Re: Let me introduce you to Buffalohair! On the very first page:)

On the very first page of this Blog, Carlos/ Buffalohair said to be sure and add his pages in here, too;) So I am:) I did;-)

This was my first Blog on Word Press before making the Central Blog of the Ann’s Journal Collection. A home base for all my main Blogs on the Internet plus all I added to take Buffalohair News Stories around the World:) .

Yes, that is right around the World! And it really did happen, Buffalohair is now known around the World! They all know where to find him now,  on Twitter, or his videos collected first from around the World, The Buffalohair News PodCasts . Also his Music Shows he took from live Radio to Pod Casts for the safety of the people in Burma, plus his Around the World Music Show called The Smooth Show and then on his main Word Press Blog where everything connects called Buffalohair Gazette International.

Watching ‘Meals on Wheels beats the heat ‘ at Vodpod 2 minutes ago via Vodpod

This Blog, Redwood Forest was going to be a more personal place for me and the Beloved Redwood Forests I love.

But now as I promised , here is Carlos/ Buffalohair:)

Welcome to Buffalohair Gazette International

Buffalohair Blog at Word Press

Welcome to Buffalohair Gazette International

and Ann’s Journal Collection!


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