Re: New Poem by Sherman Alexie is Exactly What We Needed to Hear After Charlottesville

NY Times: A Conversation With Native Americans on Race

Great video from The New York Times’s Emmy-award-winning and Oscar-nominated short documentary series!

In this series which explores the “Conversation on Race”, filmmakers speak with Native Americans about identity, blood quantum and other issues.

Message from the filmmakers:

“Despite the broad spectrum of indigenous identities who participated in our conversation, they shared the experience of living away from their respective reservations and communities.

We hope that this piece helps inspire more online and offline conversations that include an even wider range of Native voices living in, around and beyond reservation communities.”



No Pow Wow? No Problem! Make Your Own!

The resourcefulness of our youth!

Check out this video that went viral on Facebook from Harriette Kistabish.

It looks like they were visiting Pikogan, home of the Abitibiwinni First Nation located in Quebec, and stumbled upon some kids playing.

The kids wanted a pow wow so they made their own!



Native American Beadwork Zuni Beaded Darth Vader Star Wars – eBay find of the week

Native American Beadwork Zuni Beaded Darth Vader Star Wars


Darth Vader with his lightsaber. Zuni artists, Farlan and Alesia Quetawki hand beaded this fabulous Star Wars character. Using one seed bead at a time, they flawlessly created this piece of beadwork with the peyote stitch. A unique addition to your Zuni Beadwork or Native American art collection.

Signed : 3 1/4” tall x 2 1/8” long x 1 1/4” wide

Click Here to Buy



Havasupai Peach Festival 2017

The Havasupai Peach Festival takes place in Supai, Arizona., usually the second weekend in August to celebrate their Fall harvest. During this time the Havasupai gather to sing & dance amongst their community and also invite in other neighboring tribes to help enjoy their festivities. Havasupai translates to, “People of the Blue Green Waters”. The Havasupai Lodge sells out for that weekend so be prepared to camp out in a designated area, all visitors are required to check in with their tourism office.


Keep in mind their Havasupai reservation is in a remote part of Northern Arizona, down in the Grand Canyon to be exact. As you depart for Hilltop, make sure you gas up your car in Peach Springs before leaving, that way you don’t run out of gas on your way back home. When you get to the Hilltop landing area, you have a choice of taking a helicopter ride ($35) or hiking 8 miles to their village.



New Poem by Sherman Alexie is Exactly What We Needed to Hear After Charlottesville

We already know Sherman Alexie has a certain way with words, always seeming to say the right thing to make you laugh, cry and think, dang, why didn’t I think of that?


Earlier today he shared a new poem on Facebook which has a lot of people praising him once again with his word wizardry. In the poem, he addresses a lot of what we’re seeing, hearing and feeling in America today.

Here’s the poem in its entirety:


Why do we measure people’s capacity
To love by how well they love their progeny?



18 Stunning Shots from Wikwemikong Annual Cultural Festival

Danielle Da Silva is an acclaimed photographer and founder of the Photographers Without Borders (Canada) organization (NGO).

She recently published a gorgeous pow wow photo essay on the PWB website and we just had to share it with you! In this photo series she visits the Wikwemikong Annual Culture Festival that’s held in unceded territory on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada.

Here’s a little bit about the pow wow in Danielle’s own words:

It was in 1961 that band member Rosemary Odjig raised the tradition of the “pow wow” in her hometown of Wikwemikong after witnessing a pow wow in another community and realizing the importance of practicing and remembering the teachings of her community’s ancestors. What started as the “Wikwemikong Indian Days” gathering almost 60 years ago is now known as the “Wikwemikong Annual Cultural Festival” and is revered as one of the largest and longest-running pow wows in North America…



New Ways To Search Pow Wow Calendar

The Pow Wow Calendar on is the most comprehensive listing of Native American events online. We list over 1,000 Pow Wow each year. The Calendar is updated several times a week with new events, updates, and changes.

With such a large listing, finding the Pow Wows you want to attend can be difficult.

Until today, our search allowed you to search for a keyword, month, date, and/or year.

The new search on the Pow Wow Calendar gives you, even more, ways to find events!

First, the search on the front page of the calendar allows you to search by typing in a month, city, state, keyword, name, etc. The search will instantly begin to show you results!

AND if you want to narrow down your search, even more, try the Advanced Search!

Filter by date ranges, search multiple states, and keywords!



The Spirit of Song and Voice – Allan Bonaise – Interview at Fort Totten Pow-Wow Celebrations

Listening and dancing to the music at a pow-wow is a wonderful experience. The drum brings out the spirit of the dancers, especially when the song is good. When the singers sing hard, you feel the music in your heart and soul. There were many amazing drums and singers at the Fort Totten Pow-wow Celebration on July 28-30, 2017, and I got a chance to visit and interview singer Allan Bonaise.

Allan Bonaise (Cree & Nakoda) is from Little Pine, Saskatchewan he started singing at the young age of 3, “I started singing when I was three years old. I’ve had many mentors, my late grandfather, my uncles and other singers from back home,” adding, “There is a round dance circle, a pow-wow circle, and a ceremony circle and all the songs that go with each circle.”

Bonaise said that he started, ‘Fly-In Eagle’ and stayed with them for a long time. He’s gone on to sing with a lot of other drum groups in the pow-wow circle.



9 Unique Travel Accessories To Make Your Pow Wow Travel Easier!

If you are a frequent traveler, a great set of travel accessories is one of the worthy investments you could have. Getting the right travel gears can totally make all your trips more enjoyable and comfortable, especially when you want to go out-of-town to take a relaxing break.

Make sure you have these 9 unique travel accessories to de-stress from your travel and packing worries, thus help you have a smooth sailing trip!

Buttshield Protection

Awkward as it sounds, but this accessory from 2Toms really exists. For most travelers who’d love to explore warmer destinations, they do have additional considerations that others may not bother about. Chafing, also known as thigh rub or chub rub can be a major concern of some people especially curvy travelers and it can be too annoying and painful as well. But thanks to this awesome solution, you can now enjoy your travel adventure without worrying about butt irritations and saddle sores. Just apply it to your butt and you’re good to go.



Eclipse Fever Has Hit the Country, But Will Native America Be Watching? – Native American Eclipse Beliefs

All we’ve seen for the past couple weeks now are scientists and news anchors talking about the total solar eclipse happening on Monday, August 21, 2017.

Folks from all over will be descending onto small towns in America along the path of totality. But a lot of people have been wondering how our ancestors would react to such an event.

The National Museum of the American Indian has definitely been getting bombarded with questions, so they decided to write up a quick blog about the eclipse. I’ve taken a few of the quotes from the blog, but please make sure you read the original article on their website!

American Indian beliefs about the eclipse

The National Museum of American Indian has received numerous inquiries concerning the upcoming eclipse. Part of the museum’s mission is to provide a forum for Native people’s voices, so we went to the Internet to ask, “Does your tribe have any beliefs or protocols concerning the eclipse?” Here are some of the replies, with the correspondent’s Native affiliation (and where he or she is living now).


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Watch! Crow Fair Grand Entry From a Fresh Perspective

Grand Entry videos are always lovely to watch with the colorful regalia and amazing dancers. But this Grand Entry video is special because it was shot from a kid’s perspective.

And not just any kid, but one with photographic genes!

Meet Jet Sings in the Timber, son of Adam Sings in the Timber whose photos I know you’ve seen featured on our website. He and his family were attending the Crow Fair in Crow Agency, Montana and Jet were given free rein on filming this grand entry for us.



Did You Catch Tina Fey’s Standing Rock Shoutout on SNL?

Saturday Night Live, not one to shy away from politics and current events, brought in Tina Fey to talk about Charlottesville, Virginia on their popular Weekend Update segment.

Tina Fey’s segment starts at 0:40 in. About 3:00 in is when she starts talking about Natives and Standing Rock!

“It’s not our country. We stole it. We stole it from the Native Americans, and when they have a peaceful protest at Standing Rock we shoot at them with rubber bullets, but we let you chinless turds march the streets with semi-automatic weapons.”

And it’s not the first time people have talked about the hypocrisy of peaceful protesters at Standing Rock versus what happened at Charlottesville.

Check out these two memes that were floating around this past week:




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