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I don’t say super excited very much, but this is an exception.

Finally after years, a groundbreaking mini series revealing the whole truth, as they pull back the veil and wake up the masses. This is one big dose of reality which will be on the screens of millions.

Share ‘GMOs revealed’ with family or friends, as I’ll definitely be sharing with mine. This new masterpiece features pioneers in the movement, from  Dr. Mercola to our friend March Against Monsanto mom and activist, Tami Canal (Love her!)  It’s time for people to open their eyes and see the light.

Click here to watch this brand new mini series, all free. And of course, as always, new stories below.

Xo Erin Elizabeth

As we’ve discussed here before “super sized” houses are on their way out in favor of smaller homes which save people money and instead allow them to invest in their lives, travel, and spend more time outdoors.

There are multiple articles, going back who knows how long, which state that Dr. Robert Gallo is responsible for creating the HIV virus during his stint as a project officer for the US Federal Virus Development Program.

A number of news outlets and conspiracy theorists have predicted that all Americans would be microchipped by 2017. That hasn’t happened yet but, there does seem to be a strong trend in place and microchipping is being sold as a “convenience” to employees.

As always we recommend you educate yourself before you just take a pill. Do your research. Know what the side effects are. You simply cannot trust that the pharmaceutical industry has your best interest at heart because they don’t. They want your money.

As you read this work and put its principles into practice, there are two basic axioms you never want to forget. They are the rock upon which all your actions are based.

The Goldilocks of CBD Oils I found After My Fall. Finally, one that’s “juuust right.”

(And it’s ORGANIC)

In over 2  years of having my site  I’d never been an affiliate for or even endorsed a product. I’ve been asked by a few big name brands, but they never had the right fit.

Then, while traveling in December, I tripped over a clear phone cord that was left out and I came down hard. I don’t think my friends even knew how bad off I was. It wasn’t just the pain I was experiencing, but I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus, and the torn shoulder, separated AC joint, hand/wrist injury and broken collar bone didn’t help either.

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New Study: Chemotherapy Can Help Spread Cancer Cause More Aggresive Tumors corbettreport




Published on Jul 11, 2017


According to a new study published in Science Translational Medicine, some types of chemotherapy can increase aggressivity in cancer, causing malignant cells to migrate and triggering more dangerous tumors. But don’t worry, the same research team found a drug that might mitigate some of the effects of the chemotherapy treatment! Join James for today’s Thought For The Day as he explores the history of chemotherapy and the allopathic paradigm.

More….. Home……Fruit…… Buffalohair-Jage Ann’s Journals Collection 2 New World Odor? Really? 2nd.View……. At Pages

More….. Home……Fruit…… Buffalohair-Jage Ann’s Journals Collection 2 New World Odor? Really? 2nd.View……. At Pages





































































Queen Elizabeth II is a False Monarch Closely Related to The Rothschilds and The Vatican
















queen Elizabeth Sacrificed Children in Canada












































To Heat the fake queen’s palace by her Mining Company:(








A Warning In 2012 About Creatures From Another Planet / Whom Destroys Everything On Unlivable For Them …… Mother Earth!

David Icke 2012 Remember Who You Are Part 3





David Icke 2012 Remember Who You Are Part 4


















Great way to end the show and the message is LOVE



+640abdalla You are quite right, however I think some of us are cleaning our scythes, pitchforks and axes ready for the ready! We will love each other always, never forget.
Nikkie M

Great talk. I watched all 4 parts. Thanks David Icke. Much appreciated.



…Open soul heart and mind…


Denise James

On the last days of my Dads life, he told everyone that it was “all about LOVE”…. This was unlike him even though he became loving towards the last several years. Very powerful























Print this List! 400 Companies that Don’t put GMO Ingredients in their Food…….

Hey there!

I just wanted to send you a jam packed newsletter full of breaking stories, including a list of the 400 companies who do not use GMOs. (See below.)

I am still gathering all your questions for my interview with Ty and Charlene Bollinger, the founders of The Truth About Cancer and the upcoming  Truth About Vaccines. We’ll be doing that talk in a few days when all three of our schedules permit. I’ll get it out to you all as soon as it’s done!

In the meantime, you can check out a sneak preview of their brand new docu-series, here. It starts next week with seven episodes, all free, of course. I’m excited to be featured in it, along with 60 holistic doctors and experts from around the world.

Until next time!

Erin Elizabeth (Be sure to see the articles below!)

P.S. If you watch TV (or watch online) you can see me interviewed (along with the Bradstreet family) about the first holistic doctor in my unintended series, Dr Bradstreet. The name of the show is, “Scene of the Crime: Mystery at Chimney Rock.” It will air on Discovery Channel’s new ‘Investigative Discovery’, on April 30th at 10pm.

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All too often we rely on the state to tell us what to eat and which companies are ethical. And all too often the companies that the state deems ethical and safe are proven to be quite the opposite. The giant agricultural companies that produce GMOs and use millions of tons of chemicals are able to do so because of monetary support. As long as we continue to purchase their products they will continue to pollute the environment and our bodies…





“Dear Future Generations: SORRY” Tribute to Prince EA Art For Evolution .Org Art For Evolution .Org

Agenda 21/ Hunger Games/ The Plan To Kill You – David Icke
















































Not A Joke Right? The Leading Example Roll Model For 2017 : Of The New World Order? Nope It Is Real News!

Nope It Is Real News!


Yesterday at 1:15am ·

Think about what message this is sending to people.

Mother Jones

Yesterday at 7:53am ·

This poses a staggering conflict of interest.

Donald Trump’s biggest lender, which is under federal investigation, wants new terms now

His companies owe Deutsche Bank at least $364 million

Gads:( New World Order comes in ugly

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump’s Father Arrested For Participating In KKK Riot In Queens

When he was asked on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday whether he would condemn the praise of former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, Donald…

Wow! Not Wanting The World To See The Real History? Deleting As I Post !!!!!!! Truth Hurts? It Is Not Hate :( It Is Just Facts!!!!!!!

  •  Wow! Not Wanting The World To See The Real History?  Deleting As I Post !!!!!!! Truth Hurts? It Is Not Hate 😦 It Is Just Facts!!!!!!! Be Real With Your Selves!


Jag Ensing

2 mins ·

You do not like this History lesson????? Killing off the land owners food? The big herds of Buffalo! Burning down the forests, trying to kill all plants life used as food also 😦 Yeah it is pretty raw, real low on the human history list. No wonder the New World Order only want robots, as certain human hybrids are too dangerous to have on Earth !!!!!!

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Jag Ensing

22 mins ·

Wow! No education in France either? Sigh! 😦 No if they can not pay their own fuel or electric bill they freeze to death! They made the mistake of renting out their land to thieves 😦

Quote: Stephen Vining My Parents wished they had the money to send me to Boarding Schools, College. So sad for you Welfare People’s. It just bothers you to see White folks out there working for a living and having a better life. But hey…be Proud…be Cold! If you live in Government housing turn up the heat on American taxpayer’s dime.

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TYT Politics

21 hours ago ·

Standing Rock Elder’s Horrid Past Shows History Repeating Itself

Jag Ensing shared TYT Politics’s video.

1 hr ·


TYT Politics added a new video: Standing Rock Elder’s Horrid Past Shows History Repeating Itself.

20 hrs ·

Standing Rock Elder’s Horrid Past Shows History




Agenda 21. The Plan To Kill You – David Icke

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