Riding Wild David Wolfe’s video.

This is a journey made from the spirit of wild adventure and a dedication to sharing the value of nature, and our connection to it. Follow our 8 month ride spanning over 4,000 miles from the U.S. Mexican border to the Sacred Headwaters of Canada. Starting in the heart of winter, crossing mountaineous peaks and raging rivers. My teammates consist of three mustangs and a dog. Through this journey I hope to inspire a call to action to help the Tahltan and Gitxsan First Nations people protect their territories from the imminent threat of environmental destruction. Your donation will go towards creating a documentary of this journey and will share the voices of the elders, the real heroes who have sacrificed their lives to protect the Sacred Headwaters. It is my hope that by documenting this journey, we will also share the value of wild horses and advocate for the protection of the remote frontiers of the natural world that support all life on the planet. #ridingwild #keepitwild #risetogether



David Wolfe

January 18 · 2017

One Girl. One Horse. 4000 Miles. A Water Protector On An Amazing Journey For Water Conservation! (Riding Wild)


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