Standard – Poor Fraudsters Become Members of the Food Chain

Standard & Poor Fraudsters Become Members of the Food Chain

It should be no surprise S&J down graded the US since they were in on the destruction of our economy in the first place. Just remember the fact they were up to their eye lids in corruption that brought down the world economy in the first place. Surely you remember, if not oh well. They and other financial schlocks intentionally crippled world economies while lined their pockets as everyone lost homes and jobs. What do you expect from another Bilderberg lackey since it’s all about colonizing the planet through globalization?

Funny how the crème of the crème of the Bilderberg Cartel are loathsome criminals under investigation like Murdock, Straus Khan and Lagarde but we don’t blink an eye. After all, much of the world media is controlled by butt-crack Bilderberg lackeys. Now S&P has the gall to downgrade America after they were part and parcel responsible for this continuous economic crash. Follow the money and you will discover that the elites of both political parties are invested in China and everything Bilderberg. They should get an Oscar for their latest performance arguing about $300 Billion bucks while trillions go out the back door without a peep from the Bilderberg Press. Or did you catch that eh?

China, a Bilderberg conscript via the Bilderberg/World Trade Organization, has already stated they will no longer loan out cash. Pay attention boys and girls since this has paved the way for American Austerity and the loss of national sovereignty whence the Bilderberg/International Monetary Fund steps in. The loss of national identity, sovereignty and constitution by a nonelected body of criminal trillionaires is the core to the violence when the IMF stepped in and took over the nation, financially. Greece was the first to lose their sovereignty and it’s more than a coincidence this occurred in the birthplace of democracy. Maybe they did not have enough fluoride in their water for mind control. And as we all should know by now, democracy has no place in globalization since they are diametrically opposite to one another.

Welcome to the New World Order since it was always known that the financial side to this world takeover by the elitists was the final obstacle. Do your homework and pay attention. It is funny how the Bilderberg Cartel is filled with descendants of the people who murdered their way through Europe and eventually into the Americas several hundred years ago. Now they are murdering their way into every country on the planet for natural resources and slave labor simply for the corporate bottom line. Greed has come full circle and now everyone will soon know what life is like as a Native American, African or any other tribe or caste of people who were thrown off their land, placed in colonies or simply murdered. Whence the totality of this worldwide takeover is fully realized the world will become filled with blood and flames. Armies will revolt against police forces that have become the henchmen for corrupt politicians. Opps, my bad, they already have in some places on Earth only this time we will have a front row seat. Get your lawn chairs out and your favorite Canadian beer because the fun has already begun and I don’t think there will be any commercial breaks or a halftime show.

Fortunately we are living in the time of great change and this is a part of prophecy as man races for the gold at ALL costs. Sorry boys, Ma Earth has other plans and there is nothing any wizards or astrologers can do to stop this destiny. What comes around goes around and the greed who’ve preyed on societies simply to buy a platinum toilet seat will find themselves picking corn out of cow dung, like the rest of us. Only problem is, they will be marked people who usher in another piece of history that will repeat itself as the planet revisits the era of the French Revolution. Their private armies will turn on them, their wealth will be meaningless and their heads will be mounted on stakes by angry mobs during the “Pandemonium Period” that will ensue. Let them eat cake.

It’s not going to be a pretty time during the transition and it will be hard times for all of us from a multitude of reasons but that’s how it goes. It’s written within sacred texts around the world so this is not a news flash, just a reminder. This is a part of prophecy as well. 2012 only marks the ending and beginning of cycles, not the end of the world but it very well may be the end of the world for those who live on axiom of greed. Keep it up S&P because there are plenty of stakes with your names on it. Goldman Sucks and JP Morgan are just a few criminal cartels who’ve systematically destroyed economies but not a soul went to jail. Bernie Madoff was just a miniscule tip of the ice berg but a classic example of the scum that are trying to financially take over the world, how far beyond stupid is that?

If the world has to revert to cannibalism because of the lack of food just remember the rich are not full of chemicals and hormones since they don’t eat the GMO crappola they feed us. They might be greasy and chock full of triglycerides though. Again, another piece of history waiting to repeat itself so make sure to have a few extra bottles of garlic salt and pepper in your survival pack. I don’t think they would be Kosher or Halal since they are considered ‘Long Pork’. Maybe a bottle or two of Tabasco sauce would be nice. In all reality, I’ll just make my special BBQ sauce. That reminds me, I should also stock up on Mesquite and some fruit woods since I smoke my own meats. Sugar cured Bilderberg Ham, yummy. I’ll pass on the Straus Khan sausage though.

Bon Appétit……

Your Devil’s Advocate


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