We have secured private counsel for Red Fawn / I can see why the men want to keep her around the jail ? Not For Holding A Prayer Stick!

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Today my sister Red Fawn was moved from Stutsman County Jail to Bismarck, ND. I believe she will be held there until her trial, which is set for next month but will most likely be moved to a later date.
We have secured private counsel for Red Fawn, who will be led by Mr. Bruce Ellison. We would like to thank everybody who has donated/supported ✊🏼 #FreeRedFawn thus far and humbly ask that y’all continue to SHARE our sisters story as we have a long way to go with our fundraising efforts!

If U haven’t donated yet…PLEASE go to


Donate today as EVERY dollar counts…

Please continue to pray for our sister as things are rapidly approaching. My sister deserves to be FREE but until than she could use a word of encouragement ☎️ 701-223-8388 or a letter of kind words 💌📪 Red Fawn Fallis
Burleigh County Detention Center
PoBox 1416
Bismarck, ND 58502-1416

Thank You All for your continued support nd please help US #FreeRedFawn


A Footnote:

Wives and Girlfriends are your husbands and boyfriends putting in long days and night shifts at  work on the front lines only being just ‘Peeking Toms ‘ day and night on the front lines or at jail lock ups?  With all these respectful beautiful women  coming in to visit from all the tribes and from around the whole World Visiting Standing Rock to protect the Water!!!!!!!?

native2dgirl             NA33

You might want to question all the long hours they are using up of using the tax payers money for so much over time? I understand they were even stripping the women along with the women police. And leaving those women naked in their cells and dog cages  for eye candy:( No respect for the women on false charges or for your families!!!!!! 😦 I Am a Grandmother and I find it a slap in their wives and children’s faces and to their family name for such actions! 😦 The Man Camp’s by the Oil Company is bad enough with even the stealing  and raping of children!


THIS MUST STOP !!!!!! Leave the women and children alone!









Do not touch the women!














Human trafficking In North Dakota :

The Bakken shale has brought enormous economic prosperity to towns in North Dakota and Montana but also has exacerbated problems in housing, infrastructure and traffic.

A man camp outside of Watford City, North Dakota. The oil boom has brought unprecedented prosperity to little towns like Watford City, N.D. (population 1,744), it has also exacerbated problems in housing, infrastructure and traffic. Williston (“Kuwait on the Prairie”), Watford City and their neighboring towns in North Dakota sit atop the biggest lake of oil to be discovered in North America since Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay in 1968. There are too many unfilled jobs and not enough empty beds to accommodate the masses of people looking for work in the oil boom, man camps have sprung up throughout the formerly idyllic prairie. They are dormitory-style buildings, FEMA trailers, or RV’s, and a temporary solution to housing workers but are straining utilities and stretching towns emergency services.







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