Child Sex Trafficking 2017/ Ugly News But Pedophiles Must Be Stopped ! Part 25: Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever! —


Sex Toy Dolls looking like beautiful live children:( Does that really help live children? Or make the craving stronger for live children?

A beautiful 12 year old little girl sex doll, come’s packaged even in a coffin!  😦






















Trump Campaign Chair Arrested For Child Sex Trafficking – #NewWorldNextWeek

Learning Kindness / Compassion / Love – All Over Again!……. At Pages…….

Carlos TheZilla
· If only there were more caring human beings like the author of this Homeless Piece, we would be in a better place.

update on my homeless friend
I updated and changed my blog over to my website, here is the link. Homeless 2 Homebound Since I last wrote about my homeless friend, he is now on la

Leasing Your Name As A Brand ?

Naomi Klein: Trump is the First Fully Commercialized Global Brand to Serve as U.S. President

Chemtrails : Dark Mood Changes / Un -friendly People/ Anger/ Fighting/ Prince Talks Chemtrails































































































Prince Talks Chemtrails on PBS in 2009 – YouTube

Apr 21, 2016 – Uploaded by Mark Dice

Prince Talks Chemtrails on PBS in 2009. Mark Dice. Loading. …. I believe that the singer Prince was telling …

If you are new to this subject, the red window, “Climate Engineering, A Clear And Present …. Revived Keystone XL Pipeline There Is A Scene You Must See To Believe … two multibillion-dollar underground pipelines that would snake oil through US ….. Now it seems the spraying is a lot lower, the chemtrails don’t spread that …

Mar 23, 2014 – Uploaded by Alex Alexander

Rosalind Peterson Confirms Chemtrails/Geoengineering/SRM Are Very … But i think they have been dumbed …

Holly + Wood: Masters of Mind Control (chemtrails) – YouTube

Mar 8, 2009 – I think it’s a great initiation issue, because it’s so obvious. … Jewish Muslim Christian Army Chemtrails Alex Jones David Icke Al dajjal Anti Christ …

Jul 4, 2009 – Uploaded by revolutionistusa

Believe it or not-it’s true, even discovery channel has reported on them. … cult spawned ISLAM pedo cult and …

Sep 25, 2014 – Uploaded by The Vigilant Christian

Chemtrails = Illuminati Satanic Sorcery Used for Mind Control EXPOSED !!! The Vigilant Christian. Loading …























‘Kiss’ To Patent ‘I Love You Satan / Devil’ in Sign Language?

Hang Loose?








Years ago it meant the unfaithful wife had sex and child,with another man, not  her husband?




Feb 25, 2015 – Uploaded by WE NEED † KEEPERS

The symbol Baphomet, or upside down pentacle, indicative of Satan … the hand sign system for the deaf, is …

World Leaders and Others Making Satanic Hand Gestures – YouTube

Jan 11, 2013 – Uploaded by River Man

Did Keller purposely design the deaf’s “I love you” sign to be such a … I love u in sign language and when u ..


World Leaders and Others Making Satanic Hand Gestures

New World Odor ‘s One World Religion ? Wow! You Have Got To Be Kidding?…… Their Religion of Pedophiles / Murdering Children……

Ugly News But Pedophiles Must Be Stopped ! Part 24: Pedophile News: People Of TRUST? Not Any More!!!!!! Not Ever!



6 Years Ago

Warning Signs of Child Molesters

Warning Signs Of Child Molesters. The Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute reports that two out of every 10 young girls and one out of every 10 young boys are victims of sexual molestation and abuse….





The Golden Bough – Wikipedia

The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion is a wide-ranging, comparative study of …. William Carlos Williams refers to The Golden Bough in Book Two, part two, of his extended poem in five books Paterson. The Golden Bough …



Frazer, Sir James George. 1922. The Golden Bough – › Reference › Sir James George Frazer

A monumental study in comparative folklore, magic and religion, The Golden Bough shows parallels between the rites and beliefs, superstitions and taboos of .






We Must Speak Out on Child Abuse and Never Stop – The David Icke Dot-Connector Trailer






























Satanists & Pedophiles Run The World – David Icke











Why Hundreds of Thousands Of Children Go Missing Every Year – David Icke






















































Buffalohair Gazette International







US Pedophile News: OUTRAGE: A “Pedogate Coin” from the US Mint!




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