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Remember NativeVue where alot of the Story Telling Began to be in the publics eye? What happened to those Archives? I saved them for you:)

What has been happening behind the scenes? Yes, We Still are working with our Burma Friends! Are you following their latest News?

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Digital Smoke Signals was live.

32 mins ·

Oceti resistance prayer camp

Face To Face: Dennis Ward sits down with renowned activist, Winona LaDuke


Smithsonian Channel: It’s Brighter Here

Smithsonian Channel brings original programs exploring science, nature, and pop culture to your TV. Find favorites, learn where the newest programming is.



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    • Eating Healthy on a Budget: The Plant Paradox Way
      Gundry MD

      Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – (The Plant Paradox Recipe)

    • Oooooops! Non Acid foods when cancer appears is a start of change ……. Then low and behold we learn more about poison plants with their protective protein!!!!!! WHAT ! That are Stamped Healthy ! Yes, but pills from the store shelves, help you keep eating the poison! WHAT Again!

      Popeye’s spinach really was good after all!

      Fluoride in our tap water numbed our thinking that much? Wow! ? TV ads put us into a yummy trance, to trust what they told you to eat as the healthy way? Talk about a plan in motion:(

      Dr. Gundry Shocks Hallmark Hosts with Hidden “Healthy” Food Dangers
      Gundry MD

    • Gundry MD Primal Plants

      why are these ingredients not..organic.?
      asked by michael c. on August 6, 2017

      Showing 1-1 of 1 answers
      Did not want to pay out Ten’s of Thousand of Dollars for a label? In His recipes he mentions some of the foods he uses as being organic but that certain Company paid dearly to get that word ‘organic’ on their package. So he is very aware on that word!
      Ann /JAGE answered on August 7, 2017

    • Published on Jun 24, 2016

      Through nearly 30 years of research in physics and writing multiple papers, Haramein has come to a deep understanding of the underlying mechanics of our universe, using his equations and theory to calculate the most accurate prediction of the charge radius of the proton to date. Bringing in evidence from fundamental physical principles and leading research, he is able to show that we live in a connected universe with an inherent feedback network in the structure of space, which has led to pioneering insights in our interpretation of cosmological, quantum, and biological scale systems.

      Nassim Haramein is a physicist, public speaker, inventor, educator, and the Director of Research at The Resonance Project Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to delivering knowledge and technology to the world which is based on a holistic and complete view of the dynamics and forces of nature, addressing the critical and systemic challenges humanity faces today

      The Connected Universe | Nassim Haramein | TEDxUCSD

    • I Spy ! Peek A Boo I see YOU!

      Watching the Hawks RT

      Tim Pool

      Peoples Shock, After the Wars to get rid of Hitler so many years ago hurray! And here today: it is right here where they live, in their face again, after fighting in a war thinking they got rid of it 😦 ?

    • Beware business start ups or buying an older business site! Check for all remodeling that is needed, before opening your doors:( Your parking space changes and the slope of walks and lots and even proper signs in the right place and even the wording , signs being in correct inches and feet! Wow! That is every single business, any where! Drive byes and even Google mapping photos checked by people who have never been a customer sue? What??????

  1. Antonio Sanchez shared The Bismarck Tribune’s post.
    9 hrs ·

    Myron Dewey NOT GUILTY!
    The Bismarck Tribune
    12 hrs ·

    Criminal charges against a well-known drone operator, who documented the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, were dismissed Monday at the request of the prosecutor.


      Alabama from the name of the Alibamu or Albaamu Tribe with origins among the Creek meaning town and Choctaw meaning thicket clearers and vegetable gatherers and cutters of medicine plants.

      Alaska from the Aleut word alakshak meaning peninsula or great land.

      *Arizona from the Pima and Papago word arizonac meaning place of small springs or little spring place as well as from the Spanish interpretation of the Aztec arizuma.

      Arkansas from the name of the Quapaw Tribe from other neighboring Native American Nations as well as bad French interpretation of the word acansa meaning downstream place.

      Connecticut from the Mahican word quinnehtukqut meaning beside the long tidal river.

      *Idaho from the area tribes meaning gem of the mountains as told by early settlers of the territory but actually time showed that it was a created word by a mining lobbyist from a possible Shoshone word and possible Plains Apache word idaahe.

      Illinois from the French interpretation of Algonquin Miami iliniwek and ilenweewa meaning warriors and tribe of superior men as well as an adaptation of Odawa ilinouek.

      Indiana meaning Land of Indians as given by the Americans for the many tribes that lived there and that were moved there before Indiana became a state as it was the real first Indian Territory established by the United States.

      Iowa from the name of the Ioway Tribe, but also possible corruption of the word Kiowa as used by the Meswaki Nation for the Tribe that lived south of them on the Iowa River to describe those that wander.

      Kansas from the name of the Kansa or Kaw Tribe meaning people of the south wind.

      Kentucky from the Wyandot word kahtentah and the Lenape word kahntukay and the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) words kentahten, kantake and ketakeh meaning land of tomorrow describing the area that was a mutual and neutral hunting ground for many Tribes.

      Massachusetts from the Algonquian Narragansett messatossec, massawachusett, and massachuseuck of the Massachusetts Tribe meaning people of the Green Hill.

      Michigan from the Anishinaabe micigana, meicigama or meshi-gami meaning great waters or great lakes.

      Minnesota from the Lakota word minisota meaning sky tinted waters for the many lakes.

      Mississippi from the French interpretation of the Anishinaabe and Algonquin words for the river misissipi, messipi and misiziibi meaning Great River.

      Missouri from the Iliniwek Missouri Tribe wimihsoorita meaning owners of big canoes. Other origins include the Lakota word for the Missouris Tribe meaning town of large canoes or wooden canoe people and even river of the big canoes.

      Nebraska from the Oto word nebrathka, the Omaha-Ponca nbdhaska, and the Ioway-Otoe nbraske meaning flat water or flat river for the Platte River.

      New Mexico from mexitli the Aztec God and named by Spain for its new territories north of the Rio Grande River.

      North Dakota & South Dakota named for the Territory of Dakota from the Dakhota (Dakota) Tribe and possible the Santee dakhota as well as possible Omaha-Ponca dakkudha.

      Ohio from the Haudenosaunee word oheo or ohioway for the confluence of the Alleghany and Ohio Rivers meaning good river and beautiful river.

      Oklahoma from the Choctaw words okla for people and humma for red meaning land of the red people.

      *Oregon from the possible French interpretation of Algonquin Native words wauregan and ouregon for the Oregon River (what would be called the Columbia River) and maybe French word ouaricon-sint for the Wisconsin River.

      Tennessee from the Aniyunwiya (Cherokee) word tenasi or tanasi for the Little Tennessee River and one of their main villages that at one time was the capital of the Nation.

      Texas from a Caddo word teyshas meaning friends or allies.

      Utah for the Ute Tribe meaning high up people and later poorly translated people of the mountains as they were sometimes referred to by the Apache from the word yudah and yuttahih.

      Wisconsin from the Anishinaabe words wishkonsing and miskwasiniing as well as Miami meskonsing with various meanings from red place, red stone place and place of the beaver or has also been attributed to the French interpretation ouisconsin meaning grassy place.

      Wyoming from the Algonquin Lenape word maughwauwama meaning large plains at the big flat river as their word for the Wyoming Territory that reminded them of the same area of the Wyoming Valley in their homeland of Pennsylvania.


      As one can see, this is just another example of our rich Native American Culture in the United States. This greatly extends to names of regions, counties, cities, streets, lakes, mountains, rivers, and so much more. We are a country of Native American word origins.

      This is also just one small study into the linguistics nightmare of a short list of words with Native American origins. One can see that the various ways of pronouncing and spelling a Native American word over time has created much debate on where and when the original names of our states came.


      Afable, Patricia O. & Beeler, Madison S. 1996. Place Names. In Languages. Ives Goddard, Ed. Vol. 17 of Handbook of North American Indians. William C. Sturtevant, Ed. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution.

      Bright, William. 2004. Native American Place Names of the United States. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.

      Campbell, Lyle. 1997. American Indian Languages: The Historical Linguistics of Native America. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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      LeClaire, Nancy, & Cardinal, George. 1998. Alberta Elders’ Cree Dictionary. Earle Waugh, Ed. Edmonton: U of Alberta Press.

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      Rankin, Robert. 2005. Quapaw. In Native Languages of the Southeastern United States, eds. Heather K. Hardy & Janine Scancarelli, Eds. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

      Rhodes, Richard A. 1985. Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary. Trends in Linguistics Documentation 3. Berlin: Mouton.

      Rhodes, Richard A. 2002. Multiple Assertions, Grammatical Constructions, Lexical Pragmatics, and the Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary. In Making Dictionaries: Preserving Indigenous Languages of the Americas. Frawley, Hill, and Munro, Eds. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

      Sanders, Thomas E., & Walter W. Peck. Eds. 1973. Literature of the American Indian. Berkeley: Glencoe.

      Sturtevant, William C. Ed. 1983. Handbook of North American Indians. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution.

      About Jamie K Oxendine

      Jamie K. Oxendine, of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, is the Native American Liaison and Education Consultant for Ohio University in Athens. Ohio. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Toledo teaching “Indians of North America” and at Lourdes University teaching “Native American Culture” for the Lifelong Learning Center. A frequent speaker on Native American topics, he serves as the director of the Black Swamp InterTribal Foundation in Ohio. As a recording artist, he was three times been nominated for a NAMMY (Native American Music Award).

      View all posts by Jamie K Oxendine

    • Published on May 1, 2017

      The Gulf Stream and The Next Ice Age is about the consequences of global warming on The Great Atlantic Conveyor, which has to do with regulating climate and the fear that the melting of ice will stop it, perhaps triggering an ice age.

    • #areyoureadyforthedarkness ” The power grid is failing across the world ”

      Besides Fracking Etc.
      73 earthquakes hits Switzerland as CERN playing god with the earth ,breaks new particle collision record

    • SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Massive Explosion Farside Of The Sun: July 23rd, 2017.

      SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: ED/CME Strike Sparks G2-Geomagnetic Storm: July 17th, 2017.

  2. Earth/Sun News & VAXXED Discussion Podcast

    Cosmic Rays, Solar Wind, Fear Check | S0 News Aug.12.2017

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