Print this List! 400 Companies that Don’t put GMO Ingredients in their Food…….

Hey there!

I just wanted to send you a jam packed newsletter full of breaking stories, including a list of the 400 companies who do not use GMOs. (See below.)

I am still gathering all your questions for my interview with Ty and Charlene Bollinger, the founders of The Truth About Cancer and the upcoming  Truth About Vaccines. We’ll be doing that talk in a few days when all three of our schedules permit. I’ll get it out to you all as soon as it’s done!

In the meantime, you can check out a sneak preview of their brand new docu-series, here. It starts next week with seven episodes, all free, of course. I’m excited to be featured in it, along with 60 holistic doctors and experts from around the world.

Until next time!

Erin Elizabeth (Be sure to see the articles below!)

P.S. If you watch TV (or watch online) you can see me interviewed (along with the Bradstreet family) about the first holistic doctor in my unintended series, Dr Bradstreet. The name of the show is, “Scene of the Crime: Mystery at Chimney Rock.” It will air on Discovery Channel’s new ‘Investigative Discovery’, on April 30th at 10pm.

PSS. If you can show us some love and like us on Facebook, We are over 455,000 strong.




All too often we rely on the state to tell us what to eat and which companies are ethical. And all too often the companies that the state deems ethical and safe are proven to be quite the opposite. The giant agricultural companies that produce GMOs and use millions of tons of chemicals are able to do so because of monetary support. As long as we continue to purchase their products they will continue to pollute the environment and our bodies…






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