Steven Gundry. MD discussing rapid weight loss diet with / Randy Alvarez Of The Wellness Hour









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THE PLANT PARADOX (Sneak preview of Dr. Steven Gundry’s new book)




Wow! The Earth Quake At Everest Above Base Camp 2015 / Watching On OPT ….

Hit by Avalanche in Everest Basecamp 25.04.2015 – YouTube

Apr 26, 2015 – Uploaded by Jost kobusch

The ground was shaking from the earthquake and as soon as we saw people running we were running …

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Apr 26, 2015 – Uploaded by GlobalLeaks News

An avalanche hit a Mt Everest basecamp yesterday, caused by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Western …

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Earthquake causing avalanche at Everest Base camp! – YouTube

Mar 29, 2017 – Uploaded by Believe

earhquake causing avalanche at Mount Everest. … Earthquake causing avalanche at Everest Base camp






Terrifying moment rock and ice swept down Everest towards British …

Apr 25, 2015 – The avalanche buried part of base camp, raising fears for the safety of hundreds … pictured from basecamp on Mount Everest caused by the earthquake today … ‘Climbers appeared from tents all over camp to try to start to …… Zayn Malik sends fans into frenzy over new initials tattoo… but appears to opt for a …

What Happened to Buffalohair?

nuclearkilroyOK boys and girls, I’ve heard enough rumors to write a book about them.

So here is the straight skinny eh….

Contrary to popular belief and to the chagrin of some, I’m still alive.

To the person who sent the cyanide lacked brownies, keep’em coming but this time use arsenic since I have a thing for almonds.

I’m on an assignment that should glean a fun story when it’s all said and done.

Besides, someone needs to pay the rent around this joint and it’s surely not going to be me.

After all, “I’m on assignment”…..Right Annie?

Your Devil’s Advocate


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