The final easement has been approved. Tomorrow is likely our last stand. Please/ wherever you are/ stand with us.

The joke is on all of us? We thought they were really working up there at the drill site and under the river all this time, maybe even via using the gas line already in place? Who let that through? Gas lines also leak!


Allison Renville

 1 hr ·

Rumor confirmed…picture posted online earlier from site, they are drilling!! We have to stay positive and keep praying, keep marching!! #NoDAPL #DefundDAPL


Honor the Earth

3 hrs ·2/7/2017

The final easement has been approved. Tomorrow is likely our last stand. Please, wherever you are, stand with us.


This is the NoDAPL Last Stand

to grant the final easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross the Mni Sose (Missouri River). They are skipping the EIS ordered in December, and skipping the congressional notification period required by law. This is a response to President Trump’s Presidential Memorandum directing the Corps…

We Are The Media shared Linda Black Elk’s live video.
6 hrs ·2/7/2017

Army grants easement; EIS department may have been terminated by now, lots ahead of us – pray for the water protectors and the tribes.


Linda Black Elk was live.Follow

8 hrs. 2/7/2017 ·

Easement granted

Lastrealindianswas live.


The United States Army Corp has granted the easement giving DAPL permission to drill under the Missouri River. Live with Chase Iron Eyes:



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