The Winter Garden Next To Your Desk = Fresh Air……. at pages…

The Winter Garden Next To Your Desk = Fresh Air


 A Note: It seems that Google  have on lined our photos again ? 😦 Little Running Deer and Buffalohair

 Having Natural air fresheners, Fruit Trees, a Salad bar , all just an arms reach from your desk comes in handy 🙂  Yes, I have to restart some of the vegetables after many different harvests:) So it is an ever changing landscape. I find it also rests my eyes away from the computer screen.

Why would I want a Banana tree indoors? Or those Avocado Trees? Hey, why not! There is a pomegranate tree in the mix. and the Lemon tree! Along with  Celery, Strawberries, Peppers, Parsley, Tomatoes, and Herbs.

Yes, even a Fern 🙂





Oh what fun learning how to pollinate plants that are not self pollinating! Green beans and tomatoes are self pollinating, Yippee! Oh yes,  I even  grew potatoes in a heavy paper shopping bag, with a plastic bag to sit in  for watering reasons of course. Crazy? Hey, I got potatoes at harvest time!

I started sticking flowers inside other flowers like with this squash, better then using my tiny  camel hair paint brush or finger tips!:)



My son gave me a Bamboo tree that was dying, so I placed it in water and nursed it back to life. So I placed it with some baby trees for company. It is interesting to see who gets along with each other. I have been amazed at how active some plants are in moving around if you start them in smaller containers, they will even try to move that container. They let you know where they want to be by even knocking over their flower pot by quickly leaning in the direction they want to go. lol  Yes, even right before your eyes,  no , not in a slow motion day by day movement but a right now, this moment move!






Meyer Lemons are wonderful! I move them in and out doors via the season.






Moving plants in from the out door gardens you can some times see some bugs left overs,  after all their feasting on the leaves:( So that is remedied by pruning.



This a a healthy way to freshen the air in your home , have protected Vegetables and fruits from the now polluted air in our skies. Here we have

Geoengineered Clouds

 in our skies all the time, that leave a fungus on certain plants and trees plus you can see a strange coating on the greenhouses 😦 So this is a Healthy answer to address the problem and still enjoy a small but bountiful Garden:)

Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

How to Grow Herbs Indoors | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Kamal Meattle: How to grow fresh air

Building Our Own Island For Our Family? By Making Fresh Air / Clean Drinking Water For Ourselves 🙂

[ Amazed that ones can still see this old blog that we can no longer get into?]

I was asked a question!

After a story about the lack of good clean drinking water in the World for so many years and Then just having lost water to their home for a number of days!  Using up all their stored water in jugs they had on hand. When the water came back on, it was brown and stayed brown! Of course they boiled it but they could not get that out of their mind of having unclean drinking water.

   It really made them think it was all hopeless for our children, if we do not have clean drinking water for them any more.   That all the ways to find or collect and boil water is good information But……..

Can We Survive All This?

Yes, over at Green Apples on Care2, I have finally gathered enough information, for the answer to this question!

  Seeing that if we pull it all together in our own little space, our safety spot. Our little Island in the World………. from all that we have gleamed in this Information. We could help our families.

1. Making our own fresh air from plants, in our own homes and Business.

2. Using the machines that take water from the air in our homes to make drinking water.

3. Seeing that The information of Wet Lands, Where using Flowering sweet smelling flower plants, growing in our waste water, along with snails and other natural life to clean our own waste water for our home / business could work for us!

Using those flowering water plants, along with the Plants for making fresh air and sun light shining into it in last stages in a shallow stream, with solar lighting to make the water more pure and clean again! Yes, it could work for us on a small scale.

We could use the extra space and land at our homes and business for making our own Wet Land Green House Building!

Fresh Air From Plants,

How to Grow Your Own Fresh AirTED 2009 « GreenSpaces Blog

Also, compared to other buildings in Delhi, the incidence of eye ….. 3 Plants To Grow Your Own Indoor Fresh Air : Kamal Meattle at TED « This is Life!

Machines taking Water from that Fresh Air!

Atmospheric water generator in your Home / Business!

A Natural Wet land Green House Full of Flowers:) To clean our waste water!

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Jage / Little Running Deer





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