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Youth and their Art may have their own Museum / Gallery. A good start today With Their paintings! 🙂

Would each of us that are visiting these pages , be willing to send a USA Five Dollars / $5.00 for the International Children Artist Museum  AT ” Sitt Nyein Aye , Art and Culture Center ”  and help the Children send in their Art for Display and the selling their art for them, Around the World ?

Awe ……. Thank You so much!

Love, Ann



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Click here to support LETS MAKE GLOBAL ART HISTORY organized by Carlos Buffalohair
The Sitt Nyein Aye Art’s & Cultural Center Named for renowned Burmese artist/activist U Sitt Nyein Aye, this complex is actually a lumberyard set on two…
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The Sitt Nyein Aye Art’s & Cultural Center

Named for renowned Burmese Artist/Activist U Sitt Nyein Aye, this complex is actually a lumberyard set on two commercially zoned blocks (1 acre), with approximately 30,000 sq. ft. of covered space,  2 story building, warehouses, blab, blab, blab. The story of how we managed to score this primo piece of property is a story in itself for it was a hazardous journey.

Now we own it all, lock, stock and tomahawk but we face another daunting challenge, to bring the existing compound up to speed with regard to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (CRPD), The International Disabilities Alliance (IDA) & The American’s With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Being that I am disabled as well as many of my friends I know the struggles a disabled person must endure during the course of just one day, both physical and the emotional aspects of our condition. I don’t simply want to comply with disabilities mandates, I want to embrace these mandates.

Lessons learned by the devastating Oakland Artist Collective Fire a few months back exposed the  critical need to address public safety from a variety of vantage points. What about the disabled people who would not be as ambulatory in escaping a fire? How would they escape & how would they survive?

Adding to our concerns is the fact we want to build an International Children’s Art Museum within this complex. How can we make this facility safe for everyone who enters this compound, especially kids? Toss in the myriad of shops, galleries and the visitors they will being to our complex and it is all to clear, Public Safety & Disabilities MUST be addressed from the very beginning NOT as an after thought.

After watching as our community races to comply with Disabilities mandates after the fact, spending millions to renovate and cobble ramps and doorways, we want to do things different and that is why I am here, to petition the global art community for assistance.

I mentioned 5 million dollars as the sum we would need to bring this arts center into compliance in the very beginning and believe me, this is a conservative estimate since fire mitigation is also necessary. So I am petitioning for the assistance from the international commercial sector as well as the citizens & artisans of the world in the evolution of this arts complex.

Along with funding it would be way cool to have engineers, architects and innovators in the field of Disabilities to assist in the construction of this arts complex. This could be a veritable showcase of  innovation   design that could revolutionize how we address the growing number of disabled clientele globally speaking.

Being that I am disabled I can safely say that it would be nice to be able to visit places that are accessible to the disabled regardless of handicap. To have freedom of movement and share in the beauty of art rather than wondering if your wheelchair will fit in the door. When I was wheelchair bound I hated crashing into people because there was no room on the walk path for me to pass.

Who would benefit from this Project? The Global Art Community & the disabled would by having another international arts and cultural destination. But for the disabled artists & entrepreneur this would be a blessing. To address the needs for the disabled from the very beginning would also open up opportunity for the disabled to get involved with this arts & cultural project from the very onset. Maybe have their own store or gallery.

The lumberyard is raw, ready for development and is prime for Innovations in the world of disabilities. This must be addressed before we can move forward. Addressing disabilities in the design & construction of this complex will save millions if we address this in the beginning. With the help of the global public and experienced professionals in the World of Disabilities this could be more than a real cool art & cultural center.

The Sitt Nyein Aye Arts & Cultural Center would be an international showcase or blueprint of how we can address the needs of disabled human beings in the future. Now that would make history in any ones book.

My mentor and dear friend the late Robert Perske championed the cause of the disabled and he continues to be my inspiration. If only he was here to see what I’ve gotten myself into now.

I know he would be proud…














Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’, Trinidad Colorado

Source: Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’, Trinidad Colorado

Steven Gundry. MD discussing rapid weight loss diet with / Randy Alvarez Of The Wellness Hour









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Agenda 21/ Hunger Games/ The Plan To Kill You – David Icke
















































Native Woman Falsely Arrested Tossed Naked in Jail

Native Woman Falsely Arrested & Tossed Naked in Jail

PETITION: EPA Don’t Raise Allowable Levels of Radiation in Drinking Water!

The EPA is moving forward with a rule to allow increased amounts of radiation in drinking water following an emergency — like a fracked wastewater spill or nucl

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The EPA is moving forward with a rule to allow increased amounts of radiation in drinking water following an emergency — like a fracked wastewater spill or nuclear meltdown.

It’s not just a slight increase they’re proposing. We’re talking an amount that’s as many as 250 chest x-rays a year! We have until July 25th to submit comments — take action here:

PETITION: EPA, Don’t Raise Allowable Levels of Radiation in Drinking Water!
Sign to stop the EPA from increasing the amount of radiation allowed in your…
PETITION: EPA, Don’t Raise Allowable Levels of Radiation in Drinking Water!
Sign to stop the EPA from increasing the amount of radiation allowed in your…
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Official Blogs Name Changes Buffalohair – Jage Universe 7

Re: The Real Story Behind the Monsanto Protection Act




















Re: Buffalohair, Chinese Scientists Create “Minotaur”, Produces Human Milk

Chinese Scientists Create “Minotaur”, Produces Human Milk

Just when you thought you heard it all within the twisted world of genetic engineering Chinese scientists spliced human and bovine genes to produce a new species or life form. Within their laboratory alchemists conjured a creature that is likened to the mythical Greek Minotaur. Reminiscent of Mary Shelly’s ‘Frankenstein’, 300 genetically engineered Holstein Friesian cows that resemble their organic counterparts, produce human-like milk from their supple breasts and I just have to say; How far beyond stupid is that??


This is not the first genetic mutation mambo to stretch the limits of sanity but it’s a very bold one. Accepted moral and ethical ideological principals have been tossed to the wind according to legitimate genetic researchers. The blending of human and animal genes was once considered forbidden and very taboo by the medical and scientific communities but that was yesterday. With a relatively high mortality rate only a little better than half of the mutations survive from birth to maturity according to scientists. Likened to a horror movie I shudder to think of what other anomalies and defects the less fortunate creatures endured before they died. Humanity surely has taken a back seat to the pursuits of mad science. Credibility within the scientific community has been compromised on many occasions. Geopolitical and commercial interests dominate many scientific communities and researchers are obliged to cater to their whims or loose critical funding. The truth will be obscured by rhetoric and ultimately ignored and forgotten. Would this be a human rights issue or an animal abuse issue?

Surely this is not pursuant in the name of science by any means. But in a land where humans are forcibly harvested and dissected for their internal organs then left to die, the plight of some teenage mutant bovines with big boobs would fall on deaf and indifferent ears. Morality and ethnics are not high priorities with the Chinese Communist Party and profiteering on the blood of others is their signature. Any maligned statements the party found objectionable would simply be addressed with incarceration, torture and a trip to a slave labor camp. Death is another option but that usually follows months of continuous torture and forced labor. So it makes me wonder what other anomalous creatures these alchemist concocted in secret with their witches brew.  

There is no doubt the long term effects of cloning are anyone’s guess and apparently of no big concern. The possibility of inadvertently creating creatures with undesirable or grotesque human characteristics was once the fodder of science fiction movies. Like a 5 year old child with a loaded 12 gauge shot gun, scientists are running amuck with no regard for the potential consequences of their folly. Having the ability to fiddle around with the matrix of life does not mean it is a good thing. This is a frontal assault on established moral principals and common sense. Crossing the boundaries of ethical and responsible science will surely glean a bitter harvest in years to come. It does not get more ‘in your face’ than that, or did you miss it.

The cow/human mutation is a new specie in reality. Would it be ethical for cows to be slaughtered for beef if they are genetically part human? They are no longer bovines in the true sense since they possess human genes. The human donor whose genes were used would be considered a relative of the cow or calves, right? There is one thing you can rest assured of though. You won’t find any labeling identifying mutant GMO meat with human genes in them. Fact is you’ll be hard pressed to find any GMO warnings in the US since most things are already contaminated. You might not want to know anyway because it’s all but impossible to avoid gm products or ingredients.

The thing I find most important on this critical issue about GMO foods is what kind of wine would be appropriate to serve with mutant bovine/human rib-eyes? Actually, that is a no brainer since the obvious answer is a quality red wine of course. I prefer the odd years for some reason. A moderately priced Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon would be an excellent selection I do believe. After all, a good wine will bring out the flavor of the meat. Toss in some GMO garlic and onions with a dash of cesium sea salt and yum. For me the bottom line is the taste because GMO anything is an anemic version of real food, it only looks pretty. As far as Mutant Bovine/Human Franken-Milk is concerned, I think I’ll pass. One researcher did mention that the milk was sort of ‘strong’ tasting, what ever that meant. So that grossed me out even more because it reminded me of blindly chugging a glass of ice cold milk only to discover it was almost cheese, gads. Nothing like drinking a fresh glass of mutant milk that tastes weird I always say. I will just stick to my rBGH/plutonium fortified milk and a bowl of glow in the dark alpha and beta particle enriched Lucky Charms if you please.   

GMO: It Almost Taste Like Real Food!


Your Devil’s Advocate