There Are Still Navajos Living Without Water AT ALL!

Buffalohair- Entertainment

  • Buffalohair, thank you for your notice of my new self appointed job as spokesperson for this new and upcoming start for Native Americans. It will be necessary for the Tribes, Nations, and clans to join as a United front, much the same as they did with Standing Rock. It will be done with prosperity for all rather than barely sustaining life without food, water, and the basic things that are needed.

  • Esta Green

    What drove me over the edge was learning that there are still Navajos living without water AT ALL. ONE woman drives a tanker truck to 250 families with a month’s supply for each family. and many run out before it is time for more. Living as I do on SS, I know what it is like to have no money, but NO WATER?? That is unbearable. WATER IS LIFE. Please join me in spreading the word that it will be in the strength of joining together that will make a difference and with financial backing as well.

  • Esta Green


  • Esta Green

    Wild Hawk.


    Esta Green

    Owner at GeminiHawksNest1


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