Of course people are being murdered and more NLD supporters continue to fill the emptying prisons. Guess that’s why Than Shwe ordered Puppet Boy Thein Sein to empty the jails of drug dealers, rapists, murderers and gang members so there would be more room for the opposition. What a bunch of lies and ox dung.

Sadly this will be the green light corrupt international corporations were waiting for so they can step up existing operations within this enslaved nation. After all, Ban ki-moon has turned a deaf ear to the sanctions he imposed. His cronies in Korea and the rest of the planet can continue to rape this beleaguered nation of its resources while profiteering on slave labor. What do you expect from crime cartel boss turned UN sphincter? He and Ibrahim Gambari are already laughing all the way to the bank with ill gotten goods Than Shwe graced them with for turning the other way. Remember the giant ruby and the show girls Uncle Than gave Gambari for doing nothing but offering empty lip service to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi? He was only buying time for the junta to get the elections under way. I should not be surprised since the world as a whole has capitalized on China’s Gulag System of slave and indentured labor.

Why would Burma’s crimes against humanity matter since it’s all about the money and the corporate bottom line? SWIFT Financial Group of Belgium has already paved the way for Than Shwe’s money laundering operation to line the pockets of US and other corporate weasel’s pockets. Thein Sein should go back to his garden because that is where he truly belongs, fondling manure and smelling the pretty flowers. Maybe Shwe Mann will replace him since he has a cruel streak and would take full advantage of Than Shwe’s killing machine when that vermin finally dies. Thein Sein is just a sissy straw boss by comparison and it’s only a matter of time before he conveniently dies or steps down anyway. Than Shwe is in complete control and no matter how the corrupt world media tries to dress this latest attempt to make Burma look legitimate it’s still a sewer of corruption writhe with on going crimes against humanity. Eugenics prevails in the land of lies and the world is a party to genocide no matter how the western press tries to dress up this disaster of a prisoner release.

The constitutional referendum of 2008 was a sham, the election of 2010 was a sham and the latest amnesty prisoner release was also a sham. It’s all just another theatrical performance by impresario and puppet master Than Shwe for Thein Sein is just a junta stooge and that’s the bottom line.



Your Devil’s Advocate

When I Sip Tea with Suu Kyi and Thein Sein in Naypyidaw

Only when I am sipping tea with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Thein Sein in Naypyidaw will I believe change has finally come to Burma. In fact I would love to have a radio show in Burma when she is finally free. Sadly, as of now it’s still the same old thing where the junta is using the political prisoners as a tool of manipulation. Knowing everyone in power was personally selected by Than Shwe and still held accountable to him also casts a shadow on all the alleged positive change. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has already eluded to the fact we must stay vigilant as Burma acts like its moving towards democracy. After all, she is the boss not all these non profiteers around the world and I take my marching orders from her only.

This prisoner release thing happened before and just because Thein Sein went to China over the dam issue still means little. China could easily be a party to this rouse and it would not be the first time. Knowing the theatrics the junta is known for makes me even more suspicious and I still worry for Suu Kyi’s life because everyone is getting complacent. With my brothers and sisters in Kachin State under siege while junta troops continue to rape and pillage also sheds a dark cloud on the so called progress in Burma. How can there be change when people are still dying because of their ethnicity? My friends are still in the jungle fighting for their very existence. That’s not change, that’s just a smoke screen.

I read all these fluffy stories about Burma’s change but in all actuality I smell a rat in the rice bin. I want to be wrong in the worst way but I fear this is just another elaborate Than Shwe scheme since it has his finger prints all over it. Only when Than Shwe is rotting away will I believe change has come to Burma. His spell would be broken and his generals can finally move the country in a positive direction. They would no longer have to live under threat of demotion or prison either. If only his astrologers told him the truth of his journey in the after life then maybe he would have instilled real change in Burma before he died. Sadly, he faces an eternity of retribution and so do his henchmen.

Earlier this year I spoke to constituents with a message from Than Shwe, they asked me to write something positive about Burma. In return I said I would if Uncle Than would actually do something positive and gave me proof. I’m still waiting for his response and he knows how to contact me personally. Like I told Aung and Margaret; “Tell Uncle Than to give me some proven facts and I will give him and the junta the greatest write up I can muster if these changes are real and I would spread it around the world” Making peace with all the ethnic minorities such as the Shan, Kachin, Mon, Karen, Wa and a host of other tribes would be a great start. The political prisoners should have been released years ago when he opened up the prisons back then.

Now I am hearing the same rhetoric coming out of Thein Sein’s mouth and it reeks of Than Shwe’s handiwork plain and simple. Will the 6,000 plus prisoners contain all political prisoners or just a hand full people near death? It was sad to note the last prisoner release contained murderers, drug dealers, rapists and other thugs while ignoring most of the political prisoners. I really want to be wrong about Thein Sein and all his lip service, I really do.

Only when I can smell shrimp paste in the air while having a chat with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Thein Sein in Naypyidaw will I believe change has finally come to my beloved Burma.

Come on Uncle Than; let Burma live once again and take it’s rightful place in the world as the economic powerhouse it should be.

Your Devil’s Advocate

American Spectator Ass. Editor Patrick Howley Must Face Charges

Unfortunately American Spectator assistant editor Patrick Howley admitted inciting a riot during the Occupy Wall Street demonstration this weekend simply to make a story. Was the *America Spectator equally culpable for this egregious criminal conspiracy simply to defame American protestors they decided to target? Or was Patrick Howley alone in this affront to American’s right to assemble and have their voices heard. Maybe we should follow the money and dig deeper into both American Speculator and Patrick Howley’s finances and see if Wall Street lackeys were ultimately behind this foolish attempt to defame protestors and start a riot. Or was it the fed involved as well?

One thing is for sure, Patrick incriminated himself by admitting to his crimes and he should face a court of his peers, provided you can find someone else as stupid as him. There is a list of federal crimes he is culpable for including inciting a riot, trespassing, conspiracy, a host of civil law suites from the victims of the pepper spray and the violent confrontation that ensued. This was not journalism, this was hooliganism and this kind of conduct must not go unchecked or all media outlets will begin to make their own news stories solely for the sake of selling printed rubbish. Hmm, maybe this is more common place than we think.

In an era where the mainstream media has resorted to partisan politics for their parent corporations on both sides of the political isle Howley’s timing could not be worse. His lack of professionalism and wisdom has taken down the American Spectator in the process; provided they were not in on this moronic criminal conspiracy for now they are less than credible in the public’s eye. At one time American Spectator rode on the right wing but now it would appear it rides on the pin feathers of the sphincter where corruption, propaganda and other literary crap sandwiches reside. They should also face criminal and civil charges for the conduct of their ass. editor Pat.

As politicians try to make political fodder either pro or con of this American Spring their media propagandists try in vane to paint a picture to suite the needs of their candidates. Howley’s journalistic incontinence has only opened a can of worms since he magnified the presence of media bias and Orwellian Double Speak in the press. This was not just a lame brain attempt to make a news story. This was a very dangerous criminal act that was perpetrated against US citizens to defraud readers and sway public opinion. What if someone was tasered during this bogus riot and died of a heart attack or physically maimed by riot police? Where would the liability lay then? As it were, he committed crimes that must be addressed since he jeopardized the lives of the general public and security personnel as well. Was there property damage? Jail time should be on Howley’s horizon since this bonehead is not above the law.

The media still missed the boat in the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations though. They failed to mention that factions from all sides of the political isle have united against the Wall Street Cartels that bankrupted this nation, Greece and Europe as whole. The protests in Wall Street and around the country are the voices of Americans who are sick and tired of absolute corruption from the left and the right in both Wall Street and Washington. Protestors have the support of people on both sides of the isle I interviewed thus far for this is the voice of America whether our politicians and the mainstream media likes it or not.

But like the 90% of the voting public’s distain for the original bail-outs Bush and Obama endorsed for Wall Street, the hopelessly corrupt banking and insurance industries, this protest will be downplayed. Only this time there will be consequences because the public is not asleep at the wheel, this time. Just remember, Wall Street and their corporate minions own the mainstream press both left and right and apparently they own American Spectator. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

* http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/oct/10/washington-protest-american-spectator-patrick-howley?newsfeed=true

Your Devil’s Advocate

Thailand’s Puppet Government Reveals Burma’s Sham Reforms

There is no question Thailand’s new government is a sham and a proxy for Criminal Fugitive Thaksin Shinwatra. His sister is at the helm of this puppet regime and she has shown her true colors by excluding Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her visit to Burma. As you should recall Thaksin is a crony and ass kisser of that fetid criminal Gen. Than Shwe and has assisted Than in the persecution and abuse of the Burmese people. Burma’s so called new regime is just another carefully calculated fraud.

The world press has embraced change in Burma but you must realize the mainstream media is owned by corporations waiting to exploit Burma’s resources. The media is also working to legitimize all the international corporations that have continued to violate the bogus UN sanctions that were imposed. This is all a great lie and the world is just as culpable from promoting this sham stage act of reform as Than Shwe is. The corporate world is playing into the sham reform intentionally while people continue to be raped and murdered right before your very eyes. Are we that stupid? I guess so since the free world sold their democracy for corporate profits already.

No one seems to remember that Than Shwe hand picked all the current players in the sham reformist government of puppet president Thein Sein. Why does the world continue to ignore the fact Suu Kyi was duly elected by the people of Burma in favor of Than Shwe’s criminal regime? Why is Than Shwe’s bogus new government acceptable while ignoring the fact people are still being murdered in Kachin State. The Karen are still victims of Burmanization while being raped and murdered as genocide goes unchecked by the ambivalent world. Ethnic cleansing continues unabated but everything is nice in Burma since the media plays up to Than Shwe’s sham and the fraud continues.

The most revealing aspect of this bogus reform was when Prime Minister “Badluck Yingluck” of Thailand ignored Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on her visit to Burma. She revealed the true nature of reform in Burma while showing that she is no better than her criminal fugitive brother Thaksin. There is no change in Burma, just another act by Than Shwe’s theater group. If there was true reform the political prisoners would already be out of prison not a point of manipulation and speculation. Also, I would not be interviewing refugees who just came out of Burma with horror stories of torture and death. In keeping with Thaksin’s ass kissing of Than Shwe, Badluck Yingluck has already begun her campaign of hatred against Burmese refugees by stifling the humanitarian efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) effectively eliminated healthcare for the refugees. Actions speak louder than words and now the Burmese refugees are totally isolated with no hope and easy prey for human traffickers to fill the brothels of Thailand. Yingluck is a sham and a proxy for the cancer called Thaksin.

When the mainstream media quoted from “The New Lies of Myanmar” this week they were quoting right out of Than Shwe’s propaganda machine. It is all a sham and Burma is no closer to democracy than it was during the Saffron Revolution and that’s the bottom line. In fact, the world chooses to believe there is change when in reality its worse than ever before. Sorry Than Shwe, I can see through your scam.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Space G*D or Space Fraud

It is more than obvious the elite class has a ‘secret pal’. As the ever vanishing middle class considers anything paranormal poppycock elitists are immersed in mysticism, soothsayers, astrologers and a sacred connection with spirits and/or aliens. For the most part, they are a G*DLESS lot eh. Hoarded; within the axioms of many exclusive sects lay a wealth of sacred knowledge writhe with incantations, ceremonies and secrets of the universe. Only problem is, these elitists and their ancestors were hanging out with celestial scum for millenniums and soon the joke will be on them. If only people paid more attention to their sacred books and not their change purse.

Since before the time of Charlemagne, encounters and mass sightings have been chronicled in print, paintings and stone. There were no weather balloons or stealth aircraft to mistake or blame these anomalous events on. From all indicators these medieval folks mistook some unsavory star people for G*D’s and the rest is bloody history. If only they knew to check and see if these space punks were good or evil. Maybe Charlemagne and his trigger happy descendants would not have murdered and pillaged their way through the ages for some dork who claimed to be G*D. People forget the Creator or G*D is a perfect being and does not have the attributes of man such as ego, anger, hate, revenge, lust and all the other stuff we are plagued with. That should have been a major red flag since true G*D does not share the short comings of man, just low life entities.

When someone says G*D is angry I know they are not taking to or about G*D. This jealous and angry G*D routine reeks of something man penciled in. If it does not fit you must acquit and G*D is all about love and not someone to be fearful of. What is that all about? I’m telling you first hand when I saw the light of the Creator I felt like a child reaching in desperation for that loving warmth and sanctuary. This pissed off G*D people talk and write about is not G*D, just shady space dude, spirit or whatever, pulling a fast one on humanity.

Space dudes are only on our plane of existence, technology and all. Gads, they still need ships and flashy doodads to trip around in. And what’s with the anal probing eh? Can’t say I ever experience that one. Just don’t get ga ga over the first Tom, Dick or Alien Being that lands in your pasture and tells you they are G*D. Tell them to park that thing next to the old Dodge by the barn and leave your cows alone. Actually this is when you dip into your spiritual tool bag and get the medicine within your tradition to deal with these dorks. They are like any spirit; some are good and some are screwed. Don’t get your panties in a bunch since people from around the world are becoming more acutely aware. There are stories about good star people who spoke of their place in the sky and taught good things to the people they visited. Some say these folks were related to us. They were not G*D’s but they spoke of G*D in a good way and promoted morality. It’s a far cry from the materialistic mentality of the new world order. Why don’t people talk about those cool sky guys? Guess its more fun to talk about the enema bandits from space. That’s just nasty…

‘G*D or Creator’ does not need techno-mechanical means to zip around the universe nor do other spirits and entities, good or bad for that matter. I think those old painting showing G*D and Jesus playing with some antennae or sitting in a flying saucer are stupid and a classic example of how the ancients got hooked up with the wrong star people. Only primitive butt-head life forms require technological devices to cruise through wormholes or eye the naughty bits of passengers at the airport. Space dudes are like anyone else, there are good ones and there are bad. The technique used in identifying good and evil spirits is the same technique used on all entities, in my tradition anyway. There are some rude apparitious douche bags out there and you can’t be too careful these days. So get your medicine and don’t be stupid. Surely they are not G*D’s just your garden variety space dude.

With the increasing presence of spirits and other entities on this planet it is obvious we are poised for some interesting times. I can’t really tell you how it’s going to shake down but you better stock up on goodies so you don’t miss the show. There are other spirits one must be aware of but I don’t want to give you an ulcer. They’ve been out there pulling capers on humanity since before the time of Abraham so it’s not like they just showed up or anything. They are just getting a little friskier these days. This time of change dictates that we all will experience events we never before experienced. Many events will dumbfound our primitive science and we will learn exactly how stupid our culture really is. Space guys and other entities are only a small part of the anomalous events we will experience and all dogmas of the universe give you the tools needed to cope, if you pay attention.

From an indigenous point of view it’s the same ole same ole since our cultures always knew there were good and bad spirits, space guys included. Our ancestors chronicled encounters in stone and if you paid attention your ancestors did the same, hello MacFly. Fortunately there are many other people who share visions of the truth but they are silent for fear of appearing like aluminum cap wearing whizz-bangs. The secrets coveted by an elite group of people over the centuries are not secrets at all for there are no secrets within the spirit world. Maybe that’s why spirituality is under assault because people would know the truth if they were truly spiritual. In a world based on lies and deception this could be financially and politically catastrophic. In short, don’t let anyone try to convince you they are G*D’s just because they are spirits or space people for they truly are not.

Call it guilty by association if governments try to convince you they are in consort with benevolent beings, just look at who they shared technology with. And as they say, birds of a feather flock together and these space scums are no better than the elitists they associate with. I simply lump all spirits in two categories; good or evil and I think you should do the same. And if Space Man Spiff tells you he is your G*D tell him to take a number and get to the back of the line.

Your Devil’s Advocate


Knowing When Spirits Are Cool

For people who’ve come to terms with the paranormal or spiritual side of life, knowing which spirits are good or evil is a daily part of life. Fortunately there are traditions within all dogmas that deal with the identification of spirits therefore it is up to you to seek out this sacred knowledge within your dogma. My religion is quite primitive by western standards so it would be pointless for me to share my ritual since you are probably not zoned for human sacrifice anyway, just kidding. But I would like to share some of the physical aspects of hanging out with good and bad entities or spirit just in case you missed it.

So let’s pretend you aware of spirits and not blind or selectively oblivious to their presents. Within your scared knowledge you would know there are only two types of spirits, ‘Good and Bad’. Does not matter if an entity flies around in a shiny space craft or just floats through doors, moves a few ashtrays and tells you lame things to do with an ax, spirits are spirits. For that matter, we are just your garden variety spirits as well. Only difference is, we are the blindest of all the spirits on earth. Bear the Wonder Dog is more acutely aware of the various entities that interface with us and I always pay strict attention when he is barking or gazing into nothingness. Use your peripheral vision and you just might catch a glimpse of this apparitious bonehead who is intruding in your air space. Just don’t pee all over yourself and don’t act stupid like people do on those silly TV shows.

If the truth were known; we are surrounded by spirits no matter where we go, granted some places more than others. Toss in a few levels of existence and it is plane to see we are never truly alone as we walk on earth. Your secret is their secret as well as every loved one and friend who has crossed over before you. Everybody is watching so don’t be surprised if some dim bulb spirits does not try to influence you by telling one of your ’secrets’ to freak you out. Just remember there are no secrets within the spirit world and everything is out there for all to see. Don’t spaz out or anything; it’s always been that way. The spirit world is very much alive and way more complex than I can possibly describe or fathom. Try to describe colors that are not within our spectrum of sight.

There are no secrets within the confines of the spirit world. We have an audience on the other side eating popcorn, drinking soda and smoking cigarettes in the lobby as we do rotten things to our fellow man. Some are warning us while others coax us into perpetrating very stupid acts. Rule of thumb: When any spirit comes calling; immediately dip into your spiritual tool bag, within the protocols of your dogma or ideological principle of course, muster protection and ask if the spirit is cool. And don’t give me that crap you are protected 24/7 either. We must learn to stand on our own two feet just like the rest of the guys. We also have the gift of free will so it is ultimately up to us to make the final decisions in our actions. Think about that before you whack your sleeping children because of a stupid ‘voice’ in your cabeza. The butt crack spirit that is urging you to commit something purely evil is only a bunch of talk. So what if spirit’s exist, pull off stupid parlor trick and talk like they are G*D’s or something lame. If these spirits actually had all this power they are intimidating you with they should do their own dirty work. So put the ax down and go back to bed.

Being truly spiritual is being totally aware of the tumultuous spirit world that resides next door and not being stupid about it. You also need to be aware of your own short comings or Achilles tendon for this is evil’s portal. Within indigenous circles throughout the universe this is (yawn) old news. Every time we are confronted by spirits we get medicine within our traditions to deal with it. Well, most of the time anyway. I am only human and sometimes a bad suggestion sounds pretty damn good under the right conditions eh. It’s that ‘no secrets’ thing and the bad guys know what buttons to press to get me going. I call it the “evil slideshow” when bad spirits give you a 3-D walk down memory lane where you relive or envision things that absolutely pisses you off or make you sad. Like in the show ‘Survivor man’ I see spirits blowing on the embers of my personal rage. They don’t start the fire they just fan the flames of anger and revenge, in my case anyway. But you get the idea; evil only works on what we already have inside of us. If you have a ‘Friday the 13th’ mentality of the spirit world you are toast and would be easily manipulated by bottom dwellers on the other side. All dogmas talk about this stuff but just in case you still don’t get it stay away from cutlery and other pointy things.

You did everything within your tradition to verify a spirit or spook who is begging for your attention and you are waiting for, ‘the word’ about this entity hovering over a bowl of Doritos in the veranda. Just remember spirits that walk in a good way go out of their way not to freak your dumb ass out. Bad spirits play all the angles and pull all the chains to freak people out in order to influence their lives. Bad spirits ultimately resort to threats to your loved ones and all kinds of smack but my question to them is; “If you’re ‘all that’ then why not do it your self?” They are just paranormal pinheads full of B.S. and you can’t feed them with your fear. Besides, you’re supposed to have absolute faith within your belief system when you ask for help. After you pray, or what ever, you should have no fears of any bonehead sprit that floats your way. With the spirit world increasing its influence on our plain of existence it should be obvious this paranormal interface will reap a bloody harvest with the unaware.

When you ask for assistance you should also know what good and evil feels like. Don’t confuse all the shaking and shivering you might experience during a chance encounter with a supernatural entity. Just don’t soil your britches or sacrifice your first born son to this meathead from the hereafter. It just takes a little getting used to the total reality of our existence. Some folks continue to shake & quake when they are approached or see spirits. So don’t let your own fears be used against you by some dork spirit who is trying to freak you out. They can take any form and can contort to look pretty scary. I’ve had spooks rush up to me threatening to do bodily harm but I held my ground and all I got was a rush of cold air and a stupid demonic warning. Bad guys will screw with me in my sleep but I try to be more aware when lucid. Hmm, that is a hard one to explain. I have many visions so I guess it comes with the territory. Just remember we all have medicine or gifts of some kind. Unfortunately many people live in denial of their medicine and freak out when the subject of anything other worldly comes up. Then there are those who think they are medicine men just because they have a vision or spoke too a spook, oh brother.

Just make sure you have absolute faith within your dogma or ideological principle. And when you are told a spirit is good or evil, within your tradition, you should not second guess the answer. All dogmas have effective traditions and techniques for dealing with pesky spirit, demons and other pinheads of the paranormal. In all sacred books they constantly deal with a multitude of rotten spirits and those buttheads are still out there literally raising hell. Some religions say there is a spirit war going on and they are right. With some common sense and a healthy understanding of the spirit world and its inhabitants coping with bad spirits is not a major issue, just a royal pain in the ass. But it’s an issue that is not going away any time soon and it’s going to get worse before it gets any better.

From what I observed over the years there are many different spirits out there, more than I can possibly describe. Some have more abilities than others but it all boils down to whether they are good or evil and ultimately that responsibility falls on you. All dogmas cover this extensively so it should not be a surprise that we are under assault from the other side. For what it’s worth, maybe its time you paid more attention to your faith. It just might save your life.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Suicide and Other Stupid Ideas

Clearly suicide has increased in all quarters of society for a host of stupid reasons. From servicemen to teenagers suicides have become a dark trend indeed. Recently an old friend blew his brains out then five hours later his eldest daughter did the same. Though I was stunned by these events it sort of pissed me off also. This was not my first encounter with suicidal antics by friends or acquaintances and I am not alone. At this juncture in human history suicides are becoming a part of our daily dialogue it would appear. More people are pay attention to the frigging voices in their ‘numb skulls’ with devastating consequences. So if you have not been touched by the gift of suicide yet, odds are you will in one capacity or another in the near future.

I’ve cleaned more than my share of brains off furniture, walls and carpet from despondent chums who thought it was cool to kill them selves. So I don’t have much sympathy for pinheads who decide to ‘cross over’ on their own for lame reasons. They leave everyone sad and mostly mad with a giant mess to clean up and that just sucks. What a memory, “Oh yeah, that stain on the wall is from my best friends brain. See the buck shot on the ceiling?” There is nothing like a little memento to keep your memory warm within the hearts of loved ones. How far beyond stupid is that? In some traditions it is believed if you whack yourself you simply get recycled and do it all over again only to face the exact same challenge again. Keep killing yourself every time you hit a bump in the road would more resemble the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. You will have created your own personal hell, how special. That would be funny, in a dark way of course.

Personally, I believe anything is possible and never question the elucidations of other belief systems. With the spirit world just next door to our plain of existence, spirits beyond comprehension and design are gaining easy accesses to our side of reality yielding deadly results. But we should already know this fact since all dogmas speak of it adnauseam, or did you miss that part? Regardless of what dogma one peruses it should be clear the spirit world is very much alive. Spirit beings that influenced Pharaohs, Kings and common man did not simply disappear after you stopped reading your sacred books or left the temple. Spirits are out there waging war on humanity in every aspect of our existence as we speak. They are the so called ‘voices’ one heads that vey influence at the worst possible times in a persons life while tipping the scales of sanity.

Did you catch the story about the guy who *decapitated himself? Now that was ingenuity but there is no question he had some help from the other side. Civil society is having a nervous breakdown and it’s a direct cause and effect from the spirit worlds ever increasing presents in our lives. Yup, it’s also a part of prophecy as well. Those pesky ectoplasmic boneheads keep whispering smack and influencing evil to all who heed their ramblings or think they are G*D’s, gads. One must get a handle on the realties of our existence and that is written within the pages of their respective dogmas. How could a person be a sincere Christian, Muslin or what ever floats your canoe, without acknowledging the existence of the supernatural and its nuances? Just remember; spirits are just spirits for they lie and use your fears against you like politicians.

You had better get used to hearing spirits since it’s only going to get harder to ignore as time progresses. Check out your sacred books; stories dealing with good and bad spirits are throughout their texts. Prophetic teachings abound with tales of spiritual shenanigans during the time of change. But what’s the big deal about the so called supernatural anyway? It’s more a part of our reality than many of us care to realize and that is a pity. A few people freak out just over the notion of any otherworldly, let alone knowing if spirits are good or not. But to others it’s not a matter of if they believe there are spirits; it’s a matter of not wanting to upsetting and riling the attention of unsavory spirits..

Some spirits tell me all kinds of rotten things I should do and they know exactly what buttons to push to get my attention. Though I am not suicidal I do understand first hand how spirits play on ones frailties, manias and obsessive compulsive vendetta and revenge disorder, in my case anyway. They fan the flames of anger or lust and know how to work it baby. Bribery is also an alternative when raw anger or fear fails to raise my dander. It is tempting to accept evil yet lucrative suggestions and walk the dark path but I would literally be selling my soul to the devil, been there, done that. I have enough chicanery in my twisted past to contend with as it is. That would be the frosting on the proverbial cake to be sub-contracting for some evil entity in my golden years. Would Duct Tape be deductible?

Killing my self is so totally out of the question. I already know what the aftermath of a suicide looks and smells like. Even with a drug overdose people get bloated and leak all over the place if they are not found early enough, especially in the summer. What a stupid thing to put your loved ones through. Your lame suicide note would be overshadowed by the reality of the mess you left behind, oh boy. The last things people will remember about you are your stinky dead carcass and how much it cost them to clean your mess and bury your dumb ass. And what about all the frigging dogs? Yeah sure, go kill yourself and leave behind a house full of pit-bulls so your loving family can go broke feeding them. Worse yet, what if your family only finds a few bones and your wisdom tooth on the carpet but a house full of fat puppies? One dead chum of mine had a pet cobra with a very bad attitude. I almost joined him because that frigging snake almost bit me when we moved his junk out of the apartment. What a royal pain in the ass.

If you kill yourself in your apartment you can forget about your relatives getting the cleaning deposit back. In fact, one should be careful if they are the first on the scene of a suicide, don’t touch anything. You might get charged with murder or something by some budding prosecutor in need of political fodder. Suicide sucks on many levels since it affects everyone close to the victim in a myriad of negative ways. After the emotional shock and personal loss come the nuts and bolts of death. Hopefully the dead dork has relatives to dump these chores on. I’m not too fond of spending my Saturday cleaning brains off walls and digging pellets out of the trim work either. I hate that. If only people were not so freaked out about the spirit world in the first place. People would not be so influenced to do stupid things like suicide or hacking their families to death just because some butthead spirit or voice told them to do so. Before you pull the trigger maybe you should consider all the consequences and not only for yourself. My prayers are for the true victims of suicide, the people left behind.

* http://www.wtkr.com/news/wtkr-man-decapitates-himself-in-front-of-deputies-firefighters-after-domestic-dispute-in-yorktown-20110830,0,5558436.story

Your Devil’s Advocate

Spirit Wars and Other Stuff We Ignore…

There was not much news to report or repost the last few weeks since in all actuality its old news, ancient I might add. Even I foresaw what is happening in the world today, years ago. Watching as prophecy unfolds has been quite awe inspiring and validating to say the least as scriptures and other sacred texts have virtually come alive. Rot with apocalyptic events and the stuff movies are made of, mankind finds himself in a growing quagmire as events become harder to explain or ignore. Maybe everything is just one big coincidence.

In spite of immense humanitarian challenges man continues to march forward in quest of worldwide financial domination while ambivalent to the cries of their victims. Fortunately it was also stated in prophecy Ma Earth would alter mankind’s fetid rush for the gold. That would be all well and good if it were not for the fact my mountain villa has become earthquake central of the Rockies and I almost lost my TV in the latest shakers to rattle this region. Talk about a front row seat for the end of the world eh; this is better than HBO.

I’ve lost count of the number of quakes that continue to rumble through my neck of the woods. Maybe we are going to witness the birth of a volcano. Boy that will loosen up more of the stucco on my house. They might not have been monster quakes but the duration made them quite destructive. Think it was one of the long rolling quakes that cracked the foundation of this antique house of mine. But this place was built in the 1800’s so I don’t think it was quake resistant anyway. There were some abrupt jolts that tipped my TV over and Mr. Turtle’s house was having a few tsunamis of his own. Unfortunately the epicenter was located underneath a friend’s house and now he is homeless since the shaker totaled his pad as well as other homes and businesses.

It would appear that the world is changing, one person at a time, on a scale that is yet to be understood by the alchemists of this era. If you ask a chum of mine he will tell you first hand how easy it is to become homeless in this day and age. There is a growing army of people who’ve lost their homes for a host of reasons and are now homeless. When their benefits ran out they no longer were statistics and they were left to fend for themselves. In fact millions of people continue to become homeless but their voices are forever shuttered and their plight is all but ignored. They no longer have internet, phone or other means to communicate with the outside world so I guess they are the people of the underworld now. There is no excuse within true civil society that would justify leaving families to fend for them selves. Now bankers are proposing the destruction of repossessed homes simply to keep the prices high. But let’s not talk about it and maybe it will all go away.

Well it’s been a weird two weeks since suicides have become the national pastime. I did not have to travel far to find a story about the rise in suicides in America though. Sadly it was one of my old friends who put a gun to his head and blew his brains out last week. And if that was not enough his oldest daughter took a gun and whacked herself 5 hours later as well, gads. I watched that kid grow up but unfortunately this is an example of what can happen if a person listens to the wrong spirit. The continued interfacing of the spirit world on our plain of existence is probably the single most disastrous aspect of the time of change. No one see’s it coming or is capable of understanding even the rudiments of the supernatural other than what they learned watching mind sop horror movies. Spirits are having a field day convincing people they are G*D’s or some other bogus lie. Sadly it just proves that people may own sacred texts but it does not mean people read it or understand what they read. Now many people are putty in the hands of some very evil spirits who have ill intentions for humanity. And yup, that’s a part of prophecy to. But what do I know; I’m just a drum beating Injun that listens to the wisdom of old buzzards in my caste.

Change has already begun according to a myriad of ancient warnings and predictions, plain and simple. There is not much to try and figure out since many ancient teachings foretell of this era we live, in epic detail. And it’s not the end of the world, geeze. But it really blows me away people are not paying attention to signs and warnings that are basically ‘in your face’. They should put earth change warnings on Happy Meals. Maybe then people will start paying attention to the big picture and not the relatively stupid greed filled world man concocted. Surely bankers did not actually think they were going to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes in this intentional economic disaster. Spirits both good and bad are all over the place. Man might buy into all the false claims of recovery and the eventual excuses for failure but Ma Earth could give a flying crappola for she has other plans. Man and their grandiose plans to colonize the planet to achieve a corporate economic utopia or new world order, at the expense of civil liberties and democracy is destined to fail and will spell the end of an empire that spanned centuries when material wealth becomes meaningless. That’s written in sacred books as well so I guess there is a happy ending in a dark and twisted way. There will be plenty of suffering to go around and you can take that to the bank. For me and my people it will be more of an inconvenience, provided we survive, since we’ve grown quite fond of the iron pony, sweats pants and duct tape. Hmm, how would the native world be without duct tape? Oh the horror….

So if I were you and you planned to survive the more turbulent years that lay ahead you better start paying a little more attention to your sacred books or whatever floats your spiritual canoe. That is where the real survival guide is if you expect to survive the very real physical and spiritual aspects of change. You want to pay attention or else you might end up being one of those boneheads killing their families because some stupid voice told them to. The voices were real, the perpetrator was stupid. But really, who in their right mind would do such crimes against their families because a voice in their head told them to do it. Are people really that lame they would do something so evil just because a voice told them to do so? How far beyond stupid is that? The spirit wars have only begun and it’s bound to get much worse as the two plains of existence clash with greater intensity. If ever there was a time a person should seek out their true spirituality it is now because material wealth will not save a person from bad spirits.

If I survive the change I must admit I will be struggling with the concept of ‘helping those who once caused me harm’. You know, it’s that part where we show humility and reach into the fire to save our enemies. I know I am an imperfect being for only the Creator is a perfect being. So I still struggle with anger management issues, have a raging case of post traumatic stress disorder and struggle with vendetta. In fact I am struggling this very minute. Granted I always struggle with this and bad spirits really play hell on my psyche because my rage button is in plain sight within the spirit world. Lately they’ve been pressing that button like it was Halloween night. We all have those places within our psyche where bad spirits are embraced and their axioms endeared. In any event I am struggling along in life with more than my share of attacks from within the spirit world and these guys are unrelenting at times. Though I am aware it does not give me much of an advantage. On the contrary I believe they screw with me more since they don’t have to mask their intentions. We are on a first name basis so to speak.

Within all dogmatic principles the spirit world is very much alive and coping with butt-crack spirits is the first lesson people must learn. Bad spirits have always screwing with folks throughout history. The spirit world is alive and one would be wise to further enlighten themselves about the spirits that surround them within the custom of their respective dogmas. But don’t get overly enlightened like some folks get, holay. You know the type; they are so uptight about the existence of spirits everything in their home is an alter of some kind, but to each his own. I draw the line when I spot human remains in the fire pit though. Hmm, why does BBQ ribs come to mine slathered in my secret recipe BBQ sauce?

Just realize you are also a spirit and these bonehead spirits who try to influence you in a bad way are not magical just pinheads. Next time a spirit suggests that you bomb a daycare center or roast your new born as a sacrifice, tell them to get screwed. And if they try to freak you out with some lame parlor trick ask them to float you a Pepsi and some Doritos. Additional details in coping with spirit and the time of change are written within your respective dogma and ideological principle.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Rick Perry Tells it like it IS…..

It is almost comical to watch as the world is lead around by the nose by bold faced liars. The societal lessons taught by the leadership of the free world dictates that criminality and treason is justifiable and a noble end for the corporate bottom line. Amorality by the stewards of great nations has trickled down to the working masses and now anything goes in society. Well, except for Rick Perry since he called a spade a spade and yes Benny Bernanke along with a host of other politicians not only committed treason they intentionally ignored the Constitution of the United States of America. Jointly these scumbag politicians on both sides of the isle sold our nation and industrial might to China and other third world nations simply for cheap slave labor and no environmental laws. After all, they are protecting their personal financial investments so that makes it OK……paleeze.

Just when I thought the same ole cesspool of political candidates on both sides of the isle was going to produce another fixed election Governor Rick Perry of Texas steps in. Finally, after years and years of the same stench from both sides of the political sewer; a breath of fresh air has arrived. The electorate has been given new hope for America’s future and maybe Rick can revitalize the American spirit like he did in the Republic of Texas. If Americans could love America like Texans love Texas than Rick Perry is the perfect candidate who can make a difference in a nation that replaced pride and patriotism with greed and treason for the corporate bottom line.

Though there are some very real issues I have with Perry, like the death penalty, there are other aspects to his candidacy I totally embrace. If he pisses off both the Democratic and Republican hierarchy with his axioms then it’s obvious he is on the side of the citizens of this country, for a change. The only real difference between the Dem’s and Rep’s is the fact one is covert while the other is overt in destroying democracy and replacing it with fascist tyranny called globalization. The reality of most of the worlds rioting is a direct cause and effect of corporate constituents and tin horn dictators who bleed their nations dry at the cost of their electorates, corruption at its best. Austerity is corporate blitzkrieg and direct assault on national sovereignty around the world. Africa is chock full of corrupt politicians who play ball with corrupt western and eastern scumbags at the expense of the African populous just to rob natural resources.

There is no real reason why Africans are starving other than greed and corruption since trillions of dollars leave that continent yearly. Much of it laundered like in the case of Burma who launders trillions of dollars to international corporations. The people continue to live is squalor and die while the rich buy platinum toilet seats. If you paid attention, globalization spells treason since this concept destroys democracy solely for the convenience of global corporations who continue to finance the push for the New World Order. It’s only a coincidence corporate minions are at the core of this grandiose pyramid scheme called globalization. But if you did your homework you’d already know exactly who they are, just follow the money and their lobbyists.

So let’s see how the corporate media attacks Perry and his run for the presidency since both sides have everything to loose if he gets elected. The media destroyed Ron Paul’s credibility because he used the Constitution of the United States of America as his platform. Sadly the public sided with treason, how far beyond stupid is that? Beside, only the voting public would benefit from Perry’s election since he would cut short the treasonous and unconstitutional garbage both sides of the political isle have conjured for their corporate handlers. And the corporate controlled media would have some explaining to do about their un-American propaganda activities.

It’s kind of funny to watch as Karl ‘The Schlock’ Rove rant about Perry since in all actuality he should be behind bars for his criminally treasonous activities under the Bush Cartel. I’m waiting for AIG Bail-Out Scammers Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to speak out against Perry next. They should be in jail as well. Ole Mommy Pants would be wise to keep his pie hole slammed shut since he has become a broken record of useless rhetoric and broken promises. Just a bunch of liars and scammers protecting their investments is the best way to describe America’s political arena today. Treason has become fashionable while patriotism has been remanded to the ranks of terrorism, go figure. But if you don’t care, I don’t care since I and millions of other Americans are out of the loop. We are just here to watch the show since the will of the people has already been ignored.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Standard & Poor Fraudsters Become Members of the Food Chain

It should be no surprise S&J down graded the US since they were in on the destruction of our economy in the first place. Just remember the fact they were up to their eye lids in corruption that brought down the world economy in the first place. Surely you remember, if not oh well. They and other financial schlocks intentionally crippled world economies while lined their pockets as everyone lost homes and jobs. What do you expect from another Bilderberg lackey since it’s all about colonizing the planet through globalization?

Funny how the crème of the crème of the Bilderberg Cartel are loathsome criminals under investigation like Murdock, Straus Khan and Lagarde but we don’t blink an eye. After all, much of the world media is controlled by butt-crack Bilderberg lackeys. Now S&P has the gall to downgrade America after they were part and parcel responsible for this continuous economic crash. Follow the money and you will discover that the elites of both political parties are invested in China and everything Bilderberg. They should get an Oscar for their latest performance arguing about $300 Billion bucks while trillions go out the back door without a peep from the Bilderberg Press. Or did you catch that eh?

China, a Bilderberg conscript via the Bilderberg/World Trade Organization, has already stated they will no longer loan out cash. Pay attention boys and girls since this has paved the way for American Austerity and the loss of national sovereignty whence the Bilderberg/International Monetary Fund steps in. The loss of national identity, sovereignty and constitution by a nonelected body of criminal trillionaires is the core to the violence when the IMF stepped in and took over the nation, financially. Greece was the first to lose their sovereignty and it’s more than a coincidence this occurred in the birthplace of democracy. Maybe they did not have enough fluoride in their water for mind control. And as we all should know by now, democracy has no place in globalization since they are diametrically opposite to one another.

Welcome to the New World Order since it was always known that the financial side to this world takeover by the elitists was the final obstacle. Do your homework and pay attention. It is funny how the Bilderberg Cartel is filled with descendants of the people who murdered their way through Europe and eventually into the Americas several hundred years ago. Now they are murdering their way into every country on the planet for natural resources and slave labor simply for the corporate bottom line. Greed has come full circle and now everyone will soon know what life is like as a Native American, African or any other tribe or caste of people who were thrown off their land, placed in colonies or simply murdered. Whence the totality of this worldwide takeover is fully realized the world will become filled with blood and flames. Armies will revolt against police forces that have become the henchmen for corrupt politicians. Opps, my bad, they already have in some places on Earth only this time we will have a front row seat. Get your lawn chairs out and your favorite Canadian beer because the fun has already begun and I don’t think there will be any commercial breaks or a halftime show.

Fortunately we are living in the time of great change and this is a part of prophecy as man races for the gold at ALL costs. Sorry boys, Ma Earth has other plans and there is nothing any wizards or astrologers can do to stop this destiny. What comes around goes around and the greed who’ve preyed on societies simply to buy a platinum toilet seat will find themselves picking corn out of cow dung, like the rest of us. Only problem is, they will be marked people who usher in another piece of history that will repeat itself as the planet revisits the era of the French Revolution. Their private armies will turn on them, their wealth will be meaningless and their heads will be mounted on stakes by angry mobs during the “Pandemonium Period” that will ensue. Let them eat cake.

It’s not going to be a pretty time during the transition and it will be hard times for all of us from a multitude of reasons but that’s how it goes. It’s written within sacred texts around the world so this is not a news flash, just a reminder. This is a part of prophecy as well. 2012 only marks the ending and beginning of cycles, not the end of the world but it very well may be the end of the world for those who live on axiom of greed. Keep it up S&P because there are plenty of stakes with your names on it. Goldman Sucks and JP Morgan are just a few criminal cartels who’ve systematically destroyed economies but not a soul went to jail. Bernie Madoff was just a miniscule tip of the ice berg but a classic example of the scum that are trying to financially take over the world, how far beyond stupid is that?

If the world has to revert to cannibalism because of the lack of food just remember the rich are not full of chemicals and hormones since they don’t eat the GMO crappola they feed us. They might be greasy and chock full of triglycerides though. Again, another piece of history waiting to repeat itself so make sure to have a few extra bottles of garlic salt and pepper in your survival pack. I don’t think they would be Kosher or Halal since they are considered ‘Long Pork’. Maybe a bottle or two of Tabasco sauce would be nice. In all reality, I’ll just make my special BBQ sauce. That reminds me, I should also stock up on Mesquite and some fruit woods since I smoke my own meats. Sugar cured Bilderberg Ham, yummy. I’ll pass on the Straus Khan sausage though.

Bon Appétit……

Your Devil’s Advocate

Human Trafficking Could not be Easier, Getting a ‘UN Name’

In visiting with a myriad of cultures from Asia, notably Burma, for the last 5 years I came to learn what a UN or United Nations Name was. I’ve been researching the nuances of immigration/human trafficking from Asia when refugees discussed how easy it was to buy refugee status along with UN Name and date of birth. Simply claim to be a refugee from one of the various ethnic groups that are under siege. Some very nice people will help you get a new name and identity issued directly from the UNHCR making you an official refugee, for a nominal fee of course. Just don’t tell anybody.

Yup, many refugees spoke of several ethnic agencies in Malaysia that take payment to moving applications for refugee status to the front of the line. These agencies also provide a written letter in English explaining all the horrors the pseudo refugee had to endure before getting here. There were no qualms discussing the acquisition of a bogus name and identity to gain entry into the US. The fraud was a necessary evil since refugees get benefits that immigrants don’t when relocating into a new country. Now Australia will be shipping refugees to Malaysia adding to the refugee chaos and it is time to get a handle on this situation. After all, Malaysia is a hub of sorts for trafficking of every kind. more »

General Than Shwe Continues To Shake Down His Brass

There is no question Than Shwe is still in firm control of Burma. The latest news out of Naypyidaw is that puppet General Min Aung Hlaing has laid siege on yet more top generals and placed them under investigation. Yup ole Uncle Than is still at the helm of his bogus government as he tries to purge his ranks before his demise. Sadly for him it was already prophesized he would die with his enemies around him and his family would be in peril whence he stopped breathing. It was also said Suu Kyi would be the only one on earth who could save their fetid lives from angry mobs. And knowing The Lady, she would spare their lives. I would feed them to the crowds to feast on their demise, my bad.

There is no turning back the clock of destiny and Than Shwe will ultimately manage to make sure his destiny comes to pass, no matter what he does. Maybe his astrologers should tell him the truth of his destiny. His meddling into his ranks to find absolute loyalty in order to protect his family has insured he will meet the criteria of his destined future. Keep it up Than Shwe and eventually you will find yourself on your death bed surrounded by those who would just as soon slit your throat. Nothing could suit this mass murderer better than to taste some of his own medicine. Hopefully this turn of events transpires before he dies of cancer and robs me of my personal revenge for what he has done to the beautiful people of Burma. You are scum Mr. Shwe.

The only real reason this schlock Than Shwe is still alive is because of the fact he laundered trillions of dollars of Burma’s assets to international corporations, something Kaddafi and other dictators did in the Mid-East to retain power. With the help of Belgium based Swift Financial Group Than Shwe laundered money throughout the years. If the United Nations were a legitimate organization Swift and other corporations who continue to violate sanctions would be targeted by the International Criminal Court. Financing crimes against humanity in Asia would be the charges, for starters. Then, if the ICC were legitimate, all the international corporations who continue to do business with Burma would face added criminal charges. But apparently both the UN and the ICC are in the pockets of international corporations and humanitarian concerns are only a sidebar.

It’s a good thing we are living in a time of great change since this is the only real hope for Burma. The free world turned their backs on Burma long ago and only provided lip service. In the grand scheme of things the world only offered Burma false hope. But it sounded good eh. The very notion the elections in Burma in recent years were anything close to legitimate only points out the news groups that are in the pockets of unscrupulous corporations. But as we all should know by now, most of the international news groups are owned part and parcel by the very corporations who continue to rob Burma, with the help of a parasite named Than Shwe of course. The reality of these bogus elections was to provide a smoke screen for corporations and to give an air of legitimacy to criminals who’ve enjoined Than Shwe in raping and enslaving a nation. Now we are to believe Than Shwe is out of the picture and the mindless puppet Thein Sein is running the show, paleeze. Look at Thein, he has the look of a scared kid who just urinated on an electric fence. The rest of Than Shwe’s personally appointed generals ‘turned politicians’ are no better and General Min Aung Hlaing is just another mindless minion Than Shwe placed in the slime light of authority to do his dirty work. Hmm, seems Aung Hlaing has more authority than Thein “The Gardener” Sein when you think about it.

Than Shwe uses the example of western colonialism to keep people fearful of the west when in all actuality he has enslaved his own people with his Sino version of colonialism. With scum bags from China as his role models there is no hope for Burma’s future. Relying on the world to respond has proven to be a waste of time and human lives since the world are up to their eye lids in global corruption as well. It is time for the people of Burma to unite against a common enemy regardless of religion or ethnicity for the future rests in their hands alone. Than Shwe needs to face criminal charges for what he has done to the once proud nation of Burma for he is nothing more than a rapist and a common criminal. And hiding behind his puppet generals only proves what a coward he and his regime truly are for they are not representative of the people they have enslaved. On the contrary, Than Shwe’s regime is in direct contrast to the Burma Aung San wanted for his people.

Yes, Than Shwe is still in the seat of power and calling the shots in Burma and if you don’t believe it, you are as stupid as Than Shwe’s puppet generals.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Time of Change Repartee’

From all indicators everything is moving along as prophesized and change is evident on all plains of existence. If you are not paying attention or don’t buy into any of this; eventually change will be ‘in your face’ and impossible to ignore and make excuses for any longer. For the ‘sensitive or gifted’ people of the earth this time already has become a paranormal extravaganza extraordinaire and a potpourri of supernatural shenanigans and hi-jinks. Some people are OK with the increased activity from spirit and space dudes while others spill their milk in horror at the mere mention of it. Then there are folks who simply don’t buy into any of it for a host of legitimate and viable reasons and that is cool to.

The signs of warning and of the era we live are everywhere to behold and consistent with sacred teachings from dogmas and ideological principle around the globe. It does not take a Rhodes Scholar or doctorate in theology to establish true spirituality and a direct link to the Creator either. Just walk your talk within your tradition, dogma or ideological principle and you will have all the tools you need to survive this time of change. Hopefully you would also gain a practical understanding of the so-called supernatural and get over it. It does not matter what plain any spirit comes from, they are either good or yokels from evil. Spirits are spirits whether they come from the spirit-world, Andromeda or Exeter England. They’re either cool or not, plain and simple.

Just remember; the spirit-world and spirits or demons mentioned in sacred stories did not just up and go away. They are very much alive causing crappola just like in those old sacred stories. It’s not just bad spirits of biblical flare but bad spirits from all dogmas of the universe that are flatulating in the elevator of life. There are bad spirits floating around all over the place interfacing with our plain of existence and they are doing a bang up job of it to. By the same token, good spirits are also out there ready to interface with us provided you know how to recognize the good ones from the bad. This is when you should consult your dogma or ideological principle because it tells you how to differentiate between the two within your tradition. In my tradition I place bad spirits in the same category as a hemorrhoid since they are both such a pain in the ass. Fear is the last thing I show them and I don’t kiss ass. And it’s an on going battle these days, holay.

People who don’t have a clue how to act with spirits, spooks or alien dudes when they come calling are toast and prone to whacking their kids, friends and the ice cream guy because a ‘voice’ or some stellar dork told them to do so. People really need to pay attention to their sacred works or ideological principle since all the answers dealing with the paranormal and spirit stuff is written for all to see. As humanity races to the end of this celestial cycle the paranormal interface will increase a thousand fold and the daily news will get more bazaar as people go off the deep end. The spirit-war has begun to spill onto our plain of existence and it will soon be hard to ignore as man battles demons within their souls. The ‘voices’ will march people to their doom on an individual basis taking the innocent with them in this arcane blood letting. There are no secrets within the confines of the spirit-world so the darkest of secrets and desires are known to all. Bad spirits can easily find the right buttons to push to manipulate us into something stupid if we let them.

So if a space dude or some apparitious being popped into your living room and declared they are your G*D or something else lame tell them to take a hike and pass you an RC Cola. You can’t put a spirit or being of any kind on a pedestal just because they are spirits no matter how many ashtrays they float around. You have a tradition that taught you how to deal with them, provided you are paying attention so use the medicine your dogma gave you. The secret to surviving the time of change is a spiritual one and the universal message from all the ancients is, “get your act together”. The key is knowing which spirits are cool and which ones are buttheads no matter where they come or what parlor trick they pull off. Remember that fear is the fuel that powers the bad guys and evil spirits always want you to kiss their ass and they can lie like a politician, hooky smokes Bullwinkle. But if you’re already down on your dogma, then you’re cool eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Let’s Go Fishing, Therapy in the Rockies

With news feeds filling my news desk on Friday it looked like another weekend of reading, phone calls, research, cigarettes and stale coffee. Fortunately my nephew and his son stopped by my man cave with another possible suggestion, “Let’s go fishing”. That was all that was needed to be said and before you knew it I was loading up my tackle box, poles and off we went. I live in the boonies at least part of the year in close proximity to 5 bitchen lakes and in no time we found ourselves nestled in the beautiful high country of Colorado. It was fortunate I was not back in Oklahoma or Texas this week or I would have missed out on this soulful family encounter.

The splendor of the Rocky Mountains and the clear lake before us was the perfect escape for me and since Danny was on leave, what better way to spend the 4th of July than to be with a soldier in the US Army and his little boy, I thought. I have not seen him since he returned from overseas and we had some catching up to do. It seemed appropriate we got reacquainted on this hallowed holiday and it made this 4th of July a little more special to me. In fact I have not spoken with him at length for quite some time since he joined the US Army 15 years ago and I was eager to hear of his exploits.

Little Mikey, his 10 year old son, was brimming with excitement and could hardly wait to get his line in the water. Of course I took Bear the Wonder Dog my 200lbs+ English Bull Mastiff and the two of them raced to the waters edge. Dan and I humped in all the gear as the sun sparkled on the very inviting water. I noticed Dan was quiet and I could tell he had many things on his mind so we both puffed our politically incorrect cigarettes in silence for a bit. We stopped and gazed at the mountains as the clouds caressed the peaks. Than with a sigh of relief he said, “I love the sight of those mountains”. We gazed at them as the hawks soaring above and the medicine was good.

Breaking our trance; we could hear Mikey yelling at us old buzzards to get moving. Bear was already in the water trying to chase some elusive Canadian geese. As I looked at my nephew it was obvious he was not the little kid I used to toss in the air anymore, he was a man. It was more than apparent he was carrying some emotional baggage as well. I was aware of his wife dying leaving him a single parent and being in the military only compounded the burdens Dan had to cope with. Dealing with my own issues along with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder I knew that it would be up to him to address what was burning up inside of him, if he chose to. Within my tradition I was compelled to make a prayer for Danny as we walked towards the lake. It was a perfect place to pray since we were within natures embrace.

We set up “our base camp” according to Danny and I got Mike’s pole rigged up and off he went. Dan began to loosen up a bit as we both made a toast to America and all the servicemen and women who could not join us. We set up our poles as we surveyed the lake for that special spot to drop our lines. Then as we walked around the shore line Dan began to open up. I listened as he told me of some of his issues and it was clear he was concerned for his little boy. The loss of his wife weighed heavily on him and he was also worried about his military career and the possibility of being redeployed. Sending Mikey to his sister was an option if he went to Afghanistan. There is no question this was a very hard pill for him to swallow and he only had 5 more years to go before he retired. He loved serving his country but he also loved his motherless son. That was a hard one but I made sure he realized how proud the family was of his military service but also shared some insights since I was a single parent in the past.

I offered him some fatherly advice but left the door open for him to make his own choices. Granted I had a heads up from my brother who filled me in on his son’s plight. Though he brushed off some of his military exploits they still haunted him but his primary concern was his son Mikey. Then we got busy as our lines hit the water. Mikey caught the first rainbow and I learned that it was his first fish ever. Like a page in Huckleberry Fin, Mico came up to us with a giant smile and this fish flapping around on the line. Dan immediately assisted his kid as I watched. Danny was all smiles as he and Mikey struggled to get the hook out of the fish. Then Danny said, “I love this place”. It did my heart good to see him smile in earnest knowing his concerns.

In a way, I was envious since I was missing my kids as well and watching Danny and Mikey reminded me of our outdoor adventures that seemed like ages ago. I remembered how the bears poked around our camp as we watched from inside my brother’s giant Lance camper. The bears ricked the camper like a salt shaker before moving on. I remembered my son Abe could catch fish with his hands making all my Field and Stream accoutrements. I think it was the mystic of the Rocky Mountains that held dear the memory of my parenting years. I knew Danny’s memories of Mikey’s first fish would also be preserves in the majestic peaks in the years to come. Little Mikey would forever embrace this day for a lifetime.

Maybe it was watching his son catch his first fish or possibly the splendor of the Rocky Mountains that loosened the strangle hold in Danny’s inner thoughts. In any event he began to laugh and tell jokes while reminiscing some of his lighter adventures in the armed forces. It was more than apparent he loved working on “Gun Ships” and he was very proud of his crew. Then the rain came but there was no stopping the “Three Amigos” for we were combat fishing as if we were on the Susitna River during king season. Though this was not Alaska it was every bit as beautiful and for a moment in time it was a little piece of heaven. He confided in me later that he was not sure if he would get into fishing because of his emotional state. But from all indications it did him good to go fishing with his uncle for the weekend. He still faced some daunting challenges in life but he seemed to be in a better frame of mind towards the end of the weekend.

I must admit it did me good as well for I was endeared by my memories of being papa for I loved raising my family and I was a single parent with 3 kids. It was the best job I ever had and it changed my life in many ways, for the better, and I believe it will be Danny’s as well. Time would be the task master but fishing and the Colorado outdoors would also be a part of the equation since I think Dan found some sanctuary in the Rockies. Nature’s medicine lifted our spirits and cleared the fog that muddles ones thoughts and it gave us more focus on what is important in life. Danny found solace and communed with his child and I stepped on some fresh bear crap reminding me that nature continued to rule in the wilds of the Rockies.

As the weekend drew to a close Mikey was not eager to leave but Danny chimed in making plans to come back to the high country and his uncles house next weekend. Danny told me about a few lakes on base we could try in the future with camping facilities and the whole nine yards. As he spoke I began to see the little boy I once knew almost 40 years ago. The spark in his eyes returned as he and his boy made plans to explore more lakes and other sites in the majestic Rockies’. Mikey was all smiles after they loaded up since they decided to watch the fireworks on base and enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend, father and son. I don’t think Danny found all the answers he seeks but I think he found a place where he can ponder the questions that weigh heavily on his mind and that’s a start. Funny what a little fishing trip in the Rockies can do eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Save America Buy American

It’s time for Americans to take back their economy.

It should be as plain as the nose on your face that government, for what ever reason, is helpless in dealing with the destruction of the US economy. There should be a way to capture and convert all the hot air politicians on both sides of the isle are flatulating. Sadly it’s the ole song and dance routine. And there is no question China is the primary benefactor of their financial course of recovery. The stock market is no longer and indicator of national economic health but the wealth of foreign investments. Surprisingly China has saturated the market place with cheap cut offs on a wide range of consumer and industrial goods once manufactured in the USA. I keep finding Dream Catchers and other native goods that are made in China and that’s where I had to draw the line. Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s old news but why are you not paying attention?Now we get junk and burn millions of gallons of gas going back and fourth to Wal-Mart or other Chinese outlet store across the country returning sub standard or deadly goods. I remember when Wal-Mart took pride in buying and selling US made goods. I don’t hate Wal-Mart just their purchasing agents since they are the ones buying the junk from China. Even the Navy got sting buying Chinese electronics, gads what are people thinking? But if that’s what Wal-Mart and other chain stores and corporations want to do, then let’s stop buying from them. They will either go away OR buy American if they plan to stay in business, provided you have the balls to make a stand. For this to be a success it is also time for more entrepreneurs to cut a completely new economic course with US industries that focus on quality, craftsmanship and American jobs, that’s true economic recovery. And the effects would be immediate.

New businesses that focus on American made anything will feed the economy directly without the need for new and intrusive laws or rewriting the Constitution. You don’t need a Harvard PhD to know this mathematical equation. The trade deficit is nothing more than a titanic gash in the hull of our economy neutralizing governmental attempts to stimulate growth. The economic recovery act was well meant, they say, but admittedly ill conceived at this juncture with devastating consequences. There is no doubt you know all this stuff and possibly more but the point being, why are we letting all this happen? Are we actually that stupid or do we just drink to much fluorinated water? We can alter this course of financial destruction if we did it with conviction though. After all, we have the ultimate weapon of corporate mass destruction, the dollar bill. Our dollar is their life’s blood, curtail its flow and things will change.

It is all but impossible to simply stop buying Chinese goods. China has taken over markets in every possible economic vector physically crippling the US economy. Corporations that simply abandoned American for China did not help either. Let them stay in China, and not come back since we are tired of their junk anyway. Though we can’t stop buying all Chinese goods, we can curtail our purchases. I’ve managed to stop buying many outwardly Chinese made goods and it was a tuff one at first since I had to pay more attention to my purchases. Finding an American alternative to Chinese junk was also a challenge at first. It was out of convenience but costs were a factor at first. But what did I save if I had to replace an item a few times in a year before you get a “good one”? I’ve already lost count of the times I had to return some defective doodad or another from China and it’s only July. Beware of the latest Chinese ploy to sell their junk. The red, white and blue sticker that “alludes” to being American made is precious. The sticker looks a ‘Made in America” one but when you read the fine print it says the item was “Designed” in America. When you examine the item further you eventually find the Made in China tag.

There are about a zillion other articles on this “Buy American” thing so I’m tossing in my two bits on the subject with the rest of them. Maybe this “off the wall” notion of Buying America might take hold and we can rebuild our own country for a change. Too many politicians are deeply entrenched in Chinese financial interests rendering them useless or blatantly collusive. I don’t mind helping people around the world but it’s time to take care of ourselves first. If not, the vultures of the International Monetary Fund will erase our Constitution and replace it with Austerity and the loss of our national sovereignty. Then we will know why the people of Greece are all pissed off. Funny, in a dark way, how Greece was the birthplace of democracy and now it’s the place of democracies demise.

Save America Buy American

Your Devil’s Advocate

4th of July Prayer

4th of July Prayer

Maheo, watch over my sons who serve our nation on this 4th of July and protect them as they sacrifice so others can be free.

Hu Ho


General Than Shwe Threatens Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Again

Though General Thein Sein was proclaimed president of Burma in one of several sham elections perpetrated by the criminal cartel of Burma, General Than Shwe still calls the shots from Naypyidaw. Just remember it was under Than Shwe’s orders his top generals “retire” and form political parties in advance of the bogus election of 2010. Many people were quietly threatened, murdered or incarcerated in the process to pull off this election scam and their blood still stains the streets. The hopelessly corrupt Constitutional Referendum of 2008 paved the way for this theatrical performance. Now Than Shwe has resumed his war against Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for Democracy in earnest, via his minion of course. Than Shwe deserves an Oscar for ‘Best Fiction’.

There is no question Than Shwe’s fingerprints are all over the latest push to quash Suu Kyi and the *NLD’s political aspirations. General Thein Sein, relegated to the ranks of gardener, has no real influence and must take orders like the other disingenuous generals turned politicians. That is the cold hard fact of life in contemporary Burmese politics. Than Shwe’s xenophobic fear of democracy, Suu Kyi and the NLD is a real cause for concern because of the planned visit to **Pagan. It would not be the first time Than Shwe orchestrated an unprovoked and bloody assault on his opposition. Ultimately the International Criminal Court will determine Thein Sein’s total involvement Burma’s ongoing holocaust. But alas it will be Than Shwe who has the most blood on his hands for he continues to kill. Nothing has changed in Burma except for the civil wars in the north.

The junta’s relaxing of censorship laws was very short lived but no one really believed the press would be allowed to print anything that remotely resembled the truth. Even a simple photo of Suu Kyi on a magazine cover was slammed by the censorship board. Than Shwe’s soldiers continue to rape and murder Kachin, Karen and other ethnic civilians in barbaric flare, hidden in plane site. So nothing has changed on the humanitarian front either. The only hope for Burma is when the people finally unite as one regardless of race or religion against a common enemy. Than Shwe’s ultimate weapon to divide and conquer using race and religion as a weapon would be neutralized. In any event Burma’s destiny lies in the hands of her own people for the world has proven to be impotent but their rhetoric of support sounded good.

It’s time for a Burmese Spring.

* http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=21594

** http://www.irrawaddy.org/article.php?art_id=21604

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American Shame: Hate Crimes in Nevada go Unabated in the Land of the Free

Bonta Photo

Imagine going to a gas station and being accosted by Skin Head Nazi Thugs, then as law enforcement arrives at this egregious hate crime one of the hooligans proclaims;“You hear those cops coming? They’re not going to help you. My daddy is a cop in this town, and nothing is going to happen to me. You fucking niggers are going to jail.”

The town in question is Fernley Nevada and the hooligan in question is Jacob Cassell the son of a prominent local law enforcement officer. Though the Bonta family was accosted with bats and other instruments of death critically injuring family members the perpetrators were released on the scene by local sheriff’s deputies. In a well written accounting of this event in *Indian Country Today, written by Velerie Taliman, the story gets much worse since justice was far from served and the perpetrators continue to wreak havoc on ethnic minorities within this region. I will not reinvent the wheel so I advise my readers to log onto Indian Country Today for the bare bones faces about this crime of hate. This deserves the attention of the United Nations and possibly the International Criminal Court since the Paiute Nation is a sovereign nation as prescribed by the United Nations and this victimized family is members of the sovereign Paiute Nation.

I follow news stories from around the world where human beings are victimized by criminal factions within government and industry and this fetid event should be recognized by the people of the world. Though this event occurred within the confines of the continental United States it does not mean this callous disregard for human rights should be ignored. The local officials must be held accountable for the conduct of their law enforcement agencies since it was more than apparent justice was not served and racial bias prevailed. Since I have family living in the Pyrimde Lake and Duck Valley regions of Nevada I find this to be a personal affront to my sensibilities since it is hard to define the line between objective journalism and pure anger. I am not a happy camper.

Now I am addressing my readers from around the world and urge them to take a stand against this tyranny and the officials who continue to ignore this travesty of justice. This is wrong on all levels and for one of the criminals to be the son of a law enforcement officer, immunity to the laws of the land is unconscionable. The fact Jacob Cassell is a hate mongering skin head only exacerbates the issue there is wholesale disregard for the indigenous communities throughout America. This event opens up a most hurtful can of worms within all indigenous communities through out the Americas at the very least for this event is common place and under reported by the mainstream media.

It would behoove my readers to sign the petition I am including in this story but also to contact the United Nations and all political figures responsible for the promotion of human rights around the world for the United States is not above the law. In a statement made by Jacob he called us “Niggers” but I must contest since the proper term is “Tree Nigger”, a name I was raised with since the 1950’s. And it is my promise I will expose Jacob and the chain of authoritarian figures who allowed the Bonta family to suffer because of the color of their skin. If justice is not served the names of all the politicians who ignore this egregious crime against humanity will be known to the world for they are now under the microscope on a global scale.

To the City Counsel of Fernley Nevada, please be advised this is no longer a local issue but an international one. You are now known to the world and your conduct will be scrutinized for this was a travesty of justice, bada bing, bada bang, bada boom.

Indian Country Today Article:
* http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2011/06/native-family-attacked-by-skinheads/

News Story:


City of Fernley

Fernley Nevada Mayor Leroy Goodman

City Manager
Greg Evangelatos, AICP
City Attorney
Brandi Jensen
Mary Hardisty

Ward 1-Council Member
Kelly Malloy

Ward 2-Council Member
Don Parsons, Sr.

Ward 3-Council Member
Roy Edgington, Jr.

Ward 4-Council Member
Curt Chaffin

Ward 5-Council Member
Cal Eilrich
Fernley City Address:
595 Silver Lace Blvd.
Fernley, NV 89408
(775) 784-9858

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Was Justice Served in the James Arthur Ray Sweat Lodge Case?

James “Snake Oil” Ray will get off with a few years in the joint and probably have his sentence reduced when the eyes of the public are gone. It is funny, in a dark way, what money can buy a guy who sold spirituality ending in the deaths of innocent trusting human beings. But for the families of Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown, New York; James Shore, 40, of Milwaukee; and Lizbeth Marie Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, justice will never be served. The loss of their loved ones will always leave a big void in their hearts and there is no dollar figure that could possibly replace their loss. Eventually James Arthur Ray will literally get away with murder and be free to hock his bogus wares to other unsuspecting people seeking spirituality enlightenment.

This should be a grave reminder to people that true spirituality can never be bought or sold and those who do are fools or frauds. Within my tradition the sweat lodge is a sacred place and material consequence has no place in this hallowed ceremony. Building a monstrosity that housed about 60 people was far from the traditional sweat lodge mine and many other tribes build for ceremony. This was more like Dante’s Inferno or trip to hell rather than a place to reflect, purify and pray. People had to pay about $10,000 for a bogus Spirit Warrior extravaganza. Wonder if Jimmy sold tee shirts, baseball caps and coffee mugs after these fetid events? The medicine was bad from the very beginning. It did not follow any traditional protocol I’m aware of, not by a long shot. Instead of purifying the people they were broiled ultimately killing three and injuring at least 15 innocent souls in the process during this pseudo ceremony.

Well the jury is still out on the penalty phase of this case but since he was convicted of the lesser of all charges he will not see much time behind bars. Hopefully he will not be sent to a “resort prison” like so many other affluent people do these days but a real prison where he might learn some hard lessons. Maybe the home boys will teach him some respect for native traditions and err of his ways while he wiles away in his concrete penthouse. Then I guarantee justice will be served and just maybe Jimmy will think twice before using traditions from a culture he is oblivious of just to make a buck. It was an insult to our culture that this bonehead used our traditions to scam people in the first place. It tore our hearts out knowing his antics lead to the demise of innocent people and our prayers go out to the victim’s families for their loved ones will never come home.

Your Devil’s Advocate

ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus Press Statement

AIPMC calls for urgent peace talks in Myanmar and real action by ASEAN

Jakarta (June 17, 2011) – The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus – AIPMC strongly condemns the decision by the Myanmar government to dispatch heavily armed troops into Kachin State and the concomitant outbreak of fighting, which brings an end to seventeen years of ceasefire between the government and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA).

– We are deeply concerned about a return to war between the Myanmar army and the KIA, says Eva Kusuma Sundari, president of the AIPMC. We call for an immediate end to sending troops into Kachin areas and urgent peace talks between the parties.

The war in Kachin State demonstrates that the new Myanmar government, elected in a sham election in November 2010, has not changed its ways and will continue to rule by force rather than seek a power-sharing agreement with ethnic nationalities. There is no progress towards democracy in the country as long as the new parliament remains unable to act on behalf of the population, and the new government is already failing in its responsibility to protect the people.

Recent fighting has caused internal displacement and a wave of refugees across the border to China. Almost one thousand people have already reached the Kachin town of Mai Jay Yang along the Kachin-China border, while another 150 people who moved into China were forced to return. Many others had their cell phones confiscated by Chinese police.

AIPMC calls on China to stop these forced repatriations and to provide protection to Kachin refugees fleeing fighting. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees-UNHCR and other international bodies must be granted access to the border areas of China and Myanmar for the protection of civilians AND HUMANTIARIAN RELIEF.

The outbreak of fighting in Kachin State comes in addition to ongoing conflicts in Karen and Mon areas in eastern and southern border areas with Thailand and represents an expansion of the conflict area in Myanmar up to Kachin State and the Myanmar-China border. Recent events are also a warning to Myanmar’s neighbours, including Thailand, to reconsider any plans to repatriate refugees from Myanmar.

ASEAN leaders urgently need to put the border crisis in Myanmar on top of the ASEAN agenda in order to seek an end to the conflicts in the region, and dialogue and national reconciliation between the government, ethnic nationalities and other opposition groups. Most importantly, Indonesian foreign minister Marty Natalegawa, in his capacity as chairman of ASEAN, and other ASEAN leaders must now reject Myanmar’s request to chair ASEAN in 2014.

For further comment/ media interviews with AIPMC Parliamentarians do contact Aticha Wongwian at +66 838863494 (Thailand), Edmund Teoh +60123750974 (Malaysia), Agung Putri Astrid +62 81514006416 (Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines)

Nusantara I, 7th Fl., R. 728 DPR RI Building
Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta 10270
email: info.jakarta@aseanmp.org
Mobile: ndonesia
+62 815 1400 6416
Fax: +62 21 575 6287

Media gets it Wrong Again: The Kachin Army Are Not rebels

As civil war breaks out in Burma the media has painted a picture of the Kachin Independence Army as rebels but nothing could be further from the truth. The KIA is the legitimate military wing of the Kachin Independence Organization. On the contrary it is the Burmese military junta that is illegitimate and nothing more than a criminal cartel since they did not honor the legitimate elections in 1990. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was duly elected in a landslide victory against Cartel Boss General Than Shwe in the election Shwe sponsored himself but would not honor.

Eventually Than Shwe and his merry band of criminals either murdered or incarcerated all of the opposition including the true leader of Burma, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Maybe the confusion comes from the fact the parent companies of these media outlets are invested in corporations that don’t honor sanctions imposed by the impotent United Nations. There are a myriad of international corporations who languish in laundered money from the criminal cartel of Burma so it’s a fair guess they do not want to upset the ox cart of corporate profits. None the less, the Kachin Independence Army is not a rebel group as portrayed by the media but soldiers fighting for their nation and very existence from a barbaric criminal regime.

The Burmese junta signed a cease-fire agreement with the KIO back in 1994 further proving the legitimacy of the KIA. Granted the junta has done everything in their power to break the terms of this agreement including torture, rape and murder. In fact it was Than Shwe himself who was the architect in the Burmanization Program. This was Shwe’s attempt at spreading the Burman seed within Kachin and other ethnic groups. It was a military mandate of organized rape of ethnic woman. In many cases the drugged up Burmese soldiers went too far and butchered their rape victims like in the case of a 15 year old Kachin schoolgirl named Hkwan-din. Her dream was to be a school teacher but instead she was beaten, raped and dissected having her eyes plucked out while alive before she finally was bayoneted to death. Dare I mention the 5 year old girl, Nang Sap, who was gang raped by Than Shwe’s thugs than dissected as an offering at a nearby temple? It gets much worse.

Then the media has the gall to call the valiant Kachin army mere rebels. It would appear the media wants to sugar coat the vile scum their parent companies are invested in. It is likened to glorifying pure evil but that’s OK since it’s all about the money. The bogus election of 2010 was another sham where the junta tried to legitimize their fetid regime of death. And you had better believe the mainstream media did their part in promoting the legitimacy of this sham election as well. But when you come to realize that much of the mainstream media has become nothing more than propaganda machines for elite corporate thugs it makes sense. They sided with Than Shwe’s puppet government and the stooges he has placed in power in a bogus attempt to show face to the world. But in all reality there is nothing legitimate about Burma’s bogus government no matter how many pockets Than Shwe lines with blood money. The media that purports legitimacy in Burma’s sham government is just as bogus for they will lie about any news story around the world for the corporate bottom line in. How far beyond stupid is that?

Your Devil’s Advocate

When Technology Finally Bids Us Adieu

It is not a matter of ‘if’ technology will slip from our grasp but ‘when’ since it is only a matter of time. With ever increasing and more virulent solar flares coming towards earth there is no question power grids and frail electronics will soon be compromised. It may be for days or weeks at first but ultimately it will be years before the sun begins to stabilize. Months ago NASA scientists issued a red flag of concern about the possibility that technology would be our societal Achilles tendon since the sun entered a new phase never before witnessed. Well at least by these guys anyway. According to visions and prophecies by dogmas and ideological principles from throughout the universe this is just one aspect of change mankind will experience. But it’s a good one and the ramifications are endless.

The earth’s magnetosphere is also pulling vanishing acts of its own during extreme solar flares gives us the opportunity for a perfect radiological storm. The disappearance of the magnetosphere during solar events allows extreme levels of solar and cosmic radiation to permeate our atmosphere and ultimately the earths crust. The Fukushima radiological disaster has already offered up a new round of cancers that will soon plague mankind, which should be a no brainer from a scientific point of view. Chernobly and other less known radiological events have increased levels of ambient radiation ever since man opened the proverbial nuclear can of worms back in the 40’s. With all this current and available data it is funny, in a dark way; the World Health Organization has failed to make mention about the increased worldwide cancer risk from all these radiological events. It would appear the WHO only caters to the whims of pharmaceutical companies and the nuclear industry rather than the concerns of the people. Maybe when a chemical company invents a potentially profitable pill for cosmic, solar and manmade radiation exposure they will address this increased cancer risk issue but that’s another story. And it’s a dozy eh…

Anywayzzzz, solar flares will eventually turn our expensive electronic gadgets into curious useless paper weights for the most part. Our fancy big screen TV’s will be nice picture frames and people will have to relearn the use of a slide rule for mathematical equations so in a way it will be a good thing. We’ve grown to co-dependant on gadgets and gizmos to do our thinking rendering us battery operated and stupid as a culture. Technology has been a boon in some ways and a bust in others educationally speaking. So I look to the pending solar disasters as a blessing since people will have to use their brains, for a change. Granted I will be stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars of useless digital audio and video equipment and my fancy electronically co-dependant car will no longer function. Tragedy will strike my household because Spell-check will be a thing of the past and I will be forced to relearn the use of a pencil or pen, oh the horror. I had better stock up on erasers and paper if I plan to chronicle mankind’s reemergence. But in reality I doubt I will have the time since I will be busy smoking meat and preserving food stuffs. The good part is the fact it will be hunting season year round and I know the woods quite well.

I can also brain tan so I guess I would eventually have to replace my color coded BVD’s with elk skin skivvies and I will not make them with a flashlight holder in the front either. I never used that silly little door anyway so what’s the point eh? Maybe I’ll just wear a loin cloth like my ancestors did. Then all I have to do is pull the curtain, taa daa! The boys will enjoy the fresh air and new found freedom so there is a bright side to all this. I doubt Tyvek or other radiological contamination resistant materials would be readily available anyway. The hides I would procure would be tainted with years of exposure to alpha, beta and gamma rays already and so would be the meat. We’ve been exposed to radiation and other toxic chemicals in our food chain already so what’s a few more RAD’s. Course the absence of rBGH will be a Godsend since I could possibly loose some weight without the presents of fat retaining hormones in my vittles. I could even hunt in the evenings since the elk and moose would glow in the dark. This is sounding better and better. I wonder how my vintage Cabernet Sauvignon will taste with a hint of cesium, hmm.

Guess I’ll have to resort to Ginger the Wonder Horse for transportation but we both could use the exercise anyway. I’ve used pack animals in the past and I venture to say I will use pack animals during heavy solar event days, weeks or years, just depends I guess. For people around the globe who faced floods, winter storms and other events that destroyed power grids, they already know the frailties of our technologically co-dependant society. The Amish people would be role models and the homeless of today would be ahead of the curve. As for the indigenous populations who’ve been colonized and relegated to reserves not much would change since we were left out of the technological loop anyway. Maybe someone will send a note telling us the world ended or something for life would not change much on the rez.

Gads, so much for my power tools in the garage. But I already made preparations for that since I did manage to collect a wide variety of hand tools and I’m quite capable of using them. That is provided I don’t kick the bucket from cancer by my exposure to ambient radiation. Which reminds me, what will happen to all the nuclear reactors when the power grid is shut down? Sadly there will be cooling issues that can’t be addressed by simpler technology. All their fancy electronic gadgets will go kaput and pandemonium will most likely ensue. I venture to say meltdowns will become common place and occur around the globe further increasing the levels of ambient radiation. By the way, there is no such thing as a safe level of radiation and existing levels of ambient radiation are most likely the root cause of a host of new and improved cancers we are experiencing these days. Oh well, so I will also glow in the dark. At least I will not need batteries.

Radiation is only one of the issues that will soon plague mankind, err, already plagues mankind. There are other issues that will make this somewhat mot by comparison but if you paid attention to your respective dogma or ideological principle you would already know my words. So my advice is to prepare within your tradition or respective ideology since we are in the midst of change as we speak. In one dogma it was said within their sacred text that change would come like thieves in the night. And if you were actually paying attention you would discover someone has already rummaged through your underwear drawer. Just remember that these solar flares will soon be a pocks to modern technology but other catastrophic events are sure to follow during this era we live. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

Tiananmen Square Massacre Will Not Be Forgotten

Only a few news sites managed to remember the wholesale murder of innocent people at Tiananmen Square back in June 1989. The perpetrators of such a vile event have yet to face justice and the orphaned children continue to work in sweatshops and brothels across China. For western corporations who’ve invested in China since this holocaust, they simply count their profits while basking in China’s cost efficient slave labor workforce. It’s not that journalists did not want to cover the Tiananmen Square anniversary it’s just that their parent companies are invested in this fetid rouge nation. Say a word and loose your job.

It’s not the people of China but a select group of elitists or landlord class who’ve hijacked this nation while stealing China’s wealth in the process. With the support of western corporations they have enslaved and murdered their own people strictly for the corporate bottom line. Stores throughout the pseudo free world are lined with goods manufactured by an indentured people forced to work long hours for pennies or face dire consequences if the fall out of line. And we the people sit by and eagerly purchase cheap goods that are literally covered in blood and human suffering. If only the stench of death were not removed from our big screen TV’s.

The Tiananmen Square demonstration was the voice of China crying out for democracy and freedom from tyranny but the world was not listening. Then Chinese Oligarchists ordered the military to murder unarmed citizens in an effort to extinguish the voice of the people. Blood stained the square as the world witnessed the wholesale slaughter of innocent people. Surely this was a crime against humanity by every stretch of the imagination. But since international corporations were eager to exploit China’s vast natural resources and burgeoning slave labor workforce the world did nothing. Eventually China earned Favored Nation Status from the United States and was accepted into the hopelessly corrupt World Trade Organization. Now the world shares in the shame of the massacre at Tiananmen Square for we all have blood on our hands for justice was never served.

And we call ourselves civilized.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Dozens of Falun Gong Practitioners Killed in First Third of 2011

Mr. Yu Yungang Before Death

Those rascals of the Chinese Fascist Party are at it again or should I say; they continue to murder Falun Gong at break neck speed. Their idea of transformation is nothing more than torturing people to death for simply wanting to live a moral and disciplined life. But as we all should know by now, there is a war being waged on morality and humanity around the world as it is. But what is more important is the fact China’s slave labor work force is gleaning a handsome profit for share holders in a myriad of corporations from Europe and the US and that is all that matters.So what if products are drenched in human blood and suffering, just so they are inexpensive. But when the pendulum swings the other way we will question why we are suffering from seemingly unrelated disasters and catastrophic events. What comes around goes around and we are living in a cursed society that cares only about them selves. As far as society is concerned we’ve singled ourselves out for extinction and it is a good thing since there is nothing civil about society at this juncture. Our ambivalence will glean a bitter harvest in the near future and there is no turning back the clock for we will reap what we have sown.

Keep on ignoring the cries of the innocent in China and other places on earth and see what your reward will be for you earned your place in infamy. But at least you bought a big screen TV on the cheap and so what if you had to take it back several times before you finally got a good one. Besides, morality is not profitable and humanity only gets in the way of economics. Silly me.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Photos smuggled out of China show emaciated, bruised, or hospitalized victims

30 May 2011

New York–Over two dozen Falun Gong practitioners have died due to abuse in custody since January 1, 2011, according to reports received by the Falun Dafa Information Center and published on Thursday. In a feature particular to the campaign against Falun Gong, several of the victims died after being held in makeshift “brainwashing centers” where torture and ingestion of unknown drugs were used to force people to renounce their practice of Falun Gong.

Drawing on reports from people on the ground in China, the Falun Dafa Information Center has documented the deaths from abuse of 26 Falun Gong practitioners since January 1, 2011. Seven of the cases include photos smuggled out of China that show signs of beating, emaciation, or hospitalization. Given the difficulty of obtaining information from China, the actual death toll is likely significantly higher.

Zhou Yongkang, who has been named in news reports as taking the lead in a recent crackdown that has seen prominent artist Ai Weiwei and numerous human rights lawyers “disappeared,” has over the past decade been intimately involved in the repression of Falun Gong practitioners. Zhou specifically named Falun Gong as a target for a pre-Olympic crackdown in which thousands of practitioners were detained. Six of them are among the list of individuals killed in early 2011.

“The death cases reported since January are a microcosm of the campaign against Falun Gong, as well as the Communist Party’s broader disregard for human life,” said Falun Dafa Information Center executive director Levi Browde. “Zhou Yongkang and other party thugs have, over the past decade, refined surveillance, intimidation, and torture methods on Falun Gong practitioners, and we’re now seeing these tactics being applied to an even broader segment of the Chinese population.”

“These Falun Gong deaths should serve as an alarm bell to the international community on how far party leaders will go to eliminate independently thinking members of Chinese society.”

The 26 victims come from all age groups, strata of society, and geographical regions. The youngest was a 32-year-old woman from Hebei province, and the oldest was a 71-year-old retired railroad worker from Hunan. Half of those killed (13 people) were abducted from their homes or workplaces simply because they were known to the authorities as practicing Falun Gong. At least six others were detained while exercising their right to free expression, such as printing and distributing leaflets to inform fellow Chinese of human rights abuses. Many of the victims had been detained or imprisoned prior to their most recent abduction, highlighting the persistent efforts of the Chinese authorities to seek out known Falun Gong practitioners.

The vast majority of victims died due to physical and psychiatric torture. Several were killed within weeks of their detention. In other cases, the victims had been sentenced to lengthy prison terms and, after years of torture and deprivation, died in custody or were released to their family on the verge of death, only to pass away shortly thereafter.

Half of those killed (13 people) had been held at prison camps, an indication of the extent of abuse suffered by Falun Gong practitioners at such facilities, in addition to re-education through labor camps. Perhaps the most dramatic such examples were three Falun Gong prisoners of conscience held at Jiamusi prison in Heilongjiang province who died within two weeks of each other after being taken to a special ward for heightened “transformation” efforts.

Several deaths were clearly connected to an intensified three-year “transformation” campaign launched by Communist Party leaders in mid-2010. In addition to the above-mentioned three, four other victims died after being abducted in late 2010 and taken to makeshift detention facilities in hotels, companies, or schools specifically dedicated to holding Falun Gong practitioners and using any means necessary to “transform” them. Upon their release but before their deaths, two men informed family members that they had been forced to consume unidentified drugs that caused headaches, dizziness, and memory loss.

The cases and details cited in the list were compiled from a variety of sources, including testimony of relatives or friends of the deceased and photographic evidence showing marks of torture.

In total, the Center has recorded the deaths of 3,434 Falun Gong practitioners as a result of various forms of persecution since 1999. Given the Chinese Communist Party’s significant efforts to obstruct the investigation of Falun Gong practitioners’ untimely deaths and reports of forced organ removal from an unknown number of Falun Gong detainees, the actual death tolls for 2011 and overall are believed to be significantly higher than what the Center has been able to document.

Since 1999, the Chinese Communist Party has carried out a widespread, brutal campaign of persecution to eradicate Falun Gong, a traditional Chinese spiritual and qigong practice, whose adherents in China still number in the tens of millions. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese who practice Falun Gong remain in captivity, rendering them the single largest group of prisoners of conscience in China.

The United Nations, Amnesty International, Chinese human rights lawyers, and Western media have documented Falun Gong torture and deaths at the hands of Chinese officials. In its annual report released last month, Amnesty International stated that Falun Gong practitioners who refused to renounce their beliefs “are typically tortured until they co-operate; many die in detention or shortly after release”. The Communist Party’s campaign and its implementation are in violation of Chinese law and, contrary to common reporting, Falun Gong was not banned as an “evil cult.”

Sample cases

The following cases illustrate typical circumstances surrounding recent Falun Gong deaths. The full list is available here.

Mr. Chen Shiming from Meishan in Sichuan province: In July 2010, Mr. Chen was abducted from his home. This was the fifth time he had been detained for practicing Falun Gong, including two previous stints in forced labor camps. He was punched and kicked as police dragged him into a police car. He was taken to a makeshift brainwashing center at Meishan 505 telecommunications department. At the center, he was injected with unidentified drugs and suspected that his food and drink were also laced with such substances. He was released when he began to suffer from hypertension. By then, he appeared to have lost his memory and other cognitive abilities. He could not stop shaking and had become extremely thin. He never recovered and passed away within less than six months.

Ms. Dai Lijuan, 48, from Wuxi in Jiangsu province: On June 20, 2003, agents from Baitang police station abducted Ms. Dai. She was taken to the Public Security Bureau and viciously beaten for three days, to the point of being in critical condition. The beatings and injections left Ms. Dai paralyzed, incontinent, and with muscle atrophy. She had difficulty speaking and moving her fingers. Her elderly mother cared for her, but she never recovered and died eight years later in March 2011. Photos of her smuggled out of China show her emaciated and wearing a diaper.

Ms. Zheng Baohua, 32, from Renqiu in Hebei province: Between 2000 and 2009, Ms. Zheng was detained four times for practicing Falun Gong and she was in custody for seven years. Her last arrest came in July 2008, when she was talking to people about Falun Gong and the persecution. She was sent to a brainswashing center and then the Tangshan Kaiping Re-education Through Labor camp, where she was beaten, shocked with electric batons, and brutally force-fed. In May 2009, she contracted tuberculosis. She was released in November 2009, when it reached late-stage. She never recovered and died in April 2011.

Founded in 1999, the Falun Dafa Information Center is a New York-based organization that documents the rights violations of adherents of Falun Gong (or “Falun Dafa”) taking place in the People’s Republic of China. In July of 1999 China’s autocratic Communist Party launched an unlawful campaign of arrests, violence, and propaganda with the intent of “eradicating” the apolitical practice; it is believed certain leaders feared the influence of the practice’ 100 million adherents. The campaign has since grown in violence and scope, with millions having been detained or sent to forced labor camps. The Center has verified details of over 3,000 deaths and over 63,000 cases of torture in custody. Falun Gong is a traditional-style Buddhist “qigong” practice, with roots in the Chinese heritage of cultivating the mind/body for health and spiritual growth.


Contacts: Gail Rachlin (+1 917-757-9780), Levi Browde (+1 845-418-4870), Erping Zhang (+1 646-533-6147), or Joel Chipkar (+1 416-731-6000)

Fax: 646-792-3916 Email: contact@faluninfo.net, Website: http://www.faluninfo.net/

The Kachin Flag Flies High in Texas

On Memorial Day Weekend I attended a gathering of Jinghpaw (Kachin) at the Lakeview Conference Center nestled in serene Waxahachie, Texas. The event was the 15th Annual Kachin Family Camp sponsored by the Dallas/Fort Worth Kachin Baptist Church. There could not have been a better location since there was a lake and many amenities for family recreation. Though I did not attend all the factions throughout the weekend I did manage to get some interviews, photos and some video. It also became a cultural learning experience for me as well.

I’ve attended many different cultural and religious gatherings and this was one to behold indeed. Steeped in tradition and culture this event had a little something for everyone who attended. I was immediately stuck by the warmth of the people, colorful regalia and ceremony. There were plenty of smiles to go around and the warm Texas sun only complemented this spiritual and festive occasion. Though this had a religious theme there was also a sense of cultural pride that permeated this event.

According to several participants this was also a show of solidarity to their brothers and sisters in Kachin State on the outer reaches of Burma. Though politics was far removed from this event attendees were well aware of the dire situation poised to their relations on the other side of the world. With two fresh battalions of Burmese troops deployed to Dima near the Kachin Independence Army Battalion 9 the realities of war loomed in the hearts of many. And if there was a message for the people in Kachin State it would be that these Jinghpaw were praying in earnest for their people back home, I as well. But for the most part it was a very fun time in spite of some dark realities in Burma.

It was also a very educational experience for me since I was reminded more than once that the “Red Indian” was considered a relative of this noble tribe of Jinghpaw people. Red Indian was the term given to the indigenous populations of the Americas since it distinguished us from the Indian’s of India. At least the Asian culture got it right since we were not from India yet was given the name Indian by Christopher “Wrong-Way” Columbus. The Jinghpaw consider us (Native Americans) relatives because it was said we were the descendants of the eldest of 7 brothers, Shan Htoi Gam, within their oral tradition.

Their Manau Dance bares a resemblance to our traditional dance and their use of feathers, animal designs and totem poles also bore a striking resemblance to indigenous populations of the New World. I found their buffalo carvings and other drawings quite compelling as well. For an ole crusty Injun like me to be considered a relative was a humbling experience and I was deeply honored. There were many other similarities such as the jingle dress that were shared by Jinghpaw and North American Tribes. Looking into the faces of their chubby cheek babies I could see my nieces and nephews plus knowing we are born with Mongolian spots also brought the point home that their may be a very real biological connection. In any event the Kachin gathering was a most enriching experience for me and if given the opportunity I will attend again.

Your Devil’s Advocate

The ARC of the Pikes Peak Region Annual Dinner: Entering the Star Gate

On May 21st The ARC of the Pikes Peak Region held and annual dinner and awards ceremony at the palatial Crowne Plaza Hotel. For those of you not aware of The ARC, it is an advocacy group dedicated to serving developmentally and intellectually challenged people of all age groups. They provide education and opportunities to people who would normally fall through the cracks in society. In any event I was there to do follow up interviews pertaining to the Joe Arridy story, an intellectually challenged person who was wrongfully executed many years ago. But what I discovered at the banquet was truly out of this world.

I’ve covered many stories from around the world and have grown quite cynical since humanity for the most part has been displaced by the concerns of material consequence. Fortunately this was not the case in Colorado Springs, Colorado on this hallowed night. Personally it was more like entering the proverbial Star Gate and being whisked away to a different universe inhabited by truly benevolent beings. The banquet was superb with the grace and elegance of a truly royal gathering. There was entertainment provided by Phil Taylor and the Bottom Line that added the perfect touch to this gala event. The meal was excellent and earned a 5 star rating from a culinary point of view.

Executive director Teddi Roberts gave a riveting speech along with other wonderfully talented people of this organization. World renowned Philanthropist and humanitarian Robert Perske and Terri Roberts awarded Denver Attorney David Martinez the first ever Robert Perske Justice for All Award for his invaluable efforts in garnering a pardon for Joe Arridy (Photo). Governor Bill Ritter sent a personal video message to ARC and honored the descendants of attorney Gail Ireland, the attorney who fought in vain to save the life of Joe Arridy. The event was not centered on Joe Arridy though but a multitude of accomplishments this truly noble organization, its members and donors were involved in over the last year. But what stole the show for me was the honors given to the beautiful people The ARC were dedicated to.

The smiles of joy these wonderful human beings gave as they received their awards were ever so endearing. I found it hard to hold back the tears as they gleamed with pride for they truly faced down and conquered their disabilities to become an integral part of society. In a world that has become deaf to the cries of the innocent it was refreshing earnest and selflessness. If only I could take them back through the Star Gate to the world from which I reside. They could teach our primitive life forms the lessons of kindness and understanding, what a wonderful planet it could be. But alas, this was only science fiction to be among true champions of humanity on this stellar night. I was surely on another galaxy where people cared for one another for the planet I live does not comprehend nor is capable of understanding the axiom of love and compassion. Besides, I would not want to run the risk of contaminating something as pure and beautiful as The ARC and all their inhabitance.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Harold Camping: False Prophet or False Messenger?

Predictably the earth did not end on May 21st but the residual after affects continue. People managed to sell or give away their worldly belongings, quite their lucrative jobs, garner massive debt and even kill their children under the stewardship of some bonehead named Harold Camping. But for all intents and purposes Harold did not sell or give away anything and still lives in the lap of luxury in spite of his grave predictions. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

There is no question we are living in the time of great change but it’s not the end of the world like so many people are predicting, just change. People toss this grave prediction on a multitude of ancient prophecies but I fear they lost the true message. In some cases opportunists have chosen to profiteer from the changes that are ever encroaching on mankind. From an indigenous point of view it’s not the end of the world but it’s an end of a cycle plain and simple.

There are dire consequences to mans inhumanity to man and prophecies have foreseen many dynamic earth changes on many plains of existence but the obliteration of earth is just not one of them. It is all survivable. In fact: throughout the world a multitude of dogmas and ideological principles have provided the secret to surviving the turbulent times that lay ahead. Change has already begun and man is powerless to stop the inevitable. Mans contribution to this change is mot on a physical plain but dynamic on a spiritual one. Of course this aspect of mans contribution is an intangible one but very real from a spiritual point of view, plain and simple.

It is up to the individual to seek out their own covenant within their respective dogma or ideological principle and only through this will they find the so called secrets of survival. But in a lemming society people will be lead by the nose to their own destruction for this is in a multitude of prophecies as well. For my people this is simply another sign of the era in which we live for this is the time of change, there is no question. If only people would heed this message but alas more human beings will succumb to such follies and false profiteers in the days and months to come.

Call it the lone wolf ideology if you will because running with the pack is sure to glean a bitter harvest. Within my culture our medicine or sacred people only provide us with the tools to seek out our spirituality since it is up to the individual to find their sacred covenant. We walk with a clear understanding that we are surrounded by a multitude of spirits and it does not matter if they are celestial or spiritual for we only classify them as either good or evil. Buttheads that whizz around in techno-mechanical contraptions or float through walls and junk are of no real relevance to us since we simply blow them off if they run their mouths about stupid stuff. If they ask or threaten us we simply utilize the tools we were taught since childhood and poof they are OUT OF HERE. You can’t go ga ga over some lame spirit or other being just because they say so or allow fear to dictate your response because you will be toast, capice?

Ole Harold Camping is still learning that hard lesson I’ll wager. I don’t really think Hal is a false prophet but truly a misguided one who did not bother the check his messenger to see if it was the right one. He must have gotten all ga ga when some dork spirit talked to him or moved an ashtray around or something. You must make sure you are being guided by good spirits and have faith when you ask if the spirit is cool. It’s that absolute faith deal I keep rambling on about in all my writings and it’s universal throughout all dogmas and ideological principles of the universe. But it’s absolute faith on a personal level not absolute faith as dictated by another man. You must dial direct within your respective dogma or ideological principal to obtain true spirituality. The lemming mentality will surely kill you. Be a lone wolf for survival rests in your hands alone.

The key to surviving the times that lay ahead is there for all to see and it is not a secret requiring reams of books to figure out either. You just have to pay attention to your sacred books or oral traditions and walk a good way. Mans influence on the religions of the world was a negative one from the very start since they used religion as an excuse to kill others for material consequence. They have polluted their own sacred texts and penciled in a multitude of contradictions just so they could control the masses. But there are dogmas and ideological principles that continue to adhere to the core tenets of their sacred axioms. It is my firm belief all religions had solid foundations in true spirituality for there is no wrong religion only mans interpretations of them like in the case of whizz-bang Camping or the other creepazoids who purport to have exclusivity within their respective dogma or ideological principle. Wake up and smell the fry-bread for Pete’s sakes.

Unfortunately it was also prophesized that the majority of humanity would choose to follow the Pied Pipers of deception to their doom while following the axiom of stupid. So I guess this story is for the minority of the people of the earth regardless of the tint of their flesh and the dogma or ideological principle they endear. Material wealth will soon be of no consequence as the times become more virulent but common sense and a little bit of absolute faith within ones chosen dogma will determine ones destiny. You can run but you can’t hide from this era we live, even in death, because we all must pay our chosen due no matter what quarter or plain of existence we reside in. Been there, done that for I had to learn the hard way and for some reason I’m here to tell this tale. And I’m not alone for there are a multitude of other messengers from not only the indigenous world but throughout the universe who have seen and experienced what I did. I call it the “Big Slap” because my ego got its ass kicked when I had my near death experience, holay! It was sort of bitchen because I am now comfortable within my dogma big time and look to the future with promise for all of humanity for the meek shall inherit the earth when it is all said and done.

Common sense dictates that people must be prepared to fend for themselves with a back pack you can grab when danger approaches because governments of the world will soon be powerless to cope with the waves of disasters that continue to cleanse the planet. On a good day the Federal Emergency Management Agency is fighting an up hill battle to assist the general public since it just takes time to garner all the resources needed. You must be prepared to survive for at least a week before assistance can even make its way to your location depending on the event you experience. Compound this with a multitude of disasters in a multi state region and resources will be strained at best.

Your life will truly be in your own hands and you will not have anyone to blame but yourself if the crappola hits the fan in your region of the planet. Combine the physical aspect of survival with your spiritual dogmatic covenant and you will have the razors edge in survivability in your hip pocket and know which spirits are cool. You must take your destiny into your own hands if you remotely plan to survive the era in which we live. And if you have elders or kids in your care you must prepare for their survival as well. Take it for what it’s worth but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Things to do During the End of the World, May 21st

It’s May 21st and to some this will mark the end of the world. Well, I had better put on my End O the World Boxers. Nothing worst then being caught with color coded underwear in an accident or ‘the end of the world’ I always say. It seems like a nice day and I have to shoot some film anyway so maybe I’ll catch the final moments of earth since my camera will be up and running. But there is a problem though, who will watch my film after we are all gone?

From the Mayan perspective we are already nearing the end of a cycle but not the ‘end of the world’. In fact from many dogmatic perspectives we simply are coming to an end of cycles but the ‘end of the world’ was not mentioned. Funny how within the very faith some bonehead proclaims to profess ‘the end of the world’ there is a passage about this time of change, “The meek shall inherit the earth”. Hmm, how can the meek inherit the earth if the world ended? Maybe he spilled coffee on that page of his sacred book or something.

Oh well, it is not my place to judge and if it’s the end of the world for him and his follower then so be it. As for me, I’m going to load up my equipment, join my film crew and do some interviews with a group of humanitarians, eat some chow and possibly have a couple of brews, Canadian of course. Then if the ‘end of the world’ happens to arise I’ll cancel my other projects and watch the show. After all, I will have a front row seat if everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

From my tribal tradition, there is no end of the world but it is imperative that we seek out our own spirituality for our covenant with the Creator is a personal one. The key to surviving this time of change is to maintain our connection within our respective dogma and have absolute faith. Though my people believe we will face many tribulations during this time of change, ‘the end of the world’ is not one of them. Maybe my ancestors spilled coffee on their oral traditions but I doubt it since their prophecies have been right on course since time immemorial.

But in a lemming society people will follow rather than seek out the truth for themselves. It really does not matter which dogma or ideological principle one follows since the answers to surviving any obstacle or challenge on earth, spirit world or space is written in black and white or carved in stone. Within my tradition we believe the Creator sent many messengers throughout the universe to teach of right and wrong, good and evil and other moral principles for man to imbibe in during their stay on earth or other celestial body life exists on. And it is up to us to have the ability to recognize the right messenger that would come to warn us of any impending danger that lies before mankind. But that is up to the individual to discern within their respective dogmas and it is not my place to force my tradition on others. Besides, my dogma is relatively boring by western standards since we don’t have flashy TV shows and other goodies like that. We just pray, walk in a good way and follow our hearts and spirits.

For that matter, many people don’t realize nor pay attention to their respective dogmas or ideological principle for they don’t recognize the signs that were given. In any event this should be a warning to everyone that it is up to the individual to seek out the truth and not listen to some bonehead rather than read their sacred texts or oral traditions. Spirituality is a universal concept and not relegated to one specific dogma or ideological principle. One must be honest to them selves and not be influenced by mere mortals who proclaim they are the ultimate source of knowledge of dogmatic truth. Cutting off my testicles and hopping a comet is not in my equation either, remember Heavens Gate? Besides, I’ve grown fond of the boys and parting would be such sorrow eh. I am comfortable within my dogma and I don’t need some dork breathing down my neck telling me what G*D said since I dial direct and cut out the middleman. And I think you should do the same, capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate

Joe Arridy Legacy: In the Presence of Greatness

In death there is life and nothing could better epitomize this like the gathering on May 19th sponsored by The ARC Pikes Peak Region Colorado Springs when Little Joe’s grave site was re-dedicated. The sad and tragic tale of a mentally disadvantaged person (Joe Arridy) who was wrongfully executed for the rape and murder of a little girl 72 years ago bore unexpected fruit. Though the valiant efforts to save Joe from the gallows by attorney Gail Ireland were in vain he laid the groundwork for future champions of humanity to pick up where he left off. Now Little Joe has been posthumously pardoned by the noble Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter in this historic ground breaking event but the story does not end here.

The moment I began to covering the Joe Arridy story in 2007 I found myself surrounded by greatness and nobility in the world of humanity. Richard Vorrhees sociologist/anthropologist presented a simply yet poignant poem by Marguerite Young about Joe, *“The Clinic,” to renowned author and humanitarian **Robert Perske (Photo) and in doing so he reincarnated the spirit of Little Joe in 1992. Enraged by such a travesty of justice Mr. Perske wrote a book, **“Deadly Innocence” that chronicled the life and death of Joe Arridy in an era where mob rule, ego and lies influenced the judiciary. The story was compelling in many ways since it also exposed a dark side of American history where hatred and prejudice was the norm and socially acceptable. I would not have been privy to such humanitarians if it were not for Daniel Sanchez Leonetti author of the award winning screenplay “Woodpecker Waltz”, an epic accounting of Little Joe Arridy’s journey to Death Row.

I began to document the journey of Joe Arridy’s story and in the process I became spellbound by everyone involved in the fight to exonerate him. Through the lenses of my camera I witnessed the spirit of Joe Arridy as his message of loving and innocence took on a life of its own. Though his personal life was a tragedy his spirit enchanted everyone involved in this ever evolving project. From Craig Severa of ARC placing a grave stone on Little Joe’s grave to the moment Daniel Leonetti conceived an idea to garnering a pardon for Little Joe I was hooked. The unseen power and dynamic of Little Joe’s spirit was truly alive and living in all of us and continues to this day. Then Antonio Sanchez, Daniel’s cousin, contacted his dear friend and Denver attorney David Martinez to see if he could accomplish the impossible, a posthumous pardon for Joe. Mr. Martinez became driven and worked tirelessly like a man possessed, then he achieved the impossible and Joe was pardoned by Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. It was as if the spirit of Gail Ireland came to finish his work through David. When Mr. Martinez learned of the pardon there were no words to describe the elation this brilliant attorney felt.

Pryor to the gravesite re-dedication, on May 18th at the Pioneer Museum in Colorado Springs ARC sponsored “A Conversation about Joe” where all the parties involved in the Joe Arridy cause came to speak. It was at this time I was introduced to Terri Bradt the grand daughter of attorney Gail Ireland. It was apparent she was a chip off the ole block and I was enriched from our meeting. Both she and her husband Terry were warm, gracious and truly royalty within this gathering since it was her grandfather Gail Ireland who laid the groundwork for Joe Arridy’s pardon. Terri also gave me some invaluable insights in her grandfather’s history since he did not let any grass grow under his feet and became Attorney General for two distinguished terms in Colorado. He also bartered multi-state water agreements in the Rocky Mountain region and has become a legend within legal circles as well as an intrinsic part of Colorado and US history. Ms. Bradt wrote a book titled, ****“Gail Ireland, Colorado Citizen Lawyer” that chronicled Mr. Ireland’s many accomplishments and as I mentioned earlier, he laid the groundwork for Little Joe’s pardon. His tireless contribution to this cause was invaluable to Mr. Martinez and other researchers.

The frosting on the proverbial cake was when Ms. Bradt spoke of her beloved grandfather Gail Ireland. The personal insights about this champion of justice were priceless and gave us all a glimpse of who he was as a human being, a loving grandpa. Surely I was walking among true nobility and it was a good thing I had my camera rolling to capture it all since this was history in the making. There was a bit of irony for Terri and her husband as they toured around Southern Colorado though. They informed me that they encountered some negative feedback over the pardon of Joe Arridy since some people still purported his guilt or were not convinced Little Joe was innocent. In essence she and her husband got to sample some of the closed mindedness her grandfather endured while struggling to save Joe’s life from extermination. Fortunately they were undeterred by this chance encounter and the people who rambled on about the case were not aware of whom this couple was. I found it darkly humorous in my crusty sardonic way. Imagine, after 72 years and reams of data proving Joe was innocent some boneheads still had doubts. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

But no story about Joe Arridy would be complete without mentioning my friend and colleague Robert Perske. This vibrant man is truly a champion of the weak and innocent for he continues to be the driving force and inspiration to everyone he encounters. His eloquent and endearing manner is deceiving and conceals the fact he is also determined and dedicated warrior in the causes of humanity. He is a titan among the mere mortals who dares to cross his path and he’s an articulate adversary indeed. It was said he has large wings and it is an honor to have been accepted into his fold. He introduced me to a colleagues of his, the vivacious Anne Treimanis who built a web site dedicated to Joe Arridy simply called *****“Friends of Joe Arridy”. She had compiled many facts about the case and this site has become a bastion for those who stand for the cause of justice and human rights. I later learned she was a very prominent and successful attorney within the state she resides and one tough cookie in the courtroom. But she, like the rest of us, was smitten by the unbridled loving innocence Little Joe emanated up until he took his last breath. In all actuality Joe is very much alive and well living in the hearts of all who come to know him.

There are others I have not mentioned yet including the descendants of Joe Arridy, Maria Tucker and Angelina Sanchez for their stories are very compelling indeed and deserve more than a paragraph. Maria has archived Joe’s story and court documents in the library she works but this and other stories will be told when it is all said and done in the days to come. For now I still have a banquet to attend and more interviews to film because this story is not done for it is evolving as of this writing. And in the midst of all this greatness are three crusty injun dudes, Daniel, Antonio and me. At least we were not mistaken for the pool cleaners eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate

* http://www.friendsofjoearridy.com/The_Poem.html

** http://www.robertperske.com/

*** http://www.amazon.com/Deadly-Innocence-Scott-Burnside/dp/0446601543

**** http://www.terribradt.com/gail-ireland.htm

***** http://www.friendsofjoearridy.com/index.html

Human Rights Tribunal in Canada Finds Chinese Association Discriminated against Falun Gong

In the press release I just received from the good people of the Falun Gong there is a correction I would like to make. In regard to the corrupt Chinese government making false claims of being communists, they are not. The real name of this fetid group of criminals should be the Chinese Fascist Party (CFP). It is obvious they read Mein Kampf since their axiom is in complete contrast to Mao Tse Tung’s Little Red Book. Their ideology is more likened to Marque De Sade and General George Armstrong Custer with a dash of Adolf Hitler just for flavor. Rape, torture and death are their signature. And the free world turns the other way since international corporations are making astronomical profits from slave labor. China has made crimes against humanity a fashionable and lucrative endeavor indeed.

Their continued butchering of Falun Gong members to harvest human organs is only one of the many ghoulish activities this criminal regime is guilty of. Slave labor guarantees that there is no love or pride in craftsmanship since people are working under duress. This is very unfortunate since Chinese people have always been master craftsmen. The fact many workers plan a mass suicide if wages did not rise should be a major red flag that not all is well in the land of lies. In fact, China is poised for internal revolt and it’s only a matter of time. Dare we mention the fact China has been preparing for war with the west for better than 20 years? Businessmen who’ve left China are full of horror stories.

Now we are financing their abhorrent and reprehensible conduct by purchasing their defective and poisonous goods simply because it’s cheap. You get what you pay for and Chinese goods are cheap at any price. Quality has gone out the window as corporation after corporation moves its operation to the land of deception and moral ambiguity to cash in on slavery. In return Chinese corporations have landed in the good ole USA and their fetid practices continue on US soil. For example; many people working in their kitchens and sushi bars are indentured and trapped in feudal service. They are very fearful of telling anyone about the treatment they receive from their Chinese handlers.

People I have interviewed work 12 to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week with no break and get paid about $1,000 a month for slaving in America. When there is a question about their visa they are simply moved to another part of the country. Others are threatened with deportation since they were brought to America with bogus documents. If they speak out their families back in China would be killed or tortured. Since many are illegal they can be murdered to silence them without being missed in Canada or the US for they do not exist on paper. Its business as usual and it is happening right underneath our noses.

The frosting on the cake is the fact China is exporting hate and acts of violence against Falun Gong members in both Canada and the US. There is no telling what else this criminal regime is doing in the western hemisphere but espionage against Canada and the US is off the charts. It is easy to obtain fraudulent papers from corrupt UN officials and bogus religious organizations on the take according to refugees I interviewed. China’s involvement in human trafficking in the US and abroad is notorious within secretive Asian circles. Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations are deeply involved in the transport of slaves and their hands are also bloody. Small wonder this organization turns a deaf ear on human rights issues for they are equally culpable.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission will soon have their hands full and so will the health department because quality and freshness are not a priority. Only now China is addressing food safety but that is only a ruse. They don’t really plan to make food safe in China or anywhere else for that matter. And USDA inspectors sent to China will have a rude awakening provided they are not on the take as well. Sadly the Chinese Cartel already has a source of truly fresh and edible food but they are exclusive to elite party members. The Chinese citizen must fend for themselves so you can imagine the vial slop that is exported to us. Don’t forget the pets that were killed by poisonous imported dog food. The Chinese baby formula fiasco continues across Asia to this day. The sex drug coated infant toys and the deadly cribs that already tainted our borders should have been a wakeup call. And the list goes on and on but what do we really care, just so it’s cheap.

$15,000 in damages awarded over revoked membership
08 May 2011

New York–In a decision challenging the Communist Party’s efforts to extend the persecution of Falun Gong beyond China’s borders, the Human Rights Tribunal in Ontario ruled on April 27 that a local Chinese association had discriminated against an elderly Falun Gong practitioner when revoking her membership and using demeaning labels to refer to her faith.

“I conclude that the respondents breached the Code and discriminated against the complainant on the basis of her creed,” wrote tribunal vice-chair Ms. Michelle Flaherty in the decision. “The Tribunal orders the corporate respondent to pay the complainant the sum of $15,000 for loss arising from the infringement of her rights.”

In 2001, the Ottawa Chinese Seniors Association revoked the membership of 78-year-old Canadian citizen Ms. Huang Daiming. At the time, several association officials indicated that the reason was because she practiced Falun Gong. When Ms. Huang tried to contact the officials to challenge her expulsion, they used derogatory terms to refer to Falun Gong, including the “evil cult” label that has become a centerpiece of Communist Party propaganda. The tribunal also found that the use of such a label in itself constitutes a violation.

“I find that this comment [“evil cult”] constitutes discrimination within the meaning of the Code,” wrote Flaherty in the decision. “The comment had the effect of demeaning the complainant and affronting her dignity on the basis of her creed. ”

Discrimination and hate incitement against Falun Gong practitioners has been a central tactic used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its efforts to wipe out the traditional Chinese discipline. Inside China, discrimination remains pervasive, including in employment and education. Outside China, Chinese businesses and prominent figures in overseas communities routinely come under direct or indirect pressure from the CCP to take action against Falun Gong practitioners.

In the Ontario case, in addition to the plaintiff’s membership revocation, other examples of the association engaging in demeaning behavior against Falun Gong came to light through the proceedings. In particular, at a Chinese New Year’s Celebration event in February 2002 anti-Falun Gong propaganda was on display. One witness also reported overhearing a representative of the Chinese consulate telling a member of the association to exclude Falun Gong practitioners from their activities, though this direct connection to the Chinese government could not be verified.

“This decision is not only a victory for Ms. Huang, it is an important step in challenging the Communist Party’s suppression of Falun Gong and the hate speech that has fueled violence and animosity against pracitioners for over a decade,” says Executive Director Levi Browde. “We hope this ruling can provide members of Chinese communities in Canada and elsewhere leverage to resist CCP pressures to discriminate against their Falun Gong compatriots.”

In recent years, when victims of discrimination and vilification outside China have challenged it in legal proceedings, tribunals have repeatedly ruled that the treatment meted out indeed violated Falun Gong practitioners’ basic rights. In August 2010, The U.S. Department of Justice acknowledged that a Chinese restaurant in Flushing had acted inappropriately when refusing to serve Falun Gong practitioners in 2008 and required that the restaurant take various actions to prevent future discrimination (news). In February 2004, the Ontario Superior Court found that the Chinese Deputy Consul General in Toronto had committed libel when he called a Falun Gong practitioner an “evil cult” member in a local newspaper (news).

Since 1999, the Chinese Communist Party has carried out a widespread, brutal campaign of persecution to eradicate Falun Gong, a traditional Chinese spiritual and qigong practice, whose adherents in China still number in the tens of millions. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese who practice Falun Gong remain in captivity, rendering them the single largest group of prisoners of conscience in China (article). The United Nations, Amnesty International, Chinese human rights lawyers, and Western media have documented Falun Gong torture and deaths at the hands of Chinese officials (reports). The campaign and its implementation are in violation of Chinese law and, contrary to common reporting, Falun Gong was not banned as an “evil cult.” (analysis).

The plaintiff and her attorney are available for interview upon request. A copy of the tribunal’s ruling is also available.

Founded in 1999, the Falun Dafa Information Center is a New York-based organization that documents the rights violations of adherents of Falun Gong (or “Falun Dafa”) taking place in the People’s Republic of China. In July of 1999 China’s autocratic Communist Party launched an unlawful campaign of arrests, violence, and propaganda with the intent of “eradicating” the apolitical practice; it is believed certain leaders feared the influence of the practice’ 100 million adherents. The campaign has since grown in violence and scope, with millions having been detained or sent to forced labor camps. The Center has verified details of over 3,000 deaths and over 63,000 cases of torture in custody (reports / sources). Falun Gong is a traditional-style Buddhist “qigong” practice, with roots in the Chinese heritage of cultivating the mind/body for health and spiritual growth.


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Al Qaeda is going to Retaliate? What about the Last 10 years?

Just when you thought the news could not get any dumber then the media flashes a blurb that Al Qaeda is going to retaliate for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Umm, well aren’t we at war with these Bozo’s already? Maybe someone should send them a communiqué and remind them we are still in the midst of heated combat. Those are not canneries flying past their windows, they are drones. We’ve given up our civil rights already so I guess in response we will simply just eliminate what is left of our Bill of Rights and the Constitution that will show them. As for being safer, now we have to contend with trigger happy cops eager to try out their tasers if we blink suspiciously or mention fava beans.

Though we’ve bombed the Mideast into the Stone Age killing civilians by the gaggle Americas have taken a major hit since we now live in a paranoid society that has become afraid of their own shadow. We are the chicken nation, cluck, cluck, cluck. Homeland Security has Americans spying on Americans while the Taliban laughs all the way to the bank and now little Joey Zimmermann gets felt up at the airport. We live in lock-down conditions and everyone is a suspect in this upside down convoluted form of government. G.W. ushered in the unconstitutional PATRIOT ACT and now tyranny reigns. If that were not bad enough Obama quietly renewed this travesty of government and wrote in a few more pages and he’s a constitutional attorney. How far beyond stupid is that? Guess we now know why he was a community organizer and chair folder. Gads, I hate this proxy Bush third term but the military industrial complex and all its investors love it. So do speculators and the banking communities. Dare I mention all the third world dictators who continue to receive billions in US taxpayer’s money while we scrounge around in dumpsters for sustenance?

The frosting on the cake surely is the threat from alleged Al Qaeda lackeys that America faces retaliation for whacking bin Laden, paleeze. Maybe these buttheads should head back to the Mideast and catch a glimpse of what is happening because it would appear these guys are living on another planet. Maybe they are hanging out with them space dorks who share technology with pinheads and murderers back on earth. 10 years transpired since G.W.’s War came into being, under false pretenses thanks to Donald Rumsfeld. Many of our kids died in the process already and you have to wonder what everyone is thinking and if they are capable of sound logic. Obviously everyone has their heads up their posterior and is incapable of thinking outside of political correctness and corporate profits. So Osama is dead, what’s the excuse gong to be now? Maybe we’ll invent another noble cause to finish off the rest of our youthful population and spend millions more on smart bombs that still kill civilians.

I can see it now, Al Qaeda made another threat and it’s the Americans who will bare the brunt of more laws that restrict civil liberties and quash what is left of the Constitution of the United States of America. Guess we will have to go to the airport naked and prepare for cavity inspections like in county jail. The reality is, Al Qaeda and the Taliban deployed a Weapon of Mass Destruction and everybody missed it because it was dropped on our Constitution decimating democracy as we once knew it. But I guess you missed it, oh well.

Your Devil’s Advocate


The Day To Day Battle with Bonehead Spirits

If you were paying attention to your respective dogma or ideological principle you would already know that we are surrounded by many different beings or spirits. Reams of sacred texts have taught how people coped with spirits that influenced their lives over the years. For the most part these restless souls are still wandering around within the confines of the spirit-world kicking over garbage cans. Granted there are many more apparitious dudes floating around and some of them are not so cool. If you paid attention to your sacred texts or oral traditions these dorks are actually no biggie and a simple request or prayer will whisk these buttheads of the dark out of your hair.

It does not really matter which dogma you follow since they all speak about these minions and how to cope with them so it should be a no brainer. Unfortunately many people continue to walk this duel life where spirits or ghosts don’t exist yet they claim to be devout followers of their respective dogmas. Now really, how far beyond stupid is that eh? The cold hard fact of the matter is, spirits exist and always have existed since before your dogma was ever written. The only real difference between us and spirit is that sack of meat we lug around called the body. Other than that, we are spirits in every respect and whence we kick the proverbial bucket we will be floating around doing what spirits do. Hopefully you don’t decide to pushing ashtrays around and terrorize your widow. But if that’s your choice then so be it. But I believe there is a protocol within all dogma’s that guide you through the routine after you leave life on earth so maybe its time to pay attention.

Frankly I find any and all parlor games some rapacious spirits like to pull off quite lame and I am not impressed one iota. Give me a break, so you’re dead but that does not give you license to barge into my pad and screw with my sleep or move my furniture around. Moving chairs is just plain stupid for a spirit to do in my opinion. Why the hell would these boneheads waste their time trying to freak me out anyway? If they really wanted to do something they could clean out my fridge or water the horses but waking me up at odd hours of the night just pisses me off and they don’t get the response they were looking for. Fact is, a person should never be brow beaten by any spirit no matter how ugly they try to make themselves. I prefer to whisk the air around them while showing them the door since I have no use for these foolish apparitions. I could give a flying crappola about their threats either and I’ve been given all kinds of threats by these goons of darkness in the past. They don’t have power unless you feed them with your fear, plain and simple.

Oh they will rush up to you with some hideous looking face they contorted to freak you out but that’s all they really can do unless you play into the fear factor. But if you stand your ground, even if you’re freaking, they will eventually leave you along since you did not feed into their B.S. After all, bad or lame spirits feed on fear and that is what gives them power, just remember that. But your respective dogma will provide you the necessary tools to cope with these butt-cracks of the hereafter provided you are paying attention. Within my tradition we don’t give these crumbs an inch since they will take a mile if you let them and fear is their primary objective. It is not to say I would not get startled but who wouldn’t if someone or something tried to spook you in the dark. But once I get my bearings I am chasing them around with a broom just to screw with them and they don’t like that at all. As far as I’m concerned, they were punks and sidewalk commandos in life and they still are punks in death. Besides, they were too stupid to continue their journey and chose to hang out here. How far beyond stupid is that eh?

The big deal about coping with spirits, especially at this juncture in time, is the fact the spirit-world is interfacing with our plain of existence more and more. People are doing some lame things these days and its all about those “voices in their heads” gawd. Those voices are them butthead spirits telling people to toss Joey in the oven or whack their spouse’s heads off. Within my tradition we already know the shroud of evil has descended on humanity. Deception and greed has become the order of the day where humanity is of minor consequence and regardless of how bad this is, it’s only a sign of bigger things to come. The reality is the fact man’s nonsense will soon be washed away as people struggle to survive natural events rendering man’s influence only to a pimple on an elephant’s ass by comparison. We may think we are struggling now but in the future this will be a fond memory.

My people embrace this time of change since we’ve lived in squalor for generations, well after my people were colonized and placed in reservations that is. For us indigenous types this time of change is liberation from hundreds of years of lies and broken promises. You guys only get play in this fetid crappola for the next few years, so you lucked out in a way. And I don’t want to receive any hate mail telling me how prejudice I am with white people because I have a ton of nonnative friends I work with in the entertainment industry. The message of change and spirituality is a universal message for all of humanity and not relegated just to us red guys. We are not privy to this time of change; it’s just that this axiom was never removed from out tradition.

Charlemagne and his minions made sure all you Euro dudes lost your ancient traditions and in a way he was Europe’s General Armstrong Custer for all the death and destruction Charlemagne and his lineage bestowed on those who did not pray his way, what a spaz. And they called him the great builder of Europe, paleeze. Hmm, come to think of it why is it when I mention my indigenous history people get the red ass and tell me that I should be more kind and sensitive about it? There is nothing sensitive about what happened to my people since it was wholesale genocide, rape and torture and there is no kind way to describe a holocaust either. Unfortunately this was committed by Europeans and their descendants so there is no way to gently unmask this reality. There, I vented…

I still think spirits from the Creator have a great sense of humor since, for what ever reason, they chose me to be one of the many messengers preparing man for the time of change. Believe me, I did not choose this job since I was perfectly happy being a goon in my corrupt little world shaking down creeps, pushing my weight around and doing wheel stands with my 53’ Panhead. But nooooooo, here I am warning people of impending danger and asking them to seek out their own spirituality within their respective dogmas in order to survive the times that lay ahead. In a way there is consolation though, it was also prophesized many people would not heed my ramblings or that of their respective religious icons so if you don’t buy into my stuff, oh well, ain’t no skin off my nose but at least I did give you a heads up.

I am just not the fluffy messenger with trumpets playing and all that. I’m just a crusty old native guy with a salty disposition and a chip on my shoulder who could give a flying crappola what people think since I really don’t care. Just remember that spirits are on the prowl and the secret to dealing with them and the time of change is written within your scared texts, I know because I even read it. Maybe you should read your sacred texts; it may save your life in more ways than one. Now was that fluffy or what?

Your Devil’s Advocate

Is Osama Dead Or What?

After listening to miles of blarney from the mainstream media I went from believing Osama is dead to wondering if Osama is chatting with Saddam at a resort in Macau. It all started out OK with all the hype and excitement over whacking Osama bin Laden but when all the smoke cleared I wondered deep inside, “Is this just another political stage production?” The convenient excuse machine began to pump excuse after excuse then red flags went up. But really, how would showing pictures of a dead Bin Laden be more inflammatory to Al Qaeda then physically killing their spiritual leader? They would be madder than a hornet’s nest if he were actually killed, picture or no picture.

As per usual the media began their campaign of stacking story after story until the news began to contradict each other but by then there was no telling what the truth was, good ploy though. In fact this whole bin Laden thing stinks to high heaven and sadly there is no one with credibility we can trust to give us the straight facts. We may hear what we want to hear but cold hard facts are not in the equation these days. I felt bad for press secretary Jay Carney because he had that “I peed in the swimming pool” look big time. Obama should have said nothing for he is not the greatest prevaricator of all time either. If there was a legitimate reason for concealing the photo they blew that one out of the water and it’s all down hill from here.

The alleged shooting of Osama bin Laden has taken on the persona of an elaborate political event that degraded to the level of a cheesy sideshow. Snake oil salesmen out in force spinning their yarns in classic convincing flare. Eventually a version everyone finds palatable will become the new truth. Facts and details that don’t fit the new version will fade from focus and ultimately out of mind. Whether or not bin Laden was killed a few days or years ago and if he was even killed will not matter in the grand scheme of things. If Osama showed up at a 7-11 in Burbank after closing time at the Copacabana I would not be surprised. I’d just buy my politically incorrect pack of cigarettes and be on my way. Hopefully his entourage would be reasonably sober and avoid stumbling onto my motorcycle spilling their Mai Tai’s on my paint job. Gads, I hate that.

Come to think of it that bogus execution video of Saddam Hussein also sucked. With all the spiffy digital cameras available you would think someone used a real camera instead of a pixilated cell phone cam for the execution of the century. Well maybe the execution of the decade since now we have bin Laden’s field execution. His hanging left a lot to be desired also since it was just too full of flaws and dead space for me. It looked stupid so it was stupid. But hind sight is 20/20 and it is clear this was another questionable death of a very prolific dictator. Someone should have loped Saddam’s cabeza off and place it on the hood of his Volvo. Then maybe I might have bought into his death. He might be in Kennebunkport Maine with Osama bin Laden playing shuffleboard. I bet Saddam would have gotten up in a quick hurry if someone started carving on his throat after the hanging. If Osama was actually killed a few days ago then the government did a bang up job of botching up this simple PR job by making things appear very conspiratorial. Befuddled and besmirched by inconsistent rhetoric credibility has become mote indeed and this has turned into a photo op assassination. The victims and survivors, left out in the cold again.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Is Barack Obama Really an American? The $64 Question

Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Sotoro, or what ever, has been in a heated battle with birthers since he first ran for president of the United States of America. Well now he’s been president for 2 years and the controversy rages on but is it a valid point to reconnoiter? This is a free country and it is everyone’s right to ask and explore any question or issue they choose. For whatever its worth I think this is all nothing more than a distraction since this argument is not going any further than gathering support money for a mot point and nothing will come of it. Surely there are more pressing issues to contend with in this age of chaos.

There are a myriad of reasons why I believe Barack Hussein Obama is American but I’ll just give you an overview. The family tree on his mothers (Stanley Ann Dunham) side reads more like a “who is who” in US history. I am not a particular fan of Barack’s policies at times but I think he is as American as George Washington, or was he British? I found that his bloodline runs blue and pierces deep into the rich and tumultuous history of Ireland and England. Gads, he is related to all kinds of historic dudes throughout the ages. The Dunham family is immersed in history with quite a pedigree indeed. As for his dad, he was simply a young idealist from Kenya with some provocative liaisons with questionable political underpinnings. I don’t think Barack was being indoctrinated into communism when he visited with his dad for the only month they ever shared. I bet he wanted to get acquainted with the father he never knew and had a millions questions and issues to work out. I don’t buy into the various renditions of how he grew up that popped up recently, including his latest version though. His childhood was more a tragic journey and not the smoking gun of conspiracy people are looking for. Ole Arnold Schwarzenegger Kennedy was Austrian born and yet he was allowed to plunge California into economic chaos. Dare we mention the political affiliations his family enjoined in the past or is that different?

Constitution of the United States of America: Article Two, Clause 5

“No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

Since I live by this document I must stand by Barack Obama on this issue since he is an American, lock stock and tomahawk. I may have some issues with our president but his lineage is not one of them. But I do have some issues with this part of his contract with America, his oath of office.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

To preserve, protect and defend Constitution of the United States, hmm. He is not the first president in recent years to sidestep the most important document in the United States of America either. This document has been pushed, tweaked and molded to fit the needs of previous presidents and their corporate constituents to such a degree it is all but unrecognizable, their interpretation that is. Sounds like religion because it is being used for geopolitical purposes rather than what it was intended for. Barack is a constitutional attorney so it’s not like he does not know the law of the land yet he continues down the path of unconstitutional lawlessness with legislation totally contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America and that is a slight problem eh. As usual we’ve taken the path of least resistance and allow our politicians to boldly violate the core tenets of this country. Use it or loose it and from all indicators we have lost it. Soon democracy will fade from existence as austerity becomes the catchword for the loss of national sovereignty but at least we got a birth certificate out of the deal.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Donald “Prescription Drug Scam” Rumsfeld: What Condi Forgot to Say

There seems to be much friction between Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice these days. Clearly the two mixed like oil and water during their tour of service within the Bush Administration. But as mud flies over Donnie’s book “By His Own Rules” over condescending statements about Condi she could have fired back about his reprehensible prescription drug scam that cost US taxpayers billions in bogus new costs in this sham legislation. Condi could have fired back about how Donnie excused the primary purpose the Iraq war (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and wrote off bold faced lies as “misstatements”. His portfolio proves he had all to gain by war since he was so heavily invested the corrupt war and healthcare industry that lines the pockets of mendacious political lackeys like him. But he could not have gotten any lower then to prey on the elderly Medicare recipients with this bogus prescription drug scam. Granted he was a pharmaceutical industry lackey before he was a Bush prevaricator. Of course, he paints himself a victim while pointing blame to others in his memoir, paleeze.

Further, his literary attempt to glorify a bogus war only reeks of the swill that propagated this corporate backed military action in the first place. In essence Donald justified the war regardless of who he conveniently blamed for erroneous WMD intelligence and fed into the hysteria to garner public support. It is funny how we continue to court thugs in the Mid-East who committed even more egregious crimes against their own people than Saddam while turning our backs to the cries for democracy. The media continues to state things like “Well at least Mubarak was an ally to the US”. So what if he was pocketing corporate and US government funds while enslaving and murdering his own people. I guess that stuff don’t count anymore eh. We now have blood on our hands, thanks in part by Donnie “The Schlock” Rumsfeld. This bonehead is truly a prevaricator extraordinaire and should be remembered in history as the creep who raised the cost of healthcare while lining his own fetid pockets and corporations he was invested in. Small wonder his German relations disowned him or did you forget that part? Maybe Tony “Baloney” Blair and he can go on a book signing expedition together. It is interesting to note that the very same corrupt US industries that were kicked out of Iraq during Bush seniors reign of terror were reintroduced into Iraq on the very same day many years later by G.W. or is that just another coincidence?

Now news is surfacing about how the corrupt corporate machine was already planning war of some kind in Iraq to spank Saddam months before 9-11. This raises some eyebrows to say the very least. The fact most of the people allegedly involved in the 9-11 catastrophe were of Saudi decent (13) is even more telling since this pointed an accusatory finger far from Iraq. Sightings of the alleged perpetrators continue to this day even though they are supposedly dead, hmm. So it is obvious G.W. started a revenge war with little merit and ole B.S. artist Donald Rumsfeld fanned the flames of deceit to a nation. Maybe I don’t drink enough tap water since my memory is still very clear about events and ole Donnie’s banter back then. Rumsfeld is smack dab in the middle of all this controversy making him a coconspirator in the evolution of nothing more than vendetta for fun and profit. To bad we are living in the time of change because it would have done him justice to serve time in Supermax for his role in the wholesale murder of innocent civilians during the Iraq War. As for Condi, we all make mistakes and G.W. was hers and I have a few questions I would like to ask her as well. Besides, she was a well toed heel and truly a pearl before swine in the Bush administration. Just remember that it was the second term where Bush did the most damage to America.

Unfortunately things have not gotten any better since the current administration hired all the bottom dwellers from the last two failed administrations. Further this administration added more pages to G.W.’s unconstitutional PATRIOT ACT and made more disastrous appointments that are likened to a fox guarding the hen house, but that’s another story. On a more personal note the Bush Cartel, carpetbaggers from Maine, also managed to insult the memory of Stephen F. Austin and the good state of Texas with their fetid presence, they ain’t Texans. G.W. Bush said it all one day when he was queried about his violations of the Constitution of the United States, “It’s nothing but a G*D Damn piece of paper”. Unfortunately, this has become the axiom for all politicians and now America is in total pandemonium. Then there is Donnie “The Schlock” Rumsfeld laughing all the way to the bank. The title of his book should be, “Justifying a Lie” and Condi should have knocked Donald on his pious ass.

Your Devil’s Advocate

Case Update: Family Members of Falun Gong Practitioners Beaten as Lockdown at Prison Continues

Murder continues in China as more reports roll in from the land of slave labor. China continues to act as if human rights dialogue would actually have merit when in all actuality this is just a snow job and a big lie. But does the world listen? The Chinese Communist Parties ongoing acts of genocide against their own people continue with the apparent blessings of the free world. But at least we can buy a cheap big screen TV or computer regard of the wholesale murder of innocent people. After all, it’s all about the money and the corporate bottom line.

More word from the good folks of the Falun Gong.



26 Apr 2011

New York–Since news emerged last month of three Falun Gong detainees being killed in custody at a prison in northeast China, family members of the victims and others prisoners of conscience have been harassed and beaten, as the authorities seek to cover up the deaths.

Torture and abuse intensified at Jiamusi Prison in Heilongjiang province in February after personnel received orders in early 2011 to increase the “transformation rate” among Falun Gong practitioners held at the camp. The orders were issued as part of a nationwide three-year Communist Party campaign to reinvigorate transformation efforts.

As a result, three middle-aged male practitioners died between February 26 and March 8, 2011: Mr. Qin Yueming, Mr. Yu Yungang, and Mr. Liu Chungjiang. Within days of the deaths, news of the incident and photos of the victims were posted on the overseas Falun Gong Minghui.org website (photo gallery). In response to information on the deaths being leaked online so quickly, the prison was put under lockdown.

Since then, family members of the three victims have also been harassed and placed under tight surveillance. According to sources in China, the prison formed a Special Services Team dedicated to the task of silencing the families. Both uniformed and plainclothes security agents have been involved in the harassment. Some of the families, particularly Mr. Qin’s wife and teenage daughters, have experienced repeated persecution in the past.

“As if it were not enough that these families lost a father, brother, and son due to the prison’s brutality. Now, rather than punishing those responsible for these crimes, the authorities are investing additional efforts in making these families lives miserable,” says Falun Dafa Information Center executive director Levi Browde.

Central to the harassment is pressure to agree to the cremation of the body of the family’s loved one in an apparent effort to destroy evidence of torture. Under such pressure and promises of monetary compensation, the relatives of Mr. Yu and Mr. Liu authorized their cremation.

Family Members Beaten, Hospitalized

As the family members of other Falun Gong practitioners held at the camp have reacted with panic to news of the deaths and demanded to see their loved ones, they have also been detained or beaten.

In one incident, ten relatives of Mr. Jiang Botao, a Falun Gong practitioner held at the camp since October 2010, visited the prison on March 11. The prison only allowed two of the relatives, who did not practice Falun Gong, to visit Jiang. When they asked Jiang if he had been beaten and he replied affirmatively, the guards monitoring the conversation immediately disconnected the phone and ended the meeting.

Shortly thereafter, over ten plainclothes police officers entered the room where other family members were waiting and began shoving and hitting them in an apparent effort to force them to leave. One officer struck Jiang’s wife in the mouth, while another tore his sister-in-law’s coat.

In the most serious action, one officer kicked Jiang’s other sister-in-law in the chest, where she had recently undergone surgery. She soon went into convulsions, but the prison personnel did nothing to assist her. Her family members rushed her to the hospital and later reported the abuse to the Heilongjiang Prison Management Bureau, but are still awaiting further investigation.

Ten days later, the families of two Falun Gong practitioners scheduled for release visited the prison on March 21. Among the visitors was Mr. Li Shaotie, a man of around 60. Plainclothes police officers reportedly asked him to show his ID card, but he refused, citing that they had no authority to request such information. He and several family members then left the building.

However, plainclothes officers would not allow them to leave and grabbed Li. A photo taken by an eyewitness shows them carrying him by force to a car. They took him to the Lianjiangkou Branch of the Public Security Bureauand later to the Jiamusi branch. According to sources in China, he fainted several times and his blood pressure rose, causing the police to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital. The officers then wanted to send him to a detention center, but the latter refused to accept him due to his poor health. The police resigned to allow him to go home. Being too weak to walk, Li reportedly had to crawl out of the police station in order to get a taxi home.

An additional 70 Falun Gong practitioners are still being held at Jiamusi Prison.

Meanwhile, the prison remains under lockdown and the communications of both Falun Gong and non-Falun Gong detainees and personnel is being tightly monitored.

Since 1999, the Chinese Communist Party has carried out a widespread, brutal campaign of persecution to eradicate Falun Gong, a traditional Chinese spiritual and qigong practice, whose adherents in China still number in the tens of millions. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese who practice Falun Gong remain in captivity, rendering them the single largest group of prisoners of conscience in China. The United Nations, Amnesty International, Chinese human rights lawyers, and Western media have documented Falun Gong torture and deaths at the hands of Chinese officials. The campaign and its implementation are in violation of Chinese law and, contrary to common reporting; Falun Gong was not banned as an “evil cult.”.

Urgent Appeal

The Falun Dafa Information Center urges journalists, diplomats, and human rights groups to further investigate the facts surrounding these deaths, the beatings of family members of detainees, and conditions at Jiamusi Prison. The Center also urges them to call for the immediate and unconditional release of all Falun Gong prisoners of conscience being held there.

For additional information, see:
• Photo gallery: Three Die at Jiamusi Prison, April 2011: http://faluninfo.net/gallery/17/

• Falun Dafa Information Center, “Northeast China Prison Under Lockdown After Deaths Exposed Online,” March 2011: http://www.faluninfo.net/article/1128/?cid=84

• Falun Dafa Information Center, “Internal Communist Party Documents Disclose New Campaign to Forcibly ‘Transform’ Millions of Falun Gong Practitioners in China,” October 2010: http://www.faluninfo.net/article/1091/

• Congressional-Executive Commission on China, “Communist Party Calls for Increased Efforts To ‘Transform’ Falun Gong Practitioners as Part of Three-Year Campaign,” March 2011: http://www.cecc.gov/pages/virtualAcad/index.phpd?showsingle=154369&PHPSESSID=7f46f964fe6fd4a77df024703f93ad7f


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Email: contact@faluninfo.net,

Website: http://www.faluninfo.net/

During Human Rights Dialogue, U.S. Must Address the Largest Population of Prisoners of Conscience in China

Since we have ignored the pleas of the Falun Gong for help from China’s continued crimes against humanity and a host of other egregious criminal and immoral acts. The Chinese Communist Party Cartel has expanded their assault against it’s own citizens by turning to Christians as another source of potential slaves. Easters assault and incarceration of Christians should be a stark reminder of the barbarism and wholesale disregard for not only religions but decency and morality. In fact it shows the total lack of moral fiber within this enslaved nation. This is not an example of Chinese culture nor does the government represent its own people. On the contrary it reveals the band of immoral thugs who have betrayed their own people.

The Falun Gong has been persecuted for simply choosing to live a moral and honorable life and they have paid with their lives for this unacceptable behavior. Black Jails dot the landscape operated by sadistic and perverted thugs who torture, rape and murder anyone who they perceive to be a threat with the blessings of the authorities. The Chinese government has become a cesspool of corruption and languishes in an ocean of lies while equally fetid corporations frolic in the mire of ill gotten gains with absolutely no regard for the citizens making them a partner if crime. But what do we care since this deal with the proverbial devil has made corporate profits skyrocket while America’s purchase items made from the bones of the innocent. Ironically the goods are second rate and cheaply made. And it should be very clear that craftsmen of every kind work under duress for there is no pride in workmanship when they are beaten and staved to death in the process.

Businessmen who’ve left China told of how the C.C.P. has been preparing for war with the US since before Bill Clinton gave China America’s economic might on a sliver platter. Escapees from China’s Gulag system also told of the crimes China has perpetrated against her own people and still, no one listens. Man is either incapable or unconcerned about China’s struggle for human rights. Though war will ultimately come to pass throughout Asia it will be nature herself that finally deals the death nil to not only China but mankind as well.

At this juncture, I am reposting the Falun Gongs cries for help in an effort to show the world why we will soon be plunged back into the Dark Ages for this is part of prophecy. In a truly civil society this would have been considered a red flag but in the time of greed and deception it’s considered “opportunity” and we will reap what we have sown.


24 Apr 2011

In China today, between 500,000 and over 1 million Falun Gong practitioners are incarcerated at any given time making them the largest group of prisoners of conscience in China, if not the world.

In China today, a Falun Gong practitioner dies from torture and abuse in custody every three days (and those are only the cases we know about).

In China today, tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners face lawlessness and brutality.

In China today, the regime continues to spend billions to wipe out Falun Gong.

In China today, millions of Falun Gong practitioners and supporters operate the largest grassroots underground media in the world, printing (mostly out of private homes) and distributing newsletters about the ongoing persecution with the hope that fellow citizens will realize the extent of the atrocities and not be complicit.

The State Department’s Michael Posner, who will lead the U.S. side of the upcoming human rights dialogue with China, acknowledged at a recent press conference that China’s labor camps were “full of people that have affiliation with Falun Gong”. The Congressional-Executive Commission on China published last month a detailed analysis outlining a nationwide campaign to intensify “transformation” of Falun Gong practitioners.

As U.S. diplomats prepare to sit down with their Chinese counterparts in Beijing, the Falun Dafa Information Center urges them to have a direct and meaningful discussion about the 12-year-old campaign of suppression and violence of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Contacts: Gail Rachlin (+1 917-757-9780), Levi Browde (+1 845-418-4870), Erping Zhang (+1 646-533-6147), or Joel Chipkar (+1 416-731-6000)

Fax: 646-792-3916

Email: contact@faluninfo.net,

Website: http://www.faluninfo.net/

China Wages War on Christians While Frolicking in Porn

In another brazen act of persecution and human rights violations Chinese authorities rounded up and arrested dozens of Christians in an effort to thwart the Easter Sunrise Celebration. Apparently organizations that could possibly foster probity are completely unacceptable. The Bible brandishing renegade *Christian Criminals were whisked away to one of China’s notorious Black Jails for further processing. Most likely they will be beaten and tortured like Falun Gong practitioners for their unacceptable clean and disciplined lifestyle. While Chinese authorities were persecuting Christians for their abhorrent behavior, Hong Kong was swamped by hordes of Chinese citizens from the mainland to watch the news **3-D porn movie sensation “Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy”. Obviously a movie about different kind of Easter Bunny and enlightenment.

Call me old fashioned but for some reason I find this stark contrast quite a telling sign about the true nature of the fetid leadership of China. Amoral comes to mind when one considers the fact Chinese authorities take sadistic pleasure in torturing and raping men and women who strive to live with some semblance of decency. Maybe authorities are jealous because they are incapable of ethnical and moral living. The Chinese Communist Party has long since turned their backs on the core principles Chairman Mao purported in his Little Red Book. Ironically the C.C.P. has become a reflection of the loathed Landlord Class and gleefully subjugates their own citizens on a daily basis. And all the while US and European corporations capitalize on China’s slave labor and underpaid work force with no regard for the millions of lives that continue to be subjugated. But in a world where greed and deception wields the scepter of control the Christians cries for justice will go unheeded for fear of disrupting corporate profits. And we-the-people will continue to ignore the barbaric atrocities being committed on the innocent while purchasing goods assembled in a sea of human blood and sorrow. And we wonder while nature is counting coup on every continent on earth. Or maybe it’s just another coincidence.

Just in case you forgot, it was also prophecies that fetid and immoral leaders from the world would reign during the time of change. Their influence would cast a dark pall on humanity and they would seem invincible for they truly would be as far as the world’s citizenry is concerned. China is only an example of a society that has been beaten down to the point of submission through economics and shear brutal force for there are other nations who will soon face the gauntlet of immorality and greed by their stewards. Oh silly me, it has already begun since it is the corporate cartels of the world who actually rule the roost. And it is a sure bet these thugs are in bed with the corporate cartels of China as they lavish in laundered monies this unholy alliance has fostered. With morality and concerns for humanity successfully placed in the dumpster diplomacy it is only a matter of time before other nations follow suit in earnest. To bad it will be a sort lived misadventure but the price for our ambivalence will be a costly one since mankind will be humbled beyond even their most widely feared expectations and that’s a good thing. The persecution of good by evil is another very powerful sign and of course everyone will miss it, well except a few of us. But the suffering humanity will endure will be the cleansing that was promised within all dogma’s so I relish its arrival. Like the thieves in the night, the time of change has arrived with a vengeance. Eventually material wealth will be meaningless and those who once preyed on others will become the prey according to prophecy.

The reign of evil has come full circle but this will not be a bloodless coup for nature will be indiscriminant in her wrath for that was also in prophecy. Cool huh. In fact I think its bitchen since I have grown weary of mankind over the years. Not only my people have suffered by greed’s reign but all of humanity has suffered by the very people who were entrusted to protect them. Corporate cartels have poisoned the very nations that made them wealthy and this egregious act of treason will bare the bitter fruit of retribution. I’ve said this many times but it truly does not matter if I die in the onslaught of nature’s wrath for I already know the ending of this epic human drama. I’ve lived with the visions of this time we live since I was a child and only now my visions are coming to pass like a well written script. Man and the butt-crack entities who are guiding them are in for a big surprise and their paranoid xenophobic attempts to control the masses will be futile at best. Its funny how China’s army of astrologers failed to warn their constituents about what lay in store for them. In fact it’s funny to note that astrologers and soothsayers for all these bonehead world leaders failed to warn them about what is about to happen. Again, this was all in prophecy to.  

It will not be the suppressed and conquered people elitists deceived that will vanquish them but an army of sorts of other entities they were never privy to and that’s in prophecy to. In fact there is a multitude of supernatural beings that are eager to make their presence known to our greedy friends and they are powerless to stop them. It was known that the spirit world would interface in earnest with mankind during the time of change. That was what all these dogmas were trying to teach their congregations. Spirits and demons did not simply disappear when butt-heads like Charlemagne came into the picture. In fact they are still here moving ashtrays and freaking people out over dumb stuff. Not all spirits are be bad and not all spirits are good but it is up to you to figure that part out provided you read your sacred texts or confer with your elders. So I am not going to tell you my traditions or force you to believe my way since I really don’t want all you boneheads crowding up my pasture and screwing up my driveway.

You have elders and sacred stuff you can read and I guarantee you that the trick to surviving the times that lay ahead is written in all of them. I know since I read many sacred books and talked too truly wise men and women from all dogmas over the years. For those of you who still believe that the Creator condones the killing of others because their dogma and messenger is different, all I can say is, “How far beyond stupid are you??” It was prophesized; many people will not make the cut during the time of change anyway. Their demise will not all be because of war and disaster but simply by following the Pied Piper to their own destruction. Others will simply whack themselves when they loose their stuff and that is totally stupid. I call it a mass extinction since these folks were truly defective to actually believe in stuff and die for it.

My elders have told the stories of this time of change as long as I can remember and I know there are many other tribes from around the world who share these visions. In fact I speak to people from all corners of the globe that share these visions and they cross all ethnic and national boundaries for no one culture is more privy than another.

The only real difference is the messengers who came to their ancestors. This is why I know mankind got the religion thing all wrong for there were may messengers who traveled throughout the universe to teach of right and wrong. China has drawn the line in the proverbial sand and has placed them selves on the side of pure evil and if you don’t see that one you are truly one of the blind and lost souls. But like I said, China is not the only nation who has amoral and fetid leaders within their midst. We all know who they are and one day they will be in the same boat as us common folks when the crap dung hits the fan.

It was also said that common people, us bottom dwellers, would extend our hand to help the lost and beleaguered elitists who once betrayed and ruled in a sign of true humility and forgiveness after then change. That’s going to be a tall order for me eh. That is in par with loosing spell check so I would not be a happy camper anyway. I also struggle with vendetta 24/7 and have anger management issue like you would not believe. Toss in my raging Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I’d be more inclined to toss them a brick rather than a life preserver. Hmm, so I guess there will be a happy ending after all. Now if you will excuse me, I have a film to watch.

* http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/8471177/China-seizes-Christians-in-Easter-raid.html

** http://special.globaltimes.cn/2011-04/648150.html

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Solar Activity Update: April 25th, 2011

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A Special Thanks To All My Readers Around The World

Nothing like a disaster to get the ole juices flowing again and this week was no exception. I was hit along with others at WordPress and it literally wiped me out forcing me to open up another site and what a royal pain in the ass that was eh. I am still building the site but it’s open for the most part. All my old stories are still readily available at the Buffalohair Gazette Address, http://buffalohair.wordpress.com/ so there is nothing lost as far as my old works are concerned. I even posted a comprehensive list in the sidebar at the Gazette as per reader’s requests. But what really blew my mind was all the people who bothered to write me and in some cases call me to offer support. I did not realize my stories were being reposted on hundreds of sites around the world. I truly was not aware of this grass roots fan base and I am very humbled by this revelation so I want to thank each and every one of you for the kind words.

Thanks bunches from this crusty old native dude, Hu Ho!

With all that said, I am building this site with all of you in mind and will incorporate more fun and interactive goodies since this new site totally rocks and yes, I am still on WordPress. The WordPress crew at tops in my book and I am a loyal fan of their as well. It was not their fault they were hit and there is no question other sites are struggling with these new technological diseases and it’s bound to get worse. I will continue to do my thing but please be patient with the new site since it is still in the development stage for the most part. There are many features I have yet to master to make this a most pleasurable and informative place to be. Our other entertainment page “Buffalohair Entertainment”, located at: http://littlerunningdeer.wordpress.com/  runs flawlessly and we will continue to shamelessly promote artists from around the world.

Fortunately Ann Little Running Deer’s sites were spared and that is a good thing since I am already delirious from working 24/7 trying to build this new site. In any event, cheers everyone.

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The Gazette Crashed and Burned, A Victim of the Time of Change

Just a short note to tell my fans that the Buffalohair Gazette International Page crashed and burned this week when WordPress went down. With heightened solar activity in tandem with the every rising radiation levels it was almost poetic justice I would be a victim of a technological catastrophe. In all reality it’s only a matter of time before technology ultimately crashes anyway. Some people though it was intentional since I’ve been hammering some very big players in the world of global corruption. But when you realize sites are crashing all over the planet I think it’s more the time of change as prophesized rather than some butt-crack from the Bilderberg Cartel or Hu Flung Poo from China.

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Homeland Security to Conduct Massive Earthquake Drill, Bravo!

In the spirit of emergency preparedness the Department of Homeland Security under the stewardship of Janet Napolitano and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are conducting the *“Great Central US Stake Out” an emergency preparedness drill for the region surrounding the New Madrid Fault. This region includes Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee, states that share this massive fault. It would behoove other states to heed this massive drill as well since fault lines that adjoin the New Madrid fault are equally in danger of a massive quake. Citizens as a whole should take the time to learn about preparedness and I applaud this effort.

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Farewell, Tony “T-Bone” Bellamy of the Redbone Band

Posted in Entertainment with tags , , , on December 28, 2009 by buffalohair

Sadly Tony Bellamy of Redbone fame crossed over on Christmas day to the chagrin and sorrow of friends, family and fans. Tony leaves this Earth with a legacy of greatness filled with accomplishments as he and the Redbone Band forged a trail for other world class Indigenous artists to follow. With classics such as “Come And Get Your Love” he will not be soon forgotten. He leaves a void within the music world that will be hard to fill. This ground breaking artist will sorely be missed by music lovers from all cultures including myself.

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Buffy Saint Marie

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What can you say about an artist who earned awards that span the imagination like the Oscar and a host of other honors for excellence? Well, after receiving her latest album, “Running for The Drum” all I can say is WOW. Pure energy is an understatement as Buffy and her crew pounded off another fantastic album that is absolutely fantastic.

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Tribute to Burmese Struggle

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Check out Kinzli and the Kilowatts latest video, * “We Walk for Peace”. It’s also a tribute to the human spirit and the courageous monks who continue to sacrifice their lives for the Burmese people. Gen. Than Shwe and his military were excommunicated from the Buddhist faith in recent months. Since then the government of Burma has waged a secret war on the Buddhist monks. They are arresting monks all over the country in defiance and a show of strength.

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxPBG0l4b9M

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The Fabulous Andrea Menard

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In an era where greed and hate prevail it is comforting that one can find solace, peace and tranquility. Through the velvety voice of the ever so talented Andrea Menard I found myself transported to a place where my mind can be at ease. Andrea and Robert Welsh wrote a beautiful song called “Evergreen” the first song of her new album “Sparkle”. Produced by Big Soul Productions and directed by Tony Hrynchuk, this piece is well worth experiencing.

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