RE:Texas Man Kills 416-Pound Feral Hog Eating Fawns on His Land

Newswire for October 29, 2017

Texas Man Kills 416-Pound Feral Hog Eating Fawns on His Land With an AR-15

A man in Texas was having a little bit of a turf war with a 416-pound feral pig he called “the bush beast” that kept killing fawns on his property….

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Learning Kindness / Compassion / Love – All Over Again!……. At Pages…….

Carlos TheZilla
· If only there were more caring human beings like the author of this Homeless Piece, we would be in a better place.

update on my homeless friend
I updated and changed my blog over to my website, here is the link. Homeless 2 Homebound Since I last wrote about my homeless friend, he is now on la

Dakota Access Pipeline Already Had Its First Leak:(….


Dakota Access Pipeline Already Had Its First Leak

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown May 14th, 2017 Blog

No one wants to say, “I told you so,” but this is what we were all afraid of. The Dakota Access Pipeline has already had a leak and it originally went unreported to the public due to the size.

From an NBC News interview:

“These kinds of spills do occur,” Rebecca Craven, program director at the Pipeline Safety Trust, told NBC News. “Sometimes they’re contained on company property, and sometimes they do more damage as they escape off company property.”

The public often does not know about those types of leaks because of their size. Companies do not have to report oil pipeline leaks to the federal government unless they’re over five barrels, which is 210 gallons of oil, and if they clean them up quickly.

The following is a statement from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II in response to reports of an oil spill from the Dakota Access pipeline along its South Dakota leg:

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“The Dakota Access pipeline has not yet started shipping the proposed half million barrels of oil per day and we are already seeing confirmed reports of oil spills from the pipeline. This is what we have said all along: oil pipelines leak and spill. Our lawsuit challenging this dangerous project is ongoing and it’s more important than ever for the court to step in and halt additional accidents before they happen – not just for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and our resources but for the 17 million people whose drinking water is at risk.”

What do you guys think? Just a drop in the bucket and nothing to be concerned about? Or is this just a glimpse into bigger problems down the line?

About Toyacoyah Brown

Toyacoyah Brown is an enrolled member of the Comanche Nation, currently living in Chicago. She received her B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and an M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not scouring the Internet for fun things to share with readers you can find her digging for vinyl in her local record store or curling up with a good book.

Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

dumpling flyer

As promised Award Winning Laureate Wang Ping returns to The Colony to prepare her Traditional Chinese Dumpling. Kinship of Rivers continues to inspire unity and bring respect to our most precious commodity, water. Mni Wiconi, Water is Life and Wang Ping made the pilgrimage to the Oceti Sakowin Camp, along the Cannon Ball River. It became a sacred journey, a story you must hear.

Ms. Ping will share her tales of life and the people who inspired them, along the river. It’s not just about dumplings, it’s about life, cultures, diversity as well as commonalities that make us uniquely human. Kinship is a bond that needs few worlds to describe for it is more a feeling of deeper understanding, trust and sanctuary, a novelty in today’s world. She’ll be at the Amato Lumber Yard Complex, 224 E. Godding, Trinidad, Colorado, 81082 on May 21st at 3:00 pm.

Renowned Artist/Activist Sitt Nyein Aye of Burma will also be painting Murals and Big & little kids are most welcome to participate with Sitt and express themselves in color. Wang Ping will display her Everest Flag Installations. Everyone can create a flag with personal statements, concerns prayers or whatever floats their canoe in the spirit of sharing and cultural expression.

Visitors from around the planet encouraged to bring their traditional regalia, music, and stories, join in on the conversation. If you’re from another universe, ‘Sí, hablamos Pleiadean & Andromedian’. Carbon and sodium based life forms welcome. Abductions and probing prohibited where posted.  BYOAC: Bring Your Own Aluminum Cap. Bring sense of humor

Minstrels welcome to wandering about eh. Hopefully a mix of cultures will converge on this humble little gathering to give a truly international flavor to this humble event. Human beings from a throughout the universe and multi dimensional planes are invited to celibate water with Wang Ping, Sitt Nyein Aye and the artists from ‘The Colony’.

Regardless of the state of it’s state of matter, water is water.

Wang Ping will be at the Amato Lumber Yard Complex, 224 E. Godding, Trinidad, Colorado, on Sunday May 21st at 3:00 pm.

Open agenda & room for improv. 

Info:, ask for Guido, Capice?

Your Devil’s Advocate


A Side of Standing Rock You’ve Never Seen…….

A Side of Standing Rock You’ve Never Seen

The fight for Standing Rock took the media by storm in the fall of 2016. Images of protest and unrest surfaced on every major media outlet. Filmmaker Bennett Johnson felt there was more of a story to be told, and he focused his film on a small group of who protested in prayer; the battle they fought was in solidarity, peace, and faith. This film, set to Foreign Field‘s song “Hope Inside the Fire,” delivers the message that this event had many stories go untold. 

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Standing Rock Water Protectors with ‘DAPL cough’: get tested for poisoning – People’s Tribune…….

Antonio Sanchez shared I Support The Lakota 57’s post.

Yesterday at 5:26am ·

Whenever I have spoken about seeing an airplane spraying over Oceti Sakowin Camp, I was admonished, called an “alarmist”.

I Support The Lakota 57
March 27 at 9:58pm ·



Standing Rock Water Protectors with ‘DAPL cough’: get tested for poisoning – People’s Tribune

Water Protectors who have traveled to the camps at Standing Rock have reported contracting a condition they refer to as the DAPL cough. Symptoms of…

Riding Wild David Wolfe’s video.

This is a journey made from the spirit of wild adventure and a dedication to sharing the value of nature, and our connection to it. Follow our 8 month ride spanning over 4,000 miles from the U.S. Mexican border to the Sacred Headwaters of Canada. Starting in the heart of winter, crossing mountaineous peaks and raging rivers. My teammates consist of three mustangs and a dog. Through this journey I hope to inspire a call to action to help the Tahltan and Gitxsan First Nations people protect their territories from the imminent threat of environmental destruction. Your donation will go towards creating a documentary of this journey and will share the voices of the elders, the real heroes who have sacrificed their lives to protect the Sacred Headwaters. It is my hope that by documenting this journey, we will also share the value of wild horses and advocate for the protection of the remote frontiers of the natural world that support all life on the planet. #ridingwild #keepitwild #risetogether



David Wolfe

January 18 · 2017

One Girl. One Horse. 4000 Miles. A Water Protector On An Amazing Journey For Water Conservation! (Riding Wild)

Do I Look Fake? Or Mean? Don’t Ask. A Campaign to Ban ‘Fake / Mean Talk’ or a Fake / Mean World ! At Pages

Do I Look Fake? Or Mean? Don’t Ask. A Campaign to Ban ‘Fake / Mean Talk’ or a Fake / Mean World ! On Pages

Have you ever had a dream that just kept going? I did last night about all the World’s evil jobs / full of evil working people & the evil places they work at and how each person could change it in their little spot/ dot, on the face of the Earth themselves?

Just in what they did each day and by their own words that came out of their mouths!


Be Nice and Kind to every Person you meet each day !

Decided not to be mean to other people!

Image may contain: text
Image may contain: text
Image may contain: flower, text and nature


 Be Teachers. Tell the Truth.

Make it your good day flowing out around you.

You know one of those people, that has a catching happiness about them

and that smile, that puts a smile on your face,too:)

Lets give it a try! “A Good Daily Habit” !

Not just once in awhile:(

Dream Continuity: Picking up where you left off | Erin Pavlina

Have you ever had a dream you wouldn’t mind getting back to? Have you ever … To continue a dream you just had, try not to open your eyes after you wake up.

Possible. Are you a Lucid Dreamer? Edit: Most dreams stop before they reach the end: You are … My dreams have a storyline that continues from night to night.–kindness-compassion-love-not-war.html

Learning Kindness: Good Karma / Good Deeds

Tasha Luger. a native veteran from Standing Rock speaking with the Army Corps of Engineers






Indigenous Rising Media was live.

6 hours ago ·

Tasha Luger, a native veteran from Standing Rock speaking with the Army Corps of Engineers




Meet Sitting Bull’s Great Great Granddaughter, Brenda White Bull

Shaun King added a new video: URGENT CALL from the Women of Standing Rock.


Coughing up blood from spraying air plane flying over camps at night with no lights on leaving camps in a Fog of

What? Local doctors say the lungs are filled with glass / like Black Lung? Called The DABL Cough 😦

Buffalohair  Press was there trying to  sleep in their tent and witness the spraying plane / and Got the morning photos !!!!!!!



























Do you stand with Water Protectors? Share!

#NoDAPL #WaterisLife #NoKXL #Trump
#StandwithStandingRock #TreatyRights #KeepitintheGround #BankExit #DefundDAPL #NoBanNoWall #BlackLivesMatter #Not1More